Flareside vs Styleside Truck Beds

Flareside vs Styleside Truck Beds
Flareside vs Styleside Truck Beds

In the quest to fulfil our modern-day requirements, pickup truck manufacturers are in constant competition in order to meet the matches. The contenders are trying to update their latest models, redesigning them followed by a determined motive to precisely mould them into the customers’ latest trends and needs.

Two of the most reviewed models are Flareside and Styleside bed designs by the Ford Motor Company. The biggest difference that one might address right off the bat is that Flareside comes with a raised exterior rear that results in the outward extension from the vehicle. On the other hand, the Styleside features a flat exterior with wheel wells placed on the inside.

Flareside vs Styleside Table

Flareside is the designation Ford uses to refer as a stepside truck bed.

Styleside is their designation for a standard truck bed.

The fenders are situated on the exterior side.

The fenders on the Styleside are inside of the bed itself.

Has a raised exterior with fenders extending outwards from the trucks.

Has a flat exterior with wheels well secured on the inside.

Has less surface area.

Delivers relatively better wider area.

Regular bed for trucks with no adhesive advantages.

Gives you some extra inches with the wheels being well adjusted arch.

Styleside is just as convenient for its interior wider space unlike Flareside

Flareside bed definitely wins some extra points over the exterior look

Why Compare?

Both these truck beds, Flareside and Styleside, have their own sets of advantages and limitations. Their qualities are unique and distinguished easily with observation for their differences by a huge margin. While purchasing one or another, it is important to put your priorities first. With each of them having its own pros and cons, you don’t want to spend your money on a contender that fails to meet your expectations or exceed the requirements with the toll of unnecessary expense. Let’s take a look at the comparison Dexron iii vs vi in a glance.

Main Features of Flareside

Why think twice over Flareside as a sports model!

Fenders located on the exterior of the bed characterize the Flareside truck bed, usually with a ribbed step made into the side of the bed between the cab and the rear axle. The primary pickup trucks from the earlier time were known to have this style. Ever since introducing the ideal model of the standard bed, the Flareside has been labelled with the title of “sport model”.

Best for long items.

The inside space of the Flareside is wide enough to support long items to lay flat across the entire surface with better coverage. It also enables interior protection to prevent the objects from getting damaged due to unfriendly road conditions. However, the overall width of the bed provides less surface area than of the Styleside.

Limitations of Flareside

With the bed itself placed on the outer side, it gives that extravagant look alright, that’s good to go with sports but not suitable for all sorts of need. It consumes the space and narrows down the interior space where the loads are intended of being carried. The rigidness certainly costs the advantages of the extra space. With no flexibility of the bed, it is just a regular bed that comes with convenience.

Main Features of Styleside

Regarding the fenders on a standard or Styleside, a truck bed lies inside the bed itself. The outer sides of the bed complement the continuous line of the cab unlike Flareside.

Have Extra space overall.

The fenders create a kind of half-circular area on each side of the bed to create extra space. This ultimately results in a narrower area that comes along with the convenience of a wider overall bed area. Apart from the rigid Flareside, the arched area is intentionally designed to consist of more load in the Styleside bed.

Limitations of Styleside

With the bed placed on the inside to offer the users more coverage, a rather simpler outlook comes along. Not suitable for a sports and outgoing persona.

Even though it wins in the battle of having the wider space area, it may cause some difficulties with the pop up wheels in the interior. With the bed adjusted and fitted with the flexibility to cope with the tires, not all the long items will fit in there horizontally.

Do they both have the same bed sizes?

Answer: Both of them are top quality beds for pickup trucks to be used in our everyday lives. With their well distinct qualities, Styleside has the advantage of providing some extra over the top bonus space that is unlikely to happen in Flareside.

Do both the bed comes the same outer look?

Answer: For their different positioning, Flareside has the advantage of having a lucrative outlook over Styleside. Even though Styleside exceeds its field of delivering better performance, it does not have that aggressive sporty look. Flareside here stands out with its attractive appearance.


There is no questioning of their worth. With that being out of our way, it is safe to say that both of them are worthy rival in their fields of expertise. Flareside bed wins some extra points over the exterior look but Styleside is convenient for its interior wider space unlike Flareside. Each truck beds with identical prices. It comes down to your demands where there isn’t much of a big difference of money wasted over another.

As we don’t have many options to explore when choosing suitable truck beds for pickup trucks, choices are very limited. While the contrasts are blunt and the difference pretty much minimal, it will be a frequently used part of our everyday life. As a part that has to be more than often dealt with, it should be as close to your liking as possible with adhesive qualities that meet your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A flare side truck bed is a type of truck bed that is characterized by its flared sides. This design allows for more space in the bed of the truck, as well as easier access to the contents of the bed. Flareside truck beds are typically wider than standard truck beds, and they may also have different dimensions in terms of length and width.
Simply put, Styleside refers to the style of the truck bed. A Styleside truck has a smooth, uninterrupted side panel.
What is a flare side box?
A flare side box is a special type of truck bed that features flared sides. This design allows for more storage space and makes it easier to load and unload cargo. Flareside boxes are often used for hauling larger items or for carrying extra gear on long trips.

What is the difference between Flareside vs Styleside?
Flareside trucks have a flared bed that extends outwards from the cab, while Styleside trucks have a smooth, uninterrupted bed. Both styles have their own benefits and drawbacks. Flareside trucks are often considered more stylish, but they can be more difficult to load and unload due to the flared sides. Styleside trucks tend to be more functional, but some people find them less attractive. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference.




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