Best Retractable Truck Bed Cover List

Best Retractable Truck Bed Cover List
Best Retractable Truck Bed Cover List

Choosing a Tonneau Covers can be difficult sometimes. It is Because due to the different types of options available from various manufacturers. Going for a perfect cover as per requirement can be astounding sometimes. But don’t worry, we are going to share a simple and helpful guide with you. to find the best retractable truck covers.

Retractable Truck Bed Cover Reviews

Roll-N-Lock LG221M M-Series Roll-N-Lock is considered to be one of the prominent manufacturer brands in the USA recently comes with LG221M M-Series retractable truck bed model.

BAK BAKFlip G2 Hard Folding There is an automatic locking system at every 12-inch distance and not interfere with a tailgate. So, you can open or close and attach and re-attach the cover anytime anywhere.

RetraxPRO Truck Bed Cover Retrax 40833 PRO is exceptionally suitable for long truck bed about 8 feet. it can save your money, time and gas as it comes at an affordable price, fully assembled with no fading and maintenance.

GatorTrax Retractable Truck Bed  GatorTrax Retractable truck bed is an excellent choice for a couple of reasons. Though this model (2015-2018 Ford F150) only covers 5.5″,  it has all the configurations for which you are hunting.

Pace Edwards Switchblade Cover This cover is renowned for comfortable assessable clamp design, suitable locking positions, safe and secure pull strap, and well-protected low profile pattern and so on.

Tonneau Cover Buying Guide

Generally, every Tonneau cover comes with weather-resistant cargo care and gas savings. A few questions help in purchasing the proper protection. We are going to discuss each of them in a friendly manner. Just hold on, and read this buying guide thoroughly.

Determining Your Requirement:

This is the first thing that needs to be looked for while buying a Tonneau cover. If you are looking for a subtle look like a showroom, you can go for a printable lid or hardcover. But the main problem with the hardcovers is that they don’t provide complete access to the whole area of the tonneau covers.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a more functional cover that can provide easy access to the truck area. Then the best options are rolling, retractable, and folding covers. In the folding lid, you can go for hard or softcover depending on your choice and budget.

Security Details:

This is the most important thing to be considered. Because one of the critical functions of truck bed covers is to protect the cargo from opportunistic thieves. Some covers like the hinge and retractable covers, come with an integrated lock system. If you want to look a bit more stylish, you can also go for covers with a remote-controlled lock and operation mechanism.

Size of Cargo:

Some of the covers like folding, rolling, and retractable type of cover allows oversized cargo. But the hinged cover doesn’t allow it. If the freight size is variable, you can go for those covers that allow oversize to accommodate. But in such a case, the security of the cargo is compromised.

In such cases, it is best to buy the folding type of cover, which provides excellent security in a completely closed condition. And in oversized cargo, it offers limited access to the rest of the truck bed as well.


Your essential consideration should be the type of service and installability. The most important question is, How convenient is it to operate? Most of the Tonneau covers comes with clamp-on hardware for installation. And on average, it takes only half an hour to install or remove them.

The type of operation decides our convenience. If a cover is more comfortable operating and providing complete access to the truck bed, that is the best to go for. You can choose from folding type, rolling type, hinge, or retractable type depending on your preference.


The folding cover is the most popular. It comes in trifold style typically, but the number of folds can vary. If you have complete access to your truck bed with a locking system, that is like icing on the cake. The folding type of cover helps to accommodate the large cargo, and the spared area can be kept closed.

Alternatives to this are the best retractable and rolling types. These provide more access to the truck bed that the folding type cannot provide. Check out the Installation guide of the bed liner if you want to install it with it.

Best Retractable Tonneau Cover 2022

Roll N Lock M Series Tonneau Cover

Roll-N-Lock LG221M, particularly M-Series perfectly fits for every size of a truck. By the brand name Roll-N-Lock, you can easily understand that this cover merely follows a locking and rolling system for ease of use.

Moreover, if you have hesitation about set-up, don’t worry and go ahead. It will not even take more than six minutes if you are trying for the first time!

As this Tonneau cover entirely comes in a retractable system with four points (1/4, 1/2, 3/4) locking positions and built-in pull straps (for moving back and forth smoothly), it is more convenient and secure to use. You can store any size of the product inside. On the other side, regarding construction, it is laminated or powder-coated with unique vinyl aluminium and has a heavy-duty torsion screw spring for durability and reliability.

Top Features

Roll-N-Lock LG221M M-Series truck bed comes with more advanced and customized features that added a new definition in the world. Because the main outstanding feature of this cover is its competitive construction, superior quality, and secure interlocking system altogether, it is one of the best in the market.

  • It has heavy-duty torsion spring get-up and goes drive system.
  • Compact with a laminated aluminum housing with cargo style shield.
  • The low-profile aerodynamic rigid housing lid makes it’s an extraordinary look.
  • Moreover, it offers a flush handle with a finger insulator solid grip for easy accessibility.
  • Plus its marine-grade vinyl coated over aluminum slat gives extra strength.
  • For easy maneuver, it has multiple latching positions and 4 points.
  • Meanwhile, for stolen protection, it has integrated auto-lock tailgate.
  • Finally, to make installation work easy, it has a fantastic, easy clamp opportunity.


  • Quality fabric
  • Good design
  • Simple, easy installation
  • Sturdy construction.
  • Solid finishing outlook.
  • It has a Snap-On mechanism.


  • No remote control operated.
  • The vinyl material could upgrade.
  • Not full water and tear resistant.

Important Factors You Must Consider:

1. What about the warranty?
Ans: You will get three years minimum warranty if you buy from an authorized retailer.

2. How to clean?
Ans: Maintenance is quite straightforward. Remove the lid and check for any clog, leaves, and debris in the housing and drain tubes. Apply 303 aerospace protestants to all over the cover. It will clean the cover as well as ensure smooth operation.

Final Verdict:

If you want to give your tonneau bed a compatible outlook with a new stylish texture, then Roll-N-Lock LG111M M-Series is a manual retractable bed cover that would be your first and foremost choice.
Apart from appearance, you will also feel lucky to have this cover by considering its strength, smoothness, quietness and non-binding movements. So, without delay, you can straightly click on the below link and order accordingly.


Review of Roll-N-Lock vs RetraxCheck Price on Amazon

RetraxPRO Truck Bed Cover Reviews

Retrax 40833 PRO is one of the tops demanded Tonneau products in the USA and other countries. It has proven to be the customers intensive choice by considering its material, style, easy portability, locking mechanism, and innovative design.

This model has advanced series (PowerTrax One, Powertrax Pro with the remote control using system). If you want to get the best retractable tonneau covers within the best reasonable price and limited lifetime warranty, then without chasing anywhere, you can directly select Retrax 40833 PRO.

Are you thinking about why this cover has become so unique to customers out of lots of variety? Well, the honest answer is it strictly maintains the bed size (8 feet) and the quality. As a result, most customers do not face any problems installing, using, maintaining and storing.

So, Retrax 40833 PRO can fulfil their wishes. Moreover, its heavy-duty aluminium hinge slot patented design, sealed ball bearing option, stake pocket use, and fifth wheel towing have opened the customer’s eyes and made them crazy to invest in this.

Features of This Product:

  • Best retractable tonneau covers come in poor fabric material whereas Retrax Pro comes entirely aluminum slot. So, no tension of breakage or blockage.
  • It is convenient for a fifth-wheel vehicle because it has suitable locking positions with rails hauling flexibility.
  • Moreover, it also increases your truck appearance by providing a glossy, shimmering low-profile design.
  • For security, no one can beat this one. Because instead of soft cover it has a dual latch type locking system.
  • Furthermore, for easy moving over the rail, it has sealed ball-bearing roller.
  • To maintain the cover tight, it comes with flush type low-profile design. It also enhances integrity by keeping all elements dry.


  • Sharply follows one-piece design. Therefore, no hinges no broken joints.
  • Tough weather resistant material.
  • Smooth ball bearing rollers instead of pull straps, Velcro snaps or springs.
  • Compact spiral track storage system.
  • Suitable locking position.
  • Dual latch locking system.
  • It includes an additional matte coating.


  • It is not 100% waterproof.
  • Bulky for an aluminum coat.



Review of Retrax-one vs Retrax-proCheck Current Price on Amazon

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Retrax pro vs Retrax pro mx?

Ans: Retrax PRO used for 8 feet truck bed, and Retrax PRO MX used for 5.5 feet. But other features and processes are the same for both of the series.

2. What is the difference between Retrax PRO and Retrax PowerTrax PRO series?

Ans: Both series provide outstanding services, but the Retrax PowerTrax PRO series is costly and remote control operated. That is, Retrax PRO follows a simple keyed lock system whereas Retrax PowerTrax PRO allows the wireless locking system.

Final Verdict:

If you like the Retrax pro model and willing to go without remote control access then Retrax 40833 PRO significantly retractable version would be an excellent pick up for you. Although, like other covers, this cover also has some demerits Retrax’s Retrax PRO can provide maximum security with a simple design to the truck owner. Finally, if you like Retrax 40833 PRO, please check the price details and order accordingly.

Bakflip G2 Review

BAK Industries R15309 RollBak G2 (second generation) retractable tonneau covers expressively outstanding weather (Sun, snow, rain hot and humid) protection and security. Although other brands have somewhat similar features, you can carry a ladder, rack, table or any other high height material with this cover by only using tie-down components.

Apart from this, this cover is durable, well-structured built and maintains a smooth, stylish, and professional level sober look. Concerning its practical functionality, this Tonneau cover plays an uncompromising role. That is why it is perfect for what it advertised.

Because it saves gas mileage up to 11%, it is named a super-economical bed cover. Additionally, its solid aluminium structure, automatic lock, sleek design, and affordable price can beat any top branded. But are you still confused? So, let’s check the features to research in-depth before purchase. If you like to compare bak mx4 vs g2  Check this article.

Product Features:

  • BAK Industries R15309 G2 model has designed in such a way that it is perfect for all types of climate protection, task or application.
  • Although it is hard Tonneau cover, it explores a state of art functionality id you consider the design.
  • For safe and high security, it follows the slam-latch locking mechanism.
  • Regarding construction, it has EPDM rubber hinges and aluminum grade fabric aircraft.
  • It can operate from both sides of the truck.
  • It follows super clamps on installation. Therefore no drill or extra hardware required.
  • It provides full access to the stake pocket.
  • Therefore it includes D- rings type locks for a secured purpose.
  • Finally, you will get a complete 1-year warranty.


  • It can carry heavy load up to 400 pounds.
  • Industrial-strength hard  cover.
  • Flexible locking system.
  • Anti-fade and anti-scratch cover material.
  • Seamless Teflon rail ensures smooth moving.
  • Moderate Weather resistant.
  • Aerodynamic design.
  • Separate tailgate.
  • It saves maximum gas mileage nearly 11%


  • You might have difficulty in placing great weighted items.
  • Warranty is not enough.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is the weight of this cover?
Ans: This cover is only 90 pounds and follows a spiral storage rollback system. Those it is convenient to carry and install.

2. Is this cover fully assembled or partially?
Ans: It’s comes in full assembly version. Even the locks, springs, tension and rails also fixed in the box. So, no extra attaching work regarding assembling in this tonneau covers.

3. How to clean the dirt and dust?
Ans: The clean and maintenance of this Tonneau cover are very handy. As it has inbuilt brush seals from front to back it will automatically clean dry leaves, dust, and debris if your vehicle is parked outside

Final Verdict:

If you are seriously looking for the latest features of retractable tonneau covers at a reasonable price, then BAK R15309 RollBak G2 is a brilliant composition compare to another expensive bed cover. Hence you will get all the facilities and services in the latest version if you want to keep your truck bed clean and tidy along with dry and durable order R15309 RollBak G2 from BAK industries and enjoy unlimited benefits.

Review of Bakflip MX4 vs Bakflip G2Check Current Price on Amazon

Gatortrax Tonneau Cover Reviews

Our next top branded Best retractable tonneau cover is mainly for those truck owners who have a 2015-2018 ford F-150 model size is precisely 5.5 feet. Therefore if you have more or less than 5.5 feet, then this is not for you. However, do you want a hassle-free tailgate opening? Or lock it in any position? Of course, you must be wishing these features as most GatorTrax breaks while opening tailgate. So, by keeping this heartbreaking problem in mind, we have a new GatorTrax Retractable Tonneau Cover which is impeccable for you.

It will allow you to handle the tailgate separately. Additionally, its polycarbonate surface and reinforced aluminium rail give extra strength. Do you know, it has become most of the truck owners #1 Tonneau cover for its easy, smooth operation, nice texture, durability, excellent accessibility, zero maintenance, rough weather protection and overall a superb, thrilling truck bed cover that you are hunting. Therefore, without delay, let me prove how it has become an exceptional product for us.

Product Features:

  • GatorTrax’s first exclusive feature is its stealthier look and flat matte finishing that catches everyone’s eyes.
  • It made of tough LEXAN (used for jet fighter cockpits) material and super enough for handling any weather. This material also UV resistant and protects the car from all harmful effects.
  • Just like a high-quality Truck bed, it also built-in powder-coated aluminum. So, no chance to do any drilling and cutting.
  • Instead of Bolt-on or Screw-On attachment, it follows clamp-on attachment. Therefore, join the clamps to install and fix it properly.
  • Moreover, its ball-bearing seal helps to access the full bed cover and canister on the backside ensures a secure tracking system.
  • Finally, this cover allows you to use the lock in any suitable position with a key while other truck bed cover does not have this option. In fact, in most tonneau cover you can pull the cover towards or backward but not lock it.


  • It ensures tight fitting and no blockage.
  • Stylish, sleek good looking design.
  • Helpful instruction manual.
  • Made of durable and stable material.
  • Professional grade coating.
  • Full weather resistant.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Limited lifetime warranty.
  • UV resistant cover.


  • Assembling is easy but time-consuming.
  • Material not so good

Important Factors You Must Consider:

1. Does it have a lock?
Ans: Yes. It has lock under the flip-up cover and a separate key for open and closing.

2. Is this completely watertight?
Ans: It is watertight but not completely but with the help of a drainage tube it works great to take water out from the cover.

3. Is it electric retractable Tonneau cover?
Ans: No. it not and manually operated. There is a separate model called GatorRetrax Electric cover are available.

Final Verdict:

GatorTrax F150 model 2015-2018 Ford Retractable Tonneau Cover purely starts from 5.5 feet increases gradually. That’s why you can check out the price and material details from Amazon but if you like better performance with superior protection, low-profile fits and less cost, then order GatorTrax tonneau cover and see the magic of it!

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Pace Edwards Tonneau Cover

The final product is a manual retractable Tonneau cover but performs the same as an electric version. It is pretty surprising but keeps in mind it is expensive, comparatively. But will you dare to pay more if you see your truck bed has fully covered with safety, security, outstanding quality, stable, sleek appearance Tonneau covers within a minute! Of course, you will not think twice to take a risk to invest more.

However, we assure you this is not going to be a risk. Rather than it will be your correct and smart decision to get Pace Edwards SWF2843 if you want to get after market’s most popular one.

Product Features:

  • It is called the switchable blade because it made out of unbreakable aluminum slots.
  • Tonneau covers can be set-up without any alteration, and it is also easy to handle and on-off. It made of semi-glossed textured powder.
  • Regarding weather protection, it is one of the best product as it consists of drainage tubes for passing stagnant water.
  • It also has pull straps for convenient open and closing.
  • To ensure the safety extension of cover, it has a super roll-up canister. Thus, no tension of cover storing and unnecessary wrapping.
  • But for installation and de-installation you need a screwdriver and 7/16″ wrench.


  • Retract easily with heavy duty spring.
  • It provides a standard look.
  • It comes with the waterproof padded polymer.
  • It has sturdy aluminum panels, and powder coated black side rails.
  • Ultra lightweight.
  • Shortest installation time.
  • Easy to move and carry.
  • It improves gas mileage.
  • Keep the pickup fresh and crisp.
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty.


  • No cover locking system
  • It requires separate roll-up- cover rails.
  • Outstanding only for short bed trucks.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is this cover suitable for all size bed trucks?
Ans: No. This model is perfect for a 5.5 feet-6 feet truck bed. Hence you can check another model according to bed size.

2. What is the use of a pull strap in this model?
Ans: Pull strap is mainly used to scroll the cover. That is you do not need to climb up or stand in the truck bed to operate the cover.

3. Is the canister is spiral storage?
Ans: Yes but partially because it takes lots of space to roll-up and big.

Final Verdict:

Pace Edwards SWF2843 Switchblade Tonneau Cover believes in only three words Install, Remove and Repeat. So, from these quotes, you can guess how it is easy to operate by using its full-width handle and convenient pull strap mechanism. Finally, if you want to give your short bed the flexible cargo coverage Pace, Edwards SWF2843 might be the right choice for you. So, go ahead and order now.

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Will Tonneau Cover Improve Mileage?

The truck bed cover makes the truck aerodynamically more stable. During driving the truck, there is no air entrapment from outside. The trapped air from outside creates resistance against the motion of the truck. If there is a tonneau cover on the truck bed, air can not enter the tonneau covers. Hardcover is more efficient as compared to softcover in terms of mileage enhancement. Also, a shock absorber can help you to improve the Improve Mileage. If you are interested, then check out our expert Gear Oil.

What is a Hard Tonneau Cover?

The hardcover tag is given based on the material used. All of the hinge covers are hard. But in the case of folding, rolling, and sliding types, there are two hard and softcover types. Hardcover is more reliable and sturdy than softcover. The material used in manufacturing in hardcover is metal, hard plastic or fiberglass. The hard truck bed cover is more substantial as compared to softcover. So you might need a gas strut for easy opening and closing.

Is Tonneau Cover worth it?

Tonneau covers help in the protection of cargo from thieves and extreme weather conditions. They prevent the truck bed also from rusting. Cargo loaded below the tonneau cover is maintained at the ambient temperature as compared to outside. And last but not least, the truck bed cover gives the truck a stylish and sleek look.

How tight should a tonneau cover be?

Well, there is not a scientific measurement. Which can tell us about the permissible tension of tonneau cover? The answer to this problem is given by the conscious human mind, by looking at and feeling the tonneau cover data-preserver-spaces. The tension should be between midway. It should not be too loose that will make the floppy sound during travelling. Also, You can get the sound deadenern for cars to improve the situation.

The loose cover also lacks weatherproof action. On the other hand, it should not be so tight that it will cause traction rupture of the cover. A close cover also causes problems in the opening and closing of the cover. The level of tension needs to be decided by yourself.

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