Gator ETX vs SFX Tonneau Cover


As tonneau covers have been one of the most significant aftermarket products for carrying cargo, buyers are investing more and more in this product. And as the interest of the buyer increases, there is more presence of products that may lack quality.

Investing in a tonneau cover requires excellent knowledge about the model’s specific features and performance details. This comparison content will guide the buyers to choose one between these two.

Gator SFX vs ETX Table

Tool Free Installation in Less Than 10 Minutes

No Tools Are Needed to Install the Cover

Durable Tear-Resistant Vinyl Cover Supported by an Aluminum Frame

Support Bows Span the Width Preventing Sag From Rain, Snow, and Hail

Quick Latch System Only Take You a Few Seconds to Open It Up

Easy to Use Quick Latch Handles Are Used to Open and Close

Proudly Made In The U.S.A.

Proudly Made In The U.S.A.

100% Truck Bed Access

100% Truck Bed Access

Maintains a Low-Profile Providing a Stylish Design

SFX Can Withstand Harsh Weather and Extreme Temperatures

Industrial Grade Leather Grain Vinyl

Industrial Grade Vinyl Resists Tearing

Adjustable Tension Control Feature Keeps the Cover Pulled Tight in Any Condition

Tailgate Seal Offers Even More Bed Protection

Limited Lifetime Warranty on the Frame and Ten Years on the Vinyl

Limited Lifetime Warranty on Frame, 10 Years on Vinyl

Why Compare?

Despite being a member of the same brand, these two models are distinctively different. Multiple features are present, and most importantly, as these models are custom-fit models, they both fit different vehicle models. As a buyer, it is very necessary to know about these aspects. This article is designed to signify the differences between these two models,


The Gator ETX does not compromise with the construction material and uses the best available material. It incorporates the leather grain vinyl material for the tarp and aluminum for the construction. Aluminum gives a robust structure, while the vinyl tarp gives a proper exterior. It needs no saying about the longevity and durability of the vinyl material. 

This tear-proof material protects the cargo from UV rays, snow, and rain. Despite being a softcover, it stands high when it comes to protecting the cargo from outside adversities. The Gator SFX comes with the same material combination but has some add-ons. First, the durable and tear-resistant vinyl cover with the aluminum frame is unbeatable for protecting the cargo. 

Also, it has a monster bow that slides off the rain and snow. These monster bows are the additional material that raises the bar high for the SFX. Also, water-resistant rubber seals prevent any unwanted intrusion; be it humans, insects, or water and snow. Even this material gives extra protection from temperature and heat.


The Gator ETX is designed with much effort, considering both the product’s looks and convenience. The cover completely mounts inside the bed rails and allows the stake pocket holes to be sued with other accessories. Buyers can adjust other accessories as per their convenience with the stake pocket holes. This feature makes the cover way too functional.

The low-profile design ensures an up-to-date look of the vehicle. Users can use the storage strap to hold the cover, keeping the cover rolled towards the cab. Also, the designers have incorporated the adjustable tension cover system that keeps the tonneau cover pulled perfectly tight under any circumstances.

The SFX also excels in its appearance; it fits the truck bed and does not seem to be an aftermarket product. The low-profile design keeps it sleek and fashionable. This cover mounts on top of the truck bed rails and helps glide water, snow and dust off the truck bed. Apart from the appearance, this truck bed cover is designed for convenience. The construction materials and exclusive designs all work to enhance its functionality.

Ease of Use

The Gator ETX has some innovative features for easy operation and roll-up. The trigger latch on the driver’s side is one among them. This trigger latch can operate the cover within seconds. Using only one hand, this trigger latch can be accessed.

This one-hand operation is very convenient. Other than that, the accessibility to the stake pocket holes allows the users to use other accessories as well. Also, the users can fold the cover, roll it towards the cab, and drive while keeping the cover fully open.

The SFX focuses more on the rolling and determines to eliminate all the manual hassles. There are hand-operative latches that make closing and opening the cover relatively easy. Again, the fastening straps allow the drivers to drive while keeping the tonneau cover open. A Speed Klamp system literally takes seconds to open the tonneau cover. All the features make the user experience convenient.

Lock Mechanism

The Gator ETX comes with a tension control design that keeps the cover quite tight to the truck bed and prevents any theft. Also, the latch locks are reliable for protecting the cargo inside. Again, the tarp prevents any intrusion of rainwater, snow, and dust.

The Gator SFX follows almost the same security features; the latch locks keep the cargo safe and make it quite difficult for intruders to crack open the cover. It also features the tailgate lock option, the ultimate security against anything.

Installation & Warranty

The Gator ETX goes beyond every norm when it comes to installation. This model comes with all the necessary equipment for installation. Users just need to clamp the rails and wouldn’t even need drilling. It may hardly take 20 to 30 minutes to assemble and install this cover.

The Gator SFX even does better than the ETX in installation, and it takes only 10 minutes to install. It does not need any single tool, this tri-fold cover needs to be assembled, and you are good to go.

Our Observation

The Gator ETX is a great product with lots of features. It is designed for both security and convenience. The cover is easy to use and install, and the warranty is great. However, the cover is not very stylish, and it is not as sleek as the SFX.

If you are looking for a cover that is more functional than stylish, the Gator ETX is a great option. However, if you want a cover that is both functional and stylish, the Gator SFX is a better choice.


Both these covers are cult favorites of present times, and users are in awe of both. Yet the differences between them make them unique and fit for different requirements. One may excel in one feature, but the other will shine in another feature. Thus, users must determine their requirements and then choose any of these models.


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