Retrax MX vs Gator Trax Tonneau Cover

RetraxONE vs Gator Trax Tonneau Cover
RetraxONE vs Gator Trax Tonneau Cover

As the popularity of truck-bed covers continues to grow, more and more manufacturers are releasing their own take on what a great tonneau cover should be. Retrax MX and Gator Trax Tonneau cover both offer many features that make them stand out from other brands. With so many options available, it can be difficult to decide which one is best for you. To help you make an informed decision, we will explore some of the key differences between these two covers!

Retrax vs Gator Trax Table

Though both the products are pioneers in the market and have a cult customer base thus the new buyer can easily get confused. Retrax on the one hand is designed for commercial cargo protection and is more intense and well-built when it comes to construction. On the contrary, Gator Trax is probably the most sophisticated tonneau cover out there; it focuses on the final look of your vehicle. Gator Trax is more sleek and elegant and also steps ahead with its electrical feature. There are some more vital differences as well that will help you determine to choose between the two. Stay tuned and explore more

Dimension 65 x 14 x 16 inches

Dimension ‎68 x 20 x 8 inches

Easy No Drill Installation

Can Install Easily With No Drilling Required

Supports 500 Lbs Evenly Distributed On Top

Can Support Over 500 Lbs Evenly Distributed

Has Water Drainage System

Slides On Maintenance Free Sealed Ball Bearings

Comes With Limited Lifetime Warranty

Comes With 3 Year Warranty

Can Be Effortlessly Locked Down At Any Point

Lockable With A Key In Any Position

Matte Finish For UV And Scratch Protection

Comes With Matte Black Finish Instead

Constructed From Industrial Double Wall Aluminum

Constructed Of Polycarbonate Slats

Suitable For Fits 2019 - 2021 Chevy/GMC Silverado/Sierra, Works w/ MultiPro/Flex tailgate (Not Compatible w/Carbon Pro bed) 5' 10" Bed

Suitable For Bed Cover 2007-2018 Toyota Tundra 5.5 FT Bed w/Deck System


The Retrax tonneau cover does not only appear good but the construction design also enhances its efficiency. The patented design is low profile and fits the truck bed extremely well to ensure a tight seal. The stylish matte finish cover comes with a canister that is flushed with the bed cover. The canister is designed to be hidden and keeps some clearance ensuring more cargo space for longer pieces. The overall finish lasts long due to the spiral track that does not allow the cover to come in contact with itself while retracting.

The Gator Trax possesses great competition to its contemporaries, the low profile design is quite breathtaking in its appearance. Moreover, users can choose between gloss black finish and mirror-like shine finish as per their choice. Also, the canister is designed to prevent the cover from coming in contact with itself for longevity. The flat black option is suitable only for OEM bed accessories for the rest, the shiny finish option would work perfectly fine.


Retrax is considered one of the strongest models in the present market and all the credit goes to the construction material. The brand claims it can support almost 500lbs if the weight is distributed properly. Even the brand is so confident with the material quality that it provides a lifetime guaranty to the users. It is built with premium series aluminum which is industrial grade aluminum that lasts for eternity and is super sturdy. The rugged industrial-grade aluminum slats are capable of high cargo weight without any damage.

The Gator Trax takes the limit higher with its unique construction material; it is built with LEXAN and aluminum rods for support. Lexan is a lightweight yet impact-resistant material that is widely used in bulletproof glass and airplane windows. The material is undoubtedly unbeatable and is extremely effective for carrying sensitive cargo. Again the aluminum rods add extra strength and stability to the whole system.

Weather Protection

The Retrax tonneau cover does not add any extra science against weather protection; it is pretty basic in this matter. The cover can protect the cargo from UV rays and is sealed tight enough to protect against heavy rainfall and snow. Also, the truck bed cover successfully protects the cargo from outside heat and dust. Though it does not have any fancy features against weather protection yet is quite effective to protect commercial cargo.

The GatorTrax tonneau cover works the same as the Retrax one; it can shield the cargo from rain, sun, and external heat. But there are some extensive measures as well such as the drainage system. Though there is not any possibility of leakage in case any leakage occurs, there are drain hoses to carry the water out. Thus it keeps the truck bed dries all the time.

Lock Mechanism

The flush design of the Retrax tonneau cover keeps it sealed and protected. Also, it gives the facility to lock the cover at any position for better convenience. To enhance the transportation facility, this locking feature is very effective. The locking mechanism is quite simple and works great against any theft or intrusion. It is convenient to use with the fifth-wheel trailer.

The Gator Trax is way more organized when it comes to locking technologies; it features some advanced options. A locking handle lets you lock the cover at any position, and the users can operate the coven independently to the tailgate. The tailgate lock system is conventional for intensive safety. Also, it comes with a remote-controlled lock system that minimizes any hassle from your side and opens the cover with a remote button press.

Ease of Use

The Retrax model rolls effortlessly with its sealed ball bearing rollers; the rollers are mounted inside the aluminum beams and let the cover glide like butter. The flush-mounted latch needs a single press of the button to glide. Users don’t need to put any manual effort into gliding.

The Gator Trax wins the usage segment with the key fob remote control. One just needs to press the button and they can access the truck bed without any fuss. Also, the low-profile canister preserves the outlook of the cover for a longer period.


Retrax offers a clamp design that allows super easy installation without seeking the help of an extra hand. Also, the mounting system is adjustable for different styles of trucks. It does not require any extra tools, the basic ones are perfect for installation. It can take up to 40 minutes for the whole process.

The Gator Trax can be installed within 30 minutes with the basic tools. If you want to cut the installation time, you can always get a friend to help you out. You just have to go by the installation instruction guide and have to assemble the cover placing few bolts here and there. That’s all.


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