3057 vs 3157 Bulb

3057 vs 3157 Bulb
3057 vs 3157 Bulb

Over time with technology, our choice has been shaped. In the car lights, we now prefer LEDs over the traditional halogen ones. Being very realistic and beneficial, it is adapted with warmly. But with the halogen technology upping their game, it has become more difficult to make a purchase decision.

3057 vs 3157 Bulb Comparison

Here we arranged a segment to answer a popular quarry. A choice between the two stated. We will look thoroughly into both products and measure them with parameters like performance, built quality, brightness and others. We start our comparison below with the help of a table 

Model "3057LLB2"

Model "3157WLED"

Weight is 0.8 ounce

Weight is .32 ounce

Dimensions "3.8 x 2.6 x 1.32 inch"

Dimensions "2.76 x 4.72 x 1.18 inch"

6.27 watts

1.7 watts

Bulb types Halogen

Bulb types LED

Filament with a gas filled mixture

Futuristic ultinon LEDs with aluminum coat

Last Around 1200 to 5000 Hours

Last Around 2000 to 10000 Hours

8 years Warrenty

8 years Warrenty

Achieve full-power instantly for increased safety

Original equipment quality seal for the most reliable performance

A popular comment is that LEDs cost more than their halogen counterpart. This improved product has a longer lifespan and it is much more systematic in terms of energy. Ultimately you will have fewer worries about the battery health and money to change the lights. On the other hand, halogens are valued for money and give a moderate lifespan.The bulbs are available in all sizes and shapes. So before you make a purchase decision, it is wiser to check the compatibility of the lights in your car.

3057 Light Bulb overview

Communication and safety, these vital factors rely heavily on the lighting system. With proper lights, you can increase not only the glamour but also the safety. This model popularly called miniature bulbs are known for their lifespan; it lasts even twice more than incandescent lights. This is the most economical light you can find in the market. 

The light is halogen powered. The filament-based design and filled with a gas mixture. This light has been in the market for over 100 years. We all know that a survival span for that much is not for nothing. The premium service has been evolving with time and even today, it is a great value for money. 

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The bulbs of this model are bigger in size than the average. Over the years, the use of the lights was more versatile. From aircraft to marine ships, it was used with complete faith. 12v powered lights are a great fit for the city-based vehicles as the guarantee up to 5,000 hours.

  • We jump into the core features of the lights.
  • The lights emit 2.1 amp with a 12-volt power
  • The base is plastic wedged with filament-based design
  • Longer lifespan compared to the ideal incandescent bulbs
  • OE tested and have been in production over 100 years eliminates the doubt of trust
  • A good choice for city cars.
  • The replacement is low, so it has an impact on nature.

Good lights are just not glamorous, and they are much more. A well equipped light system will increase your safety. The lights in discussion qualify every criterion of great light. So a purchase decision is certainly wise from every perspective.

3057 bulb specification

The bulb is a nightmare for the incandescent bulb. This halogen powered bulb model has an unusually long life. The bulb is filament-based gas filled and has a strong OE quality seal to back it up. Running on an average of 1200 hours these multipurpose bulbs do justice to the speculations surrounding them.

Lights of this model produce about 27 watts at 12.8v and initially lumens 402. The exterior of the bulbs are painted. The bulbs weight less than an ounce thanks to the plastic base. Lights produced by the bulbs are bright and comes in many colors. Vehicles being the prime user of the bulbs, they can be used as home or office appliance 

3057 bulb fit what car?

Talks about fitting this bulb find its way into your car one way or another. Power to withstand vibration and occasional jerk, the bulbs are sturdy. The bulbs are not made to feature as headlight but they are bright enough to be used as back up light, corner light, parking light, side-marker light, tail light and the list goes on. The manufacturer claims that this light will fit in any car that meets the required criteria. And so it does.

The bulbs’ application has been seen on so many cars like Toyota, Chevy, Nissan, Cadillac and the list is endless. Bulbs are even produced concentrating on the year and model of the vehicles. User manuals provided with the car are the best resource to look at if your vehicle is compatible with the bulbs. 3057 model bulbs are one of the strongest bulbs out there with such minimum price and the fact that it is a universal fit makes it more demanding.   

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The 3157 bulb is a common type of car headlight. It is often used in sedans and other smaller vehicles. These bulbs are available in both halogen and LED varieties. While the 3157 bulb does not fit all vehicles, it is a popular choice for many drivers. When choosing a new set of headlights, be sure to check whether or not the 3157 bulbs will fit your car before making a purchase.
The answer is no, you cannot put a 3157 bulb in backward. This is because the bulb has a specific orientation that must be followed in order to work correctly. If you try to put the bulb in backward, it will not work and may even break. So, be sure to orient the bulb correctly before installation!
Will a 3057 bulb fit a 3157?
Yes, a 3057 bulb will fit a 3157. Both bulbs have the same base size, so they are compatible. However, keep in mind that the 3057 bulb is slightly dimmer than the 3157, so you may want to consider using a higher wattage bulb if you are looking for brighter light.



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