Kilmat Vs Noico Sound Deadener

Kilmat Vs Noico Sound Deadener
Kilmat Vs Noico Sound Deadener

If you have bought a car for comfortable ride from work and refreshing trips at weekend, then soundproofing your car might be high on your priority list. Sound deadening material does a pretty good job in eliminating any unwanted road or engine noises which might ruin your pleasant ride.

At present there are various brands offering sound deadening materials at different price point. Kilmat and Noico are amongst the well-known brands providing value for money service. In case you are confused which one is the best buy for your car, here is a comparison table which will help you make the right choice.

Kilmat Vs Noico

Offers 50 mils thick or 80 mils thick option. If you are looking for quality soundproofing.

Offers 80 mils thick option only. This might limit you in some case.

Offers great value for money compared to other brands in the market. $1.77 per square foot.

Is more affordable among the two. $1.65 per square foot.

It contains butyl which has a rubbery smell. This might ruin the aesthetics of your car.

Has no rubbery smell.

According to customer feedback it does a better job in blocking all sorts of sound. It is denser than its competitors which is the reason behind this.

Sound proofing is not as well as Noico but still does a pretty good job.

Is flexible so is easier to install.

Is stiff which makes it difficult to install.

Does only the job of sound insulation.

Besides sound installation Kilmat is also an effective heat insulator. This ensures a better ride overall.

Contains pack of 9 sheets which are large in size, so suitable for covering large space. Each sheet size is 29.5x19.5 inch.

Contains pack to 34 sheets which are small in size, so suitable for covering small spaces. Each sheet size is 9.8x15.7 inch.

So which is the best among them? It really depends on your requirement. If price is not the only issue and you can adjust with the rubbery smell, Noico offers better quality overall. It is easy to install on large surfaces.

On the other hand, despite being more affordable and lightweight, Kilmat really will get the job done. As its sheets are smaller in size, they can be installed in various small surfaces quickly. Besides it keeps your car cool during summer and warm during winter.

Things to keep in mind while purchasing:

Take good measure of the areas where you want to apply sound deadener. This will reduce the chances of running out of sheets or having excess left during installation. Purchase only what you need.

Installation Procedure:

Step 1: Clean and degrease the surface before applying the sound deadening material. Make sure the surface is dry.

Step 2: Cut the material to desired size using a knife or stationary scissors. Give a test fit on the surface before removing the adhesive paper. Make sure it covers the whole surface.

Step 3: Carefully peel of the adhesive paper and install it on the working surface. Make sure all the air is expelled and there remains no air bubbles underneath.

Step 4: Use a roller to flatten out the foil texture. Take help from the indicator to find out whether it has been applied properly. Keep repeating the process until everything becomes flat and smooth. Hope we have helped you make a good decision. Enjoy your ride and remember to wear seatbelts.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where sound deadener material is to be installed?
Sound deadening material can be installed on car doors, hood, interior floor, wheel wells, trunk, roof etc. If you are looking for a easy to install Sound deadener then check out this comparison Dynamat Vs Noico.

What precautions should be maintained while installation?
Always wear gloves and protect your hands during installation. Preparation is very important. Clean and degrease the surface before installation. Apply deadening material from the interior side only. Do not apply externally. Each deadener has an indicator which will help you in installation. Always keep the materials away from sources of fire.

Will sound deadener eliminate the high pitched noise from tires on the highway?
It will certainly reduce the sound but it won’t completely eliminate it. Sound deadeners work well with low frequency resonance elimination.

Does any odor come from the glue at high temperature?
 Any sort of smell can only be felt during installation. It disappears moments after installation is completed. No odor or smell will be felt during hot summer days too.

Will applying sound deadening material affect the weight and look of my car?
Both the materials mentioned above are very light weight. So the change in overall weight of the car is almost negligible. As far as looks are concerned, new shades are available in the market now which gives the customers more choices.



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