2357 vs 1157 Bulb

2357 VS 1157 LED Bulb
2357 VS 1157 LED Bulb

Headlight is like car’s eye. Thus, headlight light bulb plays a vital role for safe driving and also for outlook. This article is about the differences between two LED headlight bulb models- 2357 and 1157.

Why to Compare?

Headlight bulb is one of the most exposed and susceptible to deterioration part of car. So, people need to change their cars headlight very often. It’s important to have proper knowledge about the suitability of appropriate headlight. This article clarifies the sharp difference between two very popular headlights bulb model to make the decision of buyers easy going.

2357 vs 1157  Table

Some basic differences between 2357 and 1157 headlight bulb are given below-

Brand: Sylvania

Brand: Sylvania

Brightness: 503 Lumen

Brightness: 402 Lumen

Wattage: 28.54 watt

Wattage: 26.88 watt

Light Bulb Type Halogen

Light Bulb Type Halogen

Best for Passenger car, Truck

Best for Passenger car

Luminous intensity: 40 Candela

Luminous intensity: 32 Candela

Produced by a trusted OEM automotive lighting manufacturer

Produced by a trusted OEM automotive lighting manufacturer

Filament construction & gas mixture give longer life expectancy

Filament construction & gas mixture give longer life expectancy

Bulb Beam:

Both 2357 and 1157 has low and high beam bulbs. Difference between low and high beam is in functionality. High beam bulbs are used at night for more visibility. But high beams are often too bright to use in traffic as it can blind other drivers. In that case, lox beam bulbs are used for avoiding any accidents. Sometime longevity, wattage and specifications may vary with beam quality.


Longevity or lifetime is one of the most significant difference between 2357 and 1157 headlight bulbs. Low beam bulbs of both 2357 and 1157 models have similar life expectancy. But High beam bulbs show different scenario. High beam bulbs of 2357 last shorter than that of 1157 high beam bulbs.

2357 high beam bulbs function for 400 hours without having any issue whereas 1157 high bulbs last for 1500 hours. That is almost 4 times longer than that of 2357 bulbs.


1157 bulbs lack behind in brightness than that of 2357 bulbs. 2357 headlight bulbs show almost 25% more brightness. The brightness of 2357 bulb is 40 MSCP. On the other hand, the brightness of 1157 bulb is measured 32 MSCP. (MSCP= Mean Spherical Candle Power, a worldwide unit to measure lamp brightness).


It is a unit of measuring power. The amount of power operated or used by a lamp or bulb is expressed as Watts. High and Low beam bulbs have different wattage. High beam bulbs of 2357 use 28.2 watts power. Low beam bulbs of both 2357 and 1157 headlight bulb are same. The low beam and high beam bulb of 1157 model has wattage about 8.26 watt and 26.88 watt respectively.


Price of bulbs depend on bulb quality, brand, model, manufactured country and market condition. So, it is very difficult to differentiate bulbs by price as there is no universal reliable data.

2357 long miniature bulbs are cheaper than that of 1157 long miniature bulbs. A pair of 2357 bulb costs 4.27 dollars. But a pair 1157 long miniature bulb cost almost 7 dollars. So, If you want to save money, go for 2357 bulbs.

Base type:

Base is the structure on which the bulb is placed. Base can be of screw type or pin system. Both 2357 and 1157 bulbs have similar base type which is BAY15D.

BAY is the abbreviation of Bayonet based. 15 is the diameter of the base (15mm). Lowercase ‘d’ indicates number of contacts of the bulb which is ‘double contact’.


Voltage measures the difference of electric potential between two points within which the bulb functions. 2357 and 1157 headlight bulbs have no differences in its voltage. Both of these bulbs function in 12 volts.


Both 2357 and 1157 headlight bulbs are used for both interior and exterior in vehicle. These are mainly used for front lights but can also be used for brake lights.


Both 2357 and 1157 long life miniature bulbs are manufactured by OSRAM Sylvania Inc. It is a North American company that mainly functions in North American market. But a significant portion of its lights (29%) are available in the worldwide market.

What Causes Headlight Bulb Damage?

There are some reasons that can cause damage to headlight bulbs. Some are mentioned below-

  • Over aged: We often forget to change our car headlight bulbs but use it for a long time. Excess use of bulb can cause sudden failure of the bulbs.
  • Extreme temperature: excess cold or heat can cause damage to the bulb filaments. Thus, in snow falling area or desert area, headlight bulbs don’t last long.
  • Oxidation: Oxidation specially causes problem in halogen bulbs. Oxidation of plastic cover can change the color of light to yellowish or white.
  • Cracks: If there is any crack in bulb’s housing, it can burn the bulb’s filament thus can cause complete failure of the headlight bulb.

Which one to Choose?

2357 and 1157 headlight bulbs are interchangeable with each other. Both of these bulbs have same base type and structure. These function at a same voltage. So, one can easily replace on bulb with another. There is no significant difference at all.

There is no need to be confused between these two bulb types. Both are well adapted with cars and easily replaceable. But if anyone wants to save money once, he should go for 2357 headlight bulb for its cheapness. On the other hand, 1157 has more life expectancy than 2357 bulbs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

2357 bulbs are most commonly used as turn signals or brake lights on vehicles. They can also be used for other purposes, such as marker lights, license plate lights, and even backup lights. While they are not as bright as some other types of bulbs, they are still very effective in ensuring that drivers are aware of the presence of a vehicle.
Yes, 2357 and 1157 bulbs are the same! Both are used for turn signals and brake lights, so you can use either one in your car.
An 1157 bulb is a type of light bulb that is commonly used in cars and other vehicles. It is also known as a bayonet base bulb, and it is typically used for brake lights, turn signals, and other purposes. Though it is not as bright as some other types of bulbs, it is very durable and long-lasting, making it a good choice for many applications.



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