Leer vs A.R.E Camper Shell & Truck Cap

Leer vs A.R.E Camper Shell
Leer vs A.R.E Camper Shell

It’s not always easy to decide which truck cap is right for you. Many people are faced with the decision of choosing between a Are or a Leer truck cap, and there is no wrong answer! Each style has it’s own benefits that make them stand out from one another in certain situations. In this blogpost, we’ll look at some of the ways they differ and help you figure out which one might be best for your needs.

Leer vs A.R.E Table

Who will win? Well, it’s not that simple as there are a variety of factors to take into consideration when choosing the right camper shell for your truck bed. So what should you consider before making your decision? Let’s break this down and find out!

Sliding window with screen roof is fully insulated

Remote control entry system has a option for extra light water resistant seal

It is considered as one of the best in fittings and slick design is a top notch

Top ranked fitness with signature design

keyless remote for operation comes with 2 locks and a water seal

keyless remote for operation 2 locks with a water seal that is water resistant

Comes with a rear window, rain gutter that stays true to its features

Rain gutter, rear window with a screen.

Water Seal Available

Water Seal Available

Has 3 facilities in America to provide easily and quickly

Largest manufacturer of toppers protected by 500 dealers

lifetime paint warranty with 1 year of parts in it

lifetime paint warranty and 3 years warranty for its parts

Why Compare

There are a lot of different factors before deciding to buy a truck cap. And if you ask me, it’s not the easiest decision because many manufacturers are producing this product every day. The competition is only increasing.

We have here two truck caps made by two of the most famous companies in the respective industry, LEER and A.R.E. Two very celebrated names of the industry going face to face with one of their top products, shouldn’t there be a good reason for that?

There is. You see, these products here are functionally quite similar, and customer’s looking to buy a cap surf the internet aimlessly to reach a decision about which one to buy. That’s why we took the liberty and compared them directly to put your worries to sleep. So we start with a comparison table.

Leer Truck Caps Review

A high-end topper to suit your choice, the first name that pops into your head is this frontier company. Having earned applause from the user, it does the standard for its fellow manufacturer to the next level. To meet the enormous inflows of demands and meet the deadline, they initiated three different facilities across the US. A well-equipped team to deliver the new product on the verge of New Year and maintaining them is an outrageous thing to do, and the company has never failed so far.

Quality fiberglass, reliable hardware, and designs that are trim less with lots of models to choose from give the consumers the option they deserve. We now have a close look at the signature features they offer.

  • Design is a huge plus point in this fact. The designer team put in hours of work to trim less topper design, which is unique.
  • The keyless remote addition makes the operation makes it more hassle-free
  • The front window of the topper is removable and the interior of it is furnished with dynamic style.
  • A significant inside release is offered, which many of its competitors opt to leave out.

Type and Brand

LEER is one of the industry leaders that has been in the market since 1917. They are known for their excellent products and even more satisfactory customer care service.

Compared to LEER, A.R.E is modern and came into the market in 1969. Since then, they have evolved every day and they too have a relatively large product line now. ARE is very conscious about the environment and their factory uses the most sustainable way of doing this. Brand-wise these two companies here are heavyweight. If you search for the best truck covers or anything like that, there won’t be a list without these two brands for sure. 100XR and CX evolve both excellent products made out of fiberglass. They are hard-shelled truck caps and from off-roading to daily rides, you can do it all with these caps. The reason can be better understood once we read the built quality.

Built Quality

Like every hard shell, these shells are powerful and wind-resistant. The design is kept fairly simple but with all the modern facilities. So you get a slick look with industry-leading technology. We can go hours talking about what makes these two caps better than the other. Instead, we are going to illustrate the main viewpoints.

LEER uses automotive Axalta paints where the A.R.E uses OTR. Both the colors are very efficient and match the original color without any hassle. The glass on both covers is tinted. The first one has a frameless glass rear door, and the second one has a frameless tailgate rear door. The technology used by the second product is first in the industry, and so far, it has been vastly effective.

Both the caps are custom fit and designed to fit. Thanks to their OEM quality, they fit relatively quickly without any add-in materials. The roofing is insulated, and the whole cover is weather-sealed, promised to serve you equally regardless of the weather. 100xr has a whole sliding window where the cx has a half sliding window. Each of the tonneaus has supreme locks. The second one tops as the locks installed are key operated.


Truck caps are made of long haul and it does last for an extended period. So, the manufacturers don’t have much to worry about to be accurate. Well at least that is the case for established brands like these two here. You can search for hours and will hardly find any negative talks.

Warranty on both these products is the limited lifetime warranty that covers color and construction. In addition, LEER offers additional three years warranty on the parts included. From my experience as an automobile expert, you will not be forced to exercise your warranty if you abide by all the instructions provided.

Special Features

What cx evolve offers is very modern and effective at the same time. Both the caps have a 12v interior and dome lights. But only with the ARE, you get ACTIVETILT technology. This technology uses the magnet to give you more efficient lighting.

Another new technology is the ONEMOTION. This is placed on the rear door. It functions as same as J-clamps but easier. You can now open the door one-handed. Even you can operate faster and place your gears inside. 100xr is more like a regular guy who does everything very efficiently. Even without my revolutionary tech, it is still rated highly, and they are sold in large quantities even today.


The price of the truck tops varies widely, from $99 to $1000+. You can find your suitable cap in any price range. Once you decide what kind of cap you want, you can select your budget. If you are likely to go with a hard shell, it will likely cost you more than the tents or soft shells. There are thousands of options available, but you need the one that fits your vehicle perfectly. So, study the requirements and fix them accordingly.


Buying any of these two which fit your vehicle is a decision that should be celebrated as you’ll receive the caps offerings years to come.

Leer Camper Shell

A.R.E Camper Shell

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