Gator Vs Truxedo Tonneau Cover

Gator HR1 VS Truxedo Sentry
Gator HR1 VS Truxedo Sentry

Between two widely used tonneau covering styles of hard folding and soft folding, there is another smart solution type introduced by these two brands, called Hard roll-up tonneau cover. It is an impressive combination of hard aluminum surface bonded with soft vinyl fabric.

In today’s article, we are going to find out more about this specific solution by discussing two very popular models in the tonneau cover market; Gator HR1 and TruXedo Sentry.

Gator Vs Truxedo Table

Compare Model: Gator HR1

Compare Model: TruXedo Sentry

Premium Looking Matte Finish Design

A Sheet of Vinyl Holds the Interlocking Aluminum Slats Looks Quite Impressive

Carry Around 400 Lbs of Weight

Capable to Hold Up to 500 Lbs

Very Quick and Easy Installation

Mostly Take an Hour to Install

Quick-Release Function for Easy, No Tool Removal

The Entire Cover Can Be Removed in Seconds Without Tools

Pull Cable Can Be Used From either Side of the Bed

Slam Latches Allow You to Open the Cover From either Side

Gator HR1 Is Backed up by a Three-Year Warranty

TruXedo Sentry Comes With 3 Years of Warranty

Hard and Strong Aluminum Slats Covered by a Leather Grain Vinyl Sheet

On the Aluminum Rail, Vinyl Covered Aluminum Slats Used as the Bed Cover

Why Compare

Though both of the models of this article are quite similar in almost every aspect; still our expert will go through the process for your better buying decision in terms of Material used, Exterior and outlook, Functionality, Durability and security, Installation and Warranty.


Gator HR1 is made of interlocking pieces of lightweight, industrial-grade aluminum slats, which remain covered by a heavy-duty vinyl tarp. The whole coving part can be rolled up centering the aluminum slats. The guide rails and clamps are made by a single piece of aluminum angle bar.

Just like HR1, TruXedo Sentry follows the same technology to cover up your precious truck bed. The whole covering panel is mounted on super strong one-piece aluminum guide rails. These rails are responsible for holding and moving the roll-up covering sheet. The covering sheet is made of matte black aluminum slats and vinyl fabric. By using almost the same material, both of the models are reliable to ensure top most bed protection from weather & debris.

Design & Exterior

As it discussed earlier, both of the model’s coving technology is precisely identical. The innovative hard and soft material combination looks very premium while fully closed. Just like, HR1’s design might confuse you whether it is hard or soft surface- at first look. The leather grain, nicely crafted vinyl top finish ensures the stunning look and UV protection from direct sunlight.

Very similar type of leather grain vinyl fabric is applied into TruXedo’s hard rolling cover Sentry. To make sure a flush mount looks, guide rails are clamped inside the truck side rail.


Along with vinyl-covered hinges, hook and loop fasteners and an overlapping tailgate seal is excellent plus to make your truck bed safe and undisturbed from the outside elements like water, snow and dust. The roll-up covering part can be detached from the rail very easy to access every inch of your precious space. While fully open, you can strap the rolled coil with buckle straps.

While Sentry uses a similar type of slam latch which makes you open the cover from the driver end or tailgate end. At the center of the truck bed there is an additional security latch located to enhance the security. The full closed cover can protect weather (like snow, rain, hot or moisture environment) very efficiently.

This model also can be released very quickly when you need all of the bed space to use. Both of the models can carry up to 500 lbs of evenly distributed weight on the top of a fully closed cover.

Durability & Security

In the middle of the Gator HR1 tonneau cover an additional slam latch is located, which is responsible for securing the cargo while the tailgate is closed. It is also hard for anyone to bend over the strong aluminum slats and access the carriage when the tailgate remains locked.

For the same Material and covering technology, Sentry is also a perfect match for you- if you are tired of finding a very secure solution. With the perfect use of slam latch and durable surface top, you remain stress free as long your tailgate is locked.


You wondered how hard this device is to install in your truck bed? Stay chilled! Without using any power tools or heavy drill machines, you can install both devices within an hour of work. With the package, the manufacturer provides a guided installation process manual. You do not need to be an engineer to fix the device by yourself.


It is an important thing to consider when you buy something like this, because of the compatibility and other issues. Here both of the models come up with a three years no hassle warranty. Gator HR1 provides a 30 days return policy called ‘Love it or Swap it.’ From the date of purchase, you can use the product for 30 days. If you are not quite satisfied with it, just replace this with another Gator tonneau cover without any further questions.

The final verdict is always based on your special desire. Even both of the models are manufactured by very well-known brands all over in America. But based on all the discussion here, you may choose any of the mentioned models- if it ensures a better price point and availability. Our experts will ask you to see the product first, to come up with a decision- while either of the products will be a perfect device to protect your truck bed.


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