Roll N Lock vs Retrax Tonneau Cover

Roll N Lock vs Retrax Tonneau Cover

The truck bed cover industry is a massive market with many competitors. Retrax Tonneau Cover (RTC) is a more recently developed brand. Roll n Lock has been around for decades and has become prominent recently as it becomes standard on most new Chevy trucks. What are the differences between these two top brands? Read here to find out!

Retrax Vs Roll N Lock Table

Thus this content focuses on illustrating the difference between the most dominant tonneau covers in the market. Stay tuned to explore more about the RETRAX RetraxPRO XR and Roll-N-Lock M-Series.

Retrax RetraxPRO XR

Roll-N-Lock M-Series

Product Dimension 65 x 14 x 16 inches

Product Dimension 74 x 13 x 15 inches

Material is Aluminum

Material is Vinyl Aluminum

Item Weight 90 pounds

Item Weight 95 pounds

Size 5'7"

Size 6' 7"

Matte Finish

Low glossy finish

Compatible with 2015 - 2020 Ford F-150 Super Crew & Super Cab

Compatible with 2014 - 2018, 19 Ltd. /Lgcy. GM/Chevy Silverado/Sierra

Any position Key lockable

Four-position Ratchet latch

Maximum Weight Limit 500lbs

Maximum Weight Limit 350lbs

Operation Type Manual 

Operation Type Manual with a torsion spring

Warranty Lifetime

Warranty Three years

Why Compare?

Though both models are pioneers in their field, some potential dissimilarities prevail. Truck owners must know the ins and outs to invest in the right one. Retrax has been the ideal brand when it comes to truck bed covers and has manufactured some excellent variants. But recently, Roll-N-Lock has also been prominent with its presence through excellent quality tonneau covers. This comparison outlines the fundamental differences between the two products.

Cargo Capacity

Retrax PRO XR T80373 excels in cargo capacity with its Trax Rail System. It is usually a special feature that includes a T slot rail on the top of the truck bed cover. The Trax Rail system allows the users to mount accessories and almost doubles the cargo capacity.

This system is compatible with T-slot accessories such as YakimaÂ, Rhino RackÂ, ThuleÂ, etc. Users can even mount heavy-weight accessories and bikes on the top of the cover. Moreover, the canister is space-saving and leaves more cargo area. And the bottoms are angled to ensure more room inside the truck bed.

Moving towards the Roll-N-Lock LG221M, it comes with the most squeezed canister and maximizes the cargo capacity. The canisters sit only seven ¼” deep, the rest you can assume; immense cargo space. This model also features the aerodynamic housing lid for enhanced truck bed space.

Built Material

The Retrax PRO XR T80373 is built with 1″ Thick matte black aluminum, basically the hardest cover, and extremely sturdy. Aluminum is considered the best and even the staple material for truck bed covers. It is robust and ensures all-in-one safety from outside hostility. This tonneau cover is capable of holding up to 500lbs when distributed eventually. It is undoubtedly a massive number, which means it can also carry heavy cargo materials.

Roll-N-Lock LG221M comes with a vinyl-over-aluminum cover with a contoured hinge design for utmost safety. An aluminum cover infused with vinyl ensures strength and a sleek appearance at a time. The 3-inch aluminum casting can hold up to 350 lbs. weight, so you are good to go with any heavy belongings. Again the vinyl coat outstands the overall look of the tonneau cover.

Weather Protection

Retrax PRO XR T80373 is excellent for weather protection, be it the sun, snow, or rain. It comes with a scratch-resistant matte black finish, which protects the truck bed from flaming sun and UV rays. There are two drain tubes to evacuate water from the canister, and the overall design is sealed with foam to keep the inside safe from dust and moisture. Moreover, the tonneau cover overlaps the tailgate and prevents any possible leakage.

The Roll-N-Lock LG221M masters in the material, and vinyl aluminum is considered the angel for weather protection. It does not need to put extra effort into additional features to protect the truck bed from outside adverse the material itself is sturdy.

Rolling Mechanism

Retrax PRO XR T80373 has a sealed ball-bearing roller system that effortlessly glides through the rail to ease the rolling. As it does not have springs or moving parts thus, there is no option for any claims to jam or freeze. There is a handle for a firm grip at the edge of the truck bed cover on the driver’s end. It does not need any sort of lubrication to glide through.

Now, Roll-N-Lock LG221M has some path-breaking rolling features. Though the vinyl aluminum is extraordinarily sturdy yet it ensures soft rolling operation. It has an inbuilt torsion spring and a finger insulation grip to perform freeze-free operation every time. There is again a pull strap to pull the tonneau cover back effortlessly.

Locking Mechanism

PRO XR T80373 is available for latching at any position. Users can carry even the oversized loads covered with the tailgate being opened and can still cover the truck bed with any position key lockable facility. Moreover, a lid conceals the latch and makes it quite impossible for any potential risk.

The Roll-N-Lock LG221M can be locked in four positions with a ratchet system latch. The latch is locked with the tailgate altogether and also offers extra security with the aluminum undercarriage.


Regarding the installation process, the Retrax PRO XR T80373 may require extra user effort. You may need extra hands and more time to align the sidebars properly.

In contrast, the Roll-N-Lock LG221M is quite easy-going in installation hassles. It offers the clamp-on track feature, which ensures stress-free installation within the minimal time limit. Users may just need to follow the manual guide.

Warranty & Durability

Considering durability, Retrax models are unbeatable; high-end material, brilliant engineering, and robust structure let the brand itself be confident enough to offer a lifetime warranty. Roll-N-Lock LG221M also promises its buyers commendable durability and is backed by three years warranty.

Our Observation:

After going through the various features of both the Retrax PRO XR T80373 and the Roll-N-Lock LG221M, we can say that both the products are quite good in their ways. The Retrax PRO XR T80373 is a bit more expensive than the Roll-N-Lock LG221M, but it offers a lifetime warranty, which makes it a more durable product.

On the other hand, the Roll-N-Lock LG221M is easier to install and comes with a three-year warranty. So, if you are looking for a product with a more extended warranty period, then the Retrax PRO XR T80373 is a better option. However, if you are looking for an easier-to-install product, then the Roll-N-Lock LG221M is a better choice.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

There are many factors that can affect how long a DL2032 battery will last. The type of device it is powering, the age of the battery, how often it is used, and even the temperature can all play a role in how long the battery will last. However, in general, DL2032 batteries tend to have a long lifespan and can power devices for a long time.

Yes, you can stand on a RETRAX bed cover! They are designed to support up to 250 lbs. of weight, so feel free to stand on them when you need to reach something in your truck bed. Plus, their tough PVC construction will protect your truck bed from scratches and scrapes.

The answer is: it depends. Some brands and models are more prone to leaking than others, but overall, retractable bed covers can provide a good level of protection against water and moisture. If you’re concerned about leaking, be sure to choose a high-quality cover from a reputable manufacturer.

How secure is Retrax Tonneau Cover?
When it comes to security, the Retrax tonneau cover is about as good as it gets. This tough, durable cover is made of powder-coated aluminum slats that are interlocked with each other to create a strong, impenetrable barrier. The cover is also equipped with an automatic locking system that keeps it securely closed when not in use. So whether you’re keeping your valuables safe from would-be thieves or protecting your cargo from the elements, you can rest assured that the Retrax tonneau cover has got you covered.



As per the extensive comparison, it is vivid that both the tonneau covers are excellent. Users must determine whether they are compatible with the truck model and size. Any of them would be superb.

Roll N Lock

Retrax Cover

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