Rugged Liner E Series vs Premium

Rugged Liner E-series vs Premium
Rugged Liner E-series vs Premium

The tonneau cover is one of the most prominent aftermarket parts for any truck owner and is proven to be extremely useful as well. During weather adversities, the cargo needs protection beyond those essential poly wraps and the tonneau cover is the solution. There are plenty of tonneau covers in the market at present and thus, to give the buyers an all in all knowledge, we have created the Rugged Liner E Series vs Premium comparison.

Compare Table

Comes With a 3 Year Limited Warranty

Comes With Limited Lifetime Warranty

Easy to Use Rear Latches

Easy to Use Rear Latches

Easy on or off Installation Within Minutes

No Drill Required to install 

Overlapping Cab With Dual Seal

Includes Built-in Led Bed Light

Powder-Coated Frame for Added Wear & Tear Protection

Tailgate Lock Provides Additional Security for Your Truck Bed

Drive With the Cover in the Open or Closed Position

Premium Grade Vinyl That Will Not Mold or Mildew

Resilient Panels Manufactured With Aluminum Skins and Solid Cores

4 Rows of Stiching Provides Premium Strength and Durability

Installs and Removes in Less Than 10 Minutes

Easy on or off Installation Within Minutes

Sits on Top of the Bed Caps to Prevent Water Intrusion

Sits on Top of the Bed Caps to Provide Extra Water Security

Why Compare?

Rodger Liner has been in the market since 1995 and is manufacturing aftermarket vehicle parts with immense success. The customers have been with this brand for more than two decades. There are several lines of products from this brand and the E series and the Premium series are the most significant lines. Buyers often get confused about which one to buy.

The E series model is the hardcover and the Premium is the soft trifold cover. Other than that, the E series comes on a budget and the premium one is pricier than the E series. Apart from these surface-level differences, there are some fundamental differences as well between these two models.


Rugged Liner E series tonneau cover comes with the best possible material in the present market and that is FRP or Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic. This material is highly durable and ensures an extreme lifespan. It is UV resistant and also scratch and dent-proof. The panels are constructed with solid cores and aluminum skins which provide a robust infrastructure. The rigid material can provide enough protection throughout and sturdy enough to carry extra weight over the top.

The Premium series also does not compromise on its material and offers premium-grade vinyl. This vinyl also efficiently protects the truck bed and is extremely easy to handle. This material is well-reputed for its durability and steadiness. Again, the aluminum panels are extremely strong and provide sturdy support to the whole structure.

Weather Protection

The E series hard tonneau cover excels in weather protection. There are features specially incorporated just to ensure 100% leakage-free protection. The cover comes with an overlapping cab dust seal which keeps the cover tight with truck bed rails and ultimately prevents moisture and dust leakage.

Also, in order to intensify the protection, there is a dual-hinge seal that gives the ultimate seal from water seeping into the cargo. Apart from the seals, the material itself is quite effective in preventing any outside heat and high temperature.

The Premium soft tonneau cover prevents UV rays with its premium grade material and ensures that your sensitive cargo remains safe from sun rays. Also, the exterior material is proven to be tear-proof thus, even heavy rainfall cannot do any harm to the vinyl cover. This tonneau cover also comes with overlapping cabs to keep the dust and moisture away.

And on top of that, OE quality perimeter seals are present that eventually seal the truck bed cover. Though soft tonneau covers are often reported to lack weather protection this particular model is extremely the opposite. The premium-grade vinyl material does the magic and keeps extreme protection against any weather condition.


The rugged Liner E series tonneau cover comes on a budget but is designed with a luxurious touch and looks exceptionally stylish. It is a custom fit to the vehicles thus does not look like an aftermarket part rather seems to be manufactured for the truck. It looks seamless on the truck bed and also the rounded corners make it look more natural. The standard profile design looks quite appealing to the eyes.

The Premium series cover ensures a premium appearance; the LED lighting system in this tonneau cover is quite unique and is rarely seen. The low-profile design looks sleek and stylish. It fits the truck bed effortlessly and looks natural. Also, the vinyl cover can be handled easily and it is designed so that users don’t need to struggle while opening or closing the cover.

Lock Mechanism

The Rugged Liner E series tonneau cover has ensured security and taken it to another level with its tailgate lock system. There are also clamps and a secondary mounting tether that secure the tonneau cover to the side rails. There are also durable tie-down straps that hold the cover in place while driving and provide a safe driving experience.

The Premium series soft tonneau cover also comes with a tailgate lock and ensures utmost security from theft and outside weather. Users can also put extra locks on the tailgate just to make sure of more protection. There is an LED light inside the cargo which provides visibility at any hour.

Ease of Use

The E series truck bed cover is quite a steal when it comes to customer ease. The hardcover can be opened within seconds without any manual effort. Basically, it comes with rear latches at each side of the truck bed which simply keeps the opening and closing super easy.

The Premium truck bed cover also comes with a quick latch system that lets users open or close the tonneau cover without any hassles. This tonneau cover comes with snap straps that ultimately allow you to keep the bundle folded while driving.


The Rugged Liner E series truck bed cover believes in providing extra ease to the customers and has kept the installation process more accessible than ever. The tool-free installation does not require any drilling and no need for extra hands as well. It can mostly take 10 minutes or so to get the cover set on your truck bed cover.

When it comes to installation, the Premium series tonneau cover is unbeatable with its pre-assembled feature. This comes pre-assembled and users just need to adjust four clamps; two in the front and two in the back to set the cover.


The Rugged Liner E Series and Rugged Liner Premium are two of the most popular brands of truck bed liners on the market. So, which one is the better choice for you?

Here’s a quick rundown of the key differences between the Rugged Liner E Series and Rugged Liner Premium:

Rugged Liner E Series:

– Made from a tough, UV-resistant material that can withstand harsh weather and UV rays
– Features a textured surface to help prevent slipping
– Easy to clean and maintain

Rugged Liner Premium:

– Made from a thick, durable rubber compound that can withstand heavy use
– Features a smooth surface for easy loading and unloading
– Easy to clean and maintain

So, which Rugged Liner is the better choice for you? If you’re looking for a tough, durable bed liner that can withstand heavy use, then the Rugged Liner Premium is the way to go. However, if you’re looking for an easy-to-clean bed liner that won’t slip, then the Rugged Liner E Series is the better choice.



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