Bestop Vs Softopper Truck Topper

Bestop Vs Softopper Truck Topper
Bestop Vs Softopper Truck Topper

A truck topper is one of those purchases that can make or break your day on the road. With so many options, it can be difficult to find the best truck topper for you and your needs. In this article, we will compare two popular brands: Bestop vs Softopper, giving you all the information you need in order to choose which product is right for you.

Bestop Vs Softopper Table

This side-by-side comparison table will help you find the best truck topper for your needs. We will look at every aspect of each truck cover so that you can make an informed decision about which one would work better for your needs.

Excellent Water Tight Weather Protection

Excellent Water Proof Canopy

Window Can Easily Be Removed Or Rolled Up

Has Replaceable Acrylic Window

Made With Molded Tooth Zippers 

Made with YKK Heavy Duty Zippers

Industrial Strength Thread Construction

Rust Free Anodized Aluminum Frame With Zinc Coated

High Quality Sailcloth Fabric & Uv Resistant

High Quality Sailcloth Fabric & Uv Resistant

Vehicle Type Fitment

Vehicle Type Fitment

Easy To Install (No-drill Required)

Easy To Install (Average Installation Time 40 Minutes)

Quick Bow Release For Easy Removal

Easy to Remove (You Can Remove Within Minute)

1-5 Year Limited Warranty (Depending On Product)

Warranty Varies Depending On Product

Why Compare?

True to its name Bestop are known for their best quality fabric and high-quality material. Best is known for its focus on the smallest of details tested both from inside and outside. As much as they ensure comfort on the inside, they don’t prick a hole in the appearance from the outside.

On the other hand, Softopper turns your car instantly into a campsite. With the tailgate down Softopper wraps you from underneath, giving you a fully waterproof inner and plenty of room for a goodnight’s sleep.

Softopper Truck Topper Review

Softopper Truck Toppers are the ultimate in truck topper innovation. They start with a durable and high-resolution polyethylene material that is virtually unbreakable, scratch-free and resistant to UV rays. This material is so strong it can resist up to 4x the weight of other materials on the market today! It also features a patented design that allows for easy installation, removal, storage or replacement of your truck’s tarp system without tools.

By choosing Softopper Truck Toppers, you can be assured that your truck is well protected with the best quality materials available. This means a longer life for your truck and less worry on your part about where to store or how much it costs to replace other products over time!

Softopper also offers convenient options like Trucker’s Dream Package, which includes a Softopper Truck Topper and an upgraded tarp system. Choose from our wide variety of colors to match your truck’s exterior paint job or choose the color that best fits your personality!

Highlighted Point 

Full Bed Coverage

Bestop truck tops come with a handy sport-like fastback styling system. This allows the camp to flip backward too. It makes the inner room sunproof and 100% heatproof at a budget-friendly price.

Similarly, as a worthy rival Softopper is no less behind when it comes to full bed access. With the tailgate down, you are bound to get some extra space to give you comfort while sleeping.

Replacement Kit

Bestop as truck tops is a complete package that includes side and rear windows and side and rear bows too. Moreover, it comes along with adhesive instructions and hardware.

Installing a Softopper camp top becomes a cakewalk as it comes with manual instructions one can follow. Few easy steps and voila! You get the homey filling miles apart in a distant place. Besides, Softopper has a blending touch to its outer appearance. That makes it almost invisible among the backdrops, which will save you from predator’s eyes while camping.

Super Easy Removal

Bestop has a zipper system that consumes less of your time. It makes it easy for the installation and quick removal and transformation while dealing with side and rear windows.

Nevertheless, Softopper doesn’t require any different technique or drill. Just a four-clamp easy installation and you are good to go. Moreover, like a cherry on the top; when it comes to using Softopper as your truck top, you can conveniently remove the side and rear windows.


Best is made with Marine-grade double-stitched thread to prevent the inner compartment from heat and moisture. Even though they are made out of fabric yet they can give a tough competition to factory-made steel doors as these tops mimic the performance of an upper fabric half door.

Not to be fooled by the name. Stoppers might be mild in the inner, but they serve you with praise excellent resistance against heat, fog, dew, rain, UV sun ray, and dust and so on with its exterior texture.


Bestop truck tops are made out of 23 oz diamond point fabric that works as UV resistant and as stain and mild dew resistant. On the contrary, Softoppers can be used as an alternative to heavy fiberglass. They are made out of heavy-duty sailcloth. This material is used for the convertible top for the waterproof inner compartment to sustain large bed loads. Besides, they are straightforward to remove and store when not needed.

Vehicle Fitment

Best is undoubtedly an excellent choice for those whose remaining soft top bows are worn out, bent, or damaged. The fiberglass Softtoppers work great, but when it comes to extra bed coverage, it might not give you full access. Users should keep the length in mind while buying Stoppers. Ideal for 4th wheeled. Bestop uses Jeep’s sports bar to drape. As a result. It ends up creating the fastback look.

Frequently Asked Question

Does Bestop Own Softopper?

Yes, it is manufactured by Bestop. Softopper compliments better for the truck production line. It can be regarded as an updated version of the Bestop truck top.

Can Softoppers Be Locked?

No, it can’t be locked. All you have to do is remove it and fold it. Store it in the corner of the truck bed when it’s not needed, and it will remain stable with the mileage under 85mph.


Both are top-notch truck tops. However, they both have their different sets of pros and cons. This write-up is a handy manual for you to make your pick from any of these two.

Bestop Truck Topper

Softopper Truck Topper

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