How to Measure Truck Bed for Tool Box

How to Measure Truck Bed for Tool Box

How do you measure the truck bed for a toolbox? If you’re looking to buy a new toolbox, then this is an important question. In order to get a perfect size that fits your needs and wants, it’s essential that you know how to measure the truck bed for the toolbox. The following article will go over how to do just that!

Measuring your Truck Bed Cover


Tools To Measure The Truck Bed

  • A notepad
  • A Pen
  • A non-stretchable measuring tape. The one made of metal will be perfect.
  • An assistant
  • A truck

Now let’s learn about truck bed measurement step by step.

Step 1: Measure Length of Truck Bed

Grab a tape measure and record how long you want the toolbox to be, then add an inch or two for wiggle room (just in case). For example, if you think that six feet will work well with your existing tools, then measure a total of seven feet.

Step 2: Measure Width of Truck Bed

Measure from one side to the other, making sure it’s as even as possible. If you’re looking for more storage space within your truck bed, go with a width that is greater than what you measured in Step A. For example, if your toolbox needs to be six feet long, then measure the bed of your truck at seven feet.

Step 3: Measure Height of Truck Bed

Before you go to bed tonight, set up a tape measurer on top of some boxes (or anything else that can stand upright) and make sure it reaches from one side of your truck bed to the other. Mark off where the tape measurer ends, then take it down and find out how tall that is in inches or centimeters.

Step 4: Measure Depth of Truck Bed

Place a couple of boxes inside your toolbox space so you can gauge whether they fit well enough without falling through too much. Measure the height of your boxes and this will be how tall you want your toolbox to be.

Step 5: Measure Depth at Wheel Wells

Measure from inside one wheel well all around it, then find out what that number is in inches or centimeters, so you know if the box fits through there. If not, add a couple more inches to the depth of your toolbox.

Step 6: Add it all up!

If you’re measuring a truck bed that is less than six feet, then add one foot or meter on top of what you already measured for each step in order to get an ideal length and width for your new toolbox. If you’re measuring a truck bed that is more than six feet, you can add one and a half or two feet to the lengths.

Step 7: Fitting for Tool Box

Now take your measurements from each step and make sure they fit well together! A good rule of thumb would be if all three numbers in length (1), width (2), and depth (3) are similar, the toolbox will fit perfectly in your truck bed.

Step 8: Find a Perfect Size!

Once you have all of these measurements down, it’s time to determine what size would best suit your needs. Visit our site today for some great recommendations on truck storage boxes that will fit your truck perfectly!


The first step to finding the perfect size for a toolbox is determining what measurements you need. Start with measuring how long, wide and deep you want your new storage unit to be. You can add an extra foot or meter of length if necessary (with six feet being ideal) and an extra foot or meter of width if necessary.

You can also add an inch or two for wiggle room, just in case the measurements are off a little bit. If you’re measuring less than six feet on any step, make sure to add one additional foot (or meter) onto each dimension, and vice versa if your truck bed is more than six feet.

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