Retrax Pro Vs Retrax One

Retrax one vs Pro Tonneau Cover
Retrax Pro Vs Retrax One

To enhance the durability of the truck bed, one must invest in some accessories, and the tonneau cover is the most effective one. Truck owners have used tonneau covers to protect the truck bed and cargo from intruders and the weather. But often buying the perfect tonneau cover becomes very difficult. Follow the content to know more about the best tonneau covers.

Retrax One Vs Pro Table

Weight Capacity Around 300 Pound

Weight Capacity Around 500 Pound

Allows You to Lock the Cover in Any Position Along the Rails

Locking Handle Design Allows You to Lock the Cover in Any Position

Low-Profile Canister and Cover Design

Matte Finish for UV and Scratch Protection

Works With 5th Wheels Hitches

Allows to Be Used With 5th Wheel Hitches

Scratch Resistant Polycarbonate Construction With Aluminum Reinforcement Rods

Durable, Heavy-Duty Aluminum Slat Construction

Easy No Drill Installation

No Drill Required to Install

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Matte Finish Giving It Superior Protection Against UV Damage and Scratches

Constructed From Industrial Double Wall Aluminum

The Clamp on Bed Cover Can Be Installed by Anyone With Basic Hand Tools

The Clamp on Bed Cover Can Be Installed Hassle Free

Why Compare?

Retrax is one of the leading brands in the tonneau cover market and is also well known for its aftermarket products. The Retrax One and the Retrax Pro are the most prominent brand models. Both the models come with magnificent features, and the customers sometimes face the dilemma of choosing between them.

Despite having similarities, these products are quite different from each other. They both are designed to fit different vehicle models. Moreover, the price point, the construction material, and the performance value are also different. This Retrax One and Retrax Pro comparison will discuss the other differences between these products.

Main Difference

The Main Difference between Retrax ONE and Retrax Pro Tonneau Cover is in construction. RetraxONE is Polycarbonate Construction that is impact and scratch-resistant. Retrax Pro is Fiberglass reinforced ABS Construction. This makes it much more durable and rigid than the other one, but it will not be as impact-resistant or scratch-resistant as the RetraxONE. The weight limit for RetraxONE is 250 pounds, and the weight limit for RetraxPRO is 500 pounds.


The Retrax One tonneau cover is built with a single sheet which ultimately eliminates the presence of any hinges or joints. It provides uninterrupted protection from dust and water. Also, the tarp is built with polycarbonate, a material that gives optimum protection against weather conditions. Also, this material is tear-resistant and ensures superior durability.

The structure is sturdy enough to hold up to 250 lbs. weight. The Retrax Pro on the other hand, is built with durable aluminum panels. These panels are strong enough to hold extra 500 lbs. It comes with a scratch-resistant matte black finish and claims to protect against UV rays. These panels are corrosion and rustproof.


The Retrax One flaunts a low-profile, matte black finish design, making it look very appealing. The low-profile design ensures a good fit for the truck bed cover. It comes with a flush-mounted canister, and it is completely hidden. It is so wisely designed that it even incorporates a spiral track system so that the cover does not come in contact with itself when it opens or retracts. 

The most path braking design of this model is the Trax Rail system. This innovative system is compatible with most T slot rack accessories such as Yakima, Thule, Rhino-Rack, and so on. It doubles the cargo space for the users.

The Retrax Pro is quite essential when it comes to designing compared to the Retrax One. The low-profile design adds an extra star to the matte black appearance. Other than that, the design focuses on the product’s strength and durability.

Weather Protection

The Retrax One model ensures weather protection with its tarp material. The polycarbonate exterior is capable of protecting the cargo against -50 to +200°F temperature. Also, the elimination of additional hinges prevents any possible leakage.

The low profile design of the Retrax Pro bed cover keeps it sealed and tight to the truck bed rail. Which ultimately provides protection against any leakage. The overall construction gives protection against UV rays.

Ease of Use

The Retrax One swears by customer ease and ensures the most straightforward operation. It does not need a spring or other mechanisms to ensure effortless rolling. It has sealed ball bearings mounted into aluminum support beams to ensure smooth operation. Moreover, the compact storage canister prevents the bed cover from coming in contact with itself while gliding.

The Retrax Pro has successfully eliminated the manual effort while operating this cover. There is a flush-mounted latch button, the user just needs to press the button, and the cover will be opened within seconds. Thus, there is no need to put extra effort while opening or closing this cover; even one may use only one hand to operate the cover.

Lock Mechanism

The Retrax One keeps the lock mechanism quite basic yet highly effective. It is key-lockable at any position and provides high security to the cargo. Also, it is designed, so that flexibility and security go hand in hand. While it provides security to the cargo, the users can also enjoy unlimited truck bed access. While the Retrax Pro can be locked with a truck bed rail in any position. Also, the design keeps it flush to the rails so that it becomes quite impossible for the intruders to do any harm.

Price and Warranty

Both models are well built and come with excellent construction materials. Manufactured in the USA, the durability is not compromised. The brand is super confident regarding its durability and provides a lifetime warranty for both models. This means once you switch to any of them, it will likely last a lifetime.

Considering the price, the Retrax One is way cheaper than the Retrax Pro model. The Retrax One ranges from $1300 to $1400 on the other hand, the Retrax Pro ranges from $2000 to $2500. Both these models are on the premium side but the Pro is quite luxurious regarding pricing.

Which one is Better?

To be precise, both these products belong to the favorite cult lists of the customers and while reviewing both the models seemed promising to us. Apart from the features and all, they both are performance-oriented as well. But buyers can choose them based on their price and cargo space. You should go for the Pro if you want a premium model with a great appearance and features like the Retrax Pro. The Retrax One comes with the Trax Rail feature, which means extra cargo, those who often carry heavy cargo must opt for this model.


In conclusion, we would say that both the Retrax One and Pro models are great in their own ways. If you want a premium model with a great appearance and features, go for the Retrax Pro. The Retrax One comes with the Trax Rail feature, which means extra cargo space – those who often carry heavy cargo must opt for this model. Whatever you choose, you can’t go wrong with either of these products!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Retrax is proud to be a Made in the USA company! Our products are designed, engineered, and manufactured in our state-of-the-art facility in North Dakota. We are committed to providing quality products that are built to last, and we are proud to do it right here in the USA.



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