3157 vs 4157 Light Bulb

3157 vs 4157 Light Bulb
3157 vs 4157 Light Bulb

Led bulbs can alone give your car a sporty look. This automotive light quickly catches some attention. With technology running at high speed towards perfection, this tech is one of them who can be shaped by the change.

The advancement has made sure that we see them in our everyday vehicles. The LED ones have almost replaced the regular ones (incandescent bulbs). Like any technology, these bulbs have their downsides, but with so many positives, it has become easier to overlook them.

4157 vs 3157 Table

Model "4157LED.BP2"

Model "3157LED.BP2"

Made With a Robust Filament

Longer Life Than Sylvania Basic

Dimensions "2.94 x 1 x 4.75 inches"

Dimensions "2.94 x 1 x 4.75 inches"

Specifically Designed to Withstand Road Vibration

Engineered to Withstand Road Shock and Vibration

Filament and Gas Mixture Have Been Engineered for Improved Longevity

Proprietary Gas Mixture Provides Longer Lifespan

Amber, Red, White, Blue Colors Available

Amber, Red, White, Blue Colors Available

Comes With a 12 Month Warranty

Comes With a 12 Month Warranty

Ideal for Replacing Parking Lights, Turn Lights, Brake Lights, Back-up Lights, Interior Lights

Direct Replacement Solution for Your Car or Truck’s Interior or Exterior Lighting

To ensure a correct fit for your vehicle, check the User Guide / Sylvania Bulb Replacement Guide

To ensure a correct fit for your vehicle, check the User Guide / Sylvania's Bulb Replacement Guide.

LED lights give you a more comprehensive viewer range and the lifespan is better than the rest. Minimal maintenance is needed during the lifespan giving your investment the value it deserves. These light models are easily recognized in the car owner groups.

They have been serving faithfully for their users with dignity and so far, buyers love these models. As they are of the same category, they have their resemblance, but many people ask about the core difference between them. We will differentiate them in terms of safety, design, reliability and performance.

4157 Bulb Short Review

The manufacturers are enjoying a sales boost thanks to this specific product. A non-polar compact design is guaranteed to catch your attention at first glance. These lights can shine up to 300% more than the halogen lights. Because it is built with aluminum, the light has excellent heat distribution.

 Feature to enjoy is that

  • The lights almost instantly reach full capacity.
  • From 1 to 3 watts, they function and have a voltage of 12v.
  • The model is created for all light needs in a vehicle. From the tail lights to your headlights, all of them are available
  • The lights are known for being super bright and creating 360-degree illumination and safety for you and your car.

3157 Bulb Short Review

Furnished with stark design, this model in our discussion is a fan favorite. It is compatible with a standard socket and an entire housing is aluminum filled. The ability to withhold vibration and deliver sharper light makes it more lucrative. Usually protected with a good warranty, this model provides a longer lifespan and shows endurance in a rigorous environment.

The technology is available in the form of the backlight, tail light, brake lights and even headlights. The installation is relatively easy and once installed, it takes up less power.

Features to look forward to 

  • This model can replace various other models. The product is suitable for all.
  • Enjoy maximum benefits in off-road driving.
  • The common problem of heating in LED bulbs is fixed in this model
  • The users adore both exterior and interior applications of the product.

LED bulbs are best known for their energy-saving efficiency. They are well able to convert 95% of their energy. So if you are thinking of switching to LED lights, these two models are ideal candidates for the job.

3157 Bulb Specification

Incandescent Bulbs have been in use for quite a long time now. These bulbs have a longer lifespan than other bulbs. The light they produce is evident and powerful. These bulbs dim overuse and manufacturers suggest replacing them in pairs.

It can withstand the vibration and shivering of cars quickly thanks to its robust filament filled with the gas mixture. It provides around 27 watts and is legally allowed in every aspect. The lights are very less weighted with the machined exterior. Special features that give the light identity of its own are that the base is W2 5x16d and 12v. Mostly used as headlights, these bulbs are a great deal of fit as tails or brake lights.

4157 Bulbs Fit What Cars?

This model was created to serve the purpose of rear brake lights but over time they have revolutionized into a DRL, turn signal, parking light, tail and side marker. The bulbs are powered by an automotive 12v system which is the most used light system in a vehicle.

This model of bulbs is an excellent fit for cars or trucks. Big names in the car industry trust these lights as the stock replacement and suggest them on the manual. These bulbs have been used in almost all cars and if you want to use them in your car it is an excellent decision to make, keeping the fact that bulbs should be bought in accordance with the manual in the back of your head.


The Main Difference between main difference between 3157 and 4157 Sylvania mini light bulbs is that lies in their size, luminosity, construction and wattage. Sylvania 4157 Long Life Mini Bulb Ideal for Replacing Parking Lights, Turn Lights, Brake Lights, Back-up Lights, Interior Lights. On the other hand, Sylvania 4157 Long Life Mini Bulb Suitable For Replacing Back-up Lights, Interior Lights.

We think Sylvania is a good brand to consider if you are looking for quality light bulbs for your car. They have a good reputation and are known for producing quality products at affordable prices. Both models are from the same brand, so it is hard to choose one over the other. We suggest you to choice depend on your need.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

4157 and 3157 bulbs may look similar, but they are actually quite different. 4157 bulbs are slightly larger in diameter, while 3157 bulbs have a shorter overall length. 4157 bulbs also have a higher wattage rating, meaning they produce more light. Finally, 4157 bulbs have a different shaped base than 3157 bulbs, so they cannot be used interchangeably.

You can use a 3157 bulb as a replacement for a 3757 bulb. You can also use a 3457 bulb as a replacement for a 3757 bulb.
4157 bulbs are used for a variety of purposes, including automotive lighting, general lighting, and flashlights. Depending on the application, 4157 bulbs can be either incandescent or LED. Incandescent 4157 bulbs are often used in taillights, brake lights, and turn signals, while LED 4157 bulbs are more common in daytime running lights and fog lights. Thanks to their wide range of applications, 4157 bulbs are an essential part of any light bulb collection.
A 4157 bulb is a standard light bulb that uses 60 watts of power. This type of bulb is often used in desk lamps and other small fixtures. If you are looking for a brighter light, you may want to consider a higher wattage bulb. However, keep in mind that higher wattage bulbs will use more electricity and may not be suitable for all applications.

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