9005 vs 9006 Headlight Bulb

9005 vs 9006 Headlight Bulb
9005 vs 9006 Headlight Bulb

The car manufacturer has been making modified car bulbs for several years to prevent road hazards and accidents. The features along with their characteristics, have been improved over time with modern technology and everyday demand. One of the main problems occurring concerning car bulbs is that people tend to buy them without knowing their true expertise moreover, buying such lights with the extra cost is of no use.

This is why the comparison as such is needed to enlighten and establish authentic knowledge among the consumers so that they are wise enough to choose the best among their budget limitations and assure safety at the same time. The main purpose over everything else is to be spotted by others on the road for safe rides and timely alert before it’s too late.

9005 vs 9006 Bulb

 9005 and 9006 with their slight difference in the name don’t mean they are pretty much alike. To name a few of them, even though a 9005 can be fitted into the 9006 sockets, the reverse won’t work that way. 9006 is not designed to fit in the hollow compartment of 9005s. Let’s glance at their main qualities for a better understanding that might work as a buying guide for you.

Super bright with the lumens output upto 6000.

Super bright with the lumens output upto Up to 20,000.

Comes in a pack of 2,4 and 6.

Comes in a pack of Two.

High quality output with no warm-up time.

Basic Halogen headlight bulb that burns bright enough to cut tghrough the densest of fog.

Mostly used as headlight bulbs.

Mostly used as headlight but can work in both high and low beam.

Lifespan: Up to 50,000 Hours

Lifespan: Up to 50,000 Hours

This bulbs work with 98% of vehicle's computer system without error.

9006 LED headlight bulbs can replace Low Beam or Fog light bulb.

Wattage around 60 watts

Wattage around 80 watts

Main Features of 9005

9005 bulbs are used as a headlight to cut through and give a clear view to the driver to make way upfront. Night light scarcity, dripping rain, dust, fog or snowfall can work against the purpose these lights are supposed to deliver. But with the 9005 bulbs, the output beam is high enough to give you a crystal clear view along with the safe distance of others on the road.

 Lumens Range

The lumen range leaves plenty of room for options for choosing the best among all these variations. The decision is ultimately yours to pick the range of the brightness according to your need. The 9005 can deliver 1000, 1095, 1700 and 1870lumens with the wattage of 55 and 65.

Legal for on Road Use

Every country has different laws, but with 9005, you don’t have to worry about illegal offences. There are some basic guidelines that you need to follow to assure the headlights being legal. The goal is to able to see objects on the road around 50-100 miles. The 9005 are bright enough to make you see but not sharp enough to blind other drivers.

Installation Process

There is a manual that comes along with a 9005 set while purchasing. A mere conscious reading with scanning through the steps are just adequate to make you enlighten enough to install the sockets. The filament and the sustaining vibration system are updated enough to give a strong grip to provide a long service life.


9005 bulbs are made with the most advanced COB technology in LED chips. These bulbs come with an impressive warranty of 2 years. The heat dissipation and efficient cooling system optimize the overall performance. Has energy-saving features over extra power consumption conditions. Has a clear light central life to focus and reduce the wastage of extra power.

Replacement Guide

These bulbs are just the right ones for the headlight. With the intensified core and less brightened circle it is bright enough to give you a 50-100 miles view. These basic Halogen headlights are designed to meet DOT regulations for performance.’ Specially designed to meet the industrial regulations within all the modern-day features needed in vehicles for on-road safety.

Life Expectancy

Can work for several hours a day up to 8 hours straight. Artificial intelligence triggers the light to be off when the vehicle is on a halt to reduce power wastage. Consumers all over the world give an average rating of 4.6 out of 5. They also claim that these lights have been with them for 10 years or more and are in no need of replacement or repair.  

 Limitations of 9005

These bulbs with all their good to go sides have one big con and it is that they can not avoid but cause more power wastage. With the brightness that high, it is natural to cause more power, but eventually, the power consumption can be one of the main problems customers have to waste their money on.

The brightness with 1000-1800 is indeed bright enough to cause temporary blindness in other drivers on the road. The excessive brightness gives you a better view alright and causes problems for the other behind the steering wheel over the sharp light. It may cause blindness for a while and sheer panic to lose control over the vehicle for a while.

Main features of 9006

While driving with 9006, one doesn’t have to worry about the illegal charges. The brightness is a low beam that can be adjusted for a better view, yet no fear of causing temporary blindness for the other drivers on the road.

Meets DOT Regulations

The Department of Transportation has considered 9006 bulbs standard for on-road use. For its not over the top brightness but something just right, 9006 has become one of the most well-ranked bulbs for car headlights.

Low Beam Headlight

9006 being the newer version is supposed to be more bright than 9005. But the continuous problem that both experts and common users have agreed over is the brightness being a bit too piercing for the eyes. That’s why 9006 has been refined with a filtered layer of brightness that isn’t harsh for eyes yet gives one perfect upright view.

Single filament light bulb

The single filament light is less reactive with the modification. That is why it is supposed to last long with no heat expansion.


With the capacity of 55W, 9006 can produce lumens up to 1800 but still won’t hurt the eyes as much as 9005. Even though they have the same bae and core with the same bright limitations their sockets hollow being different 9006 can’t be moulded into 9005s. Yet 9005 bulbs can mould into 9006 sockets.

Highlight Point

The prices of both the lights are similar. There is not much of a chance to face a complete loss over the price point or bargain over the expenses. But the features are different. One will be proven to dumb if they don’t find it noticeable, states one of the observers and car enthusiasts. The crucial point of verities first lies in the brightness. 9005 is sometimes way too bright for the drivers who are facing your car.

On the other hand, 9006 doesn’t have the harsh harp brightness that’s bad enough to cause temporary blindness. It is filtered with low beam capacity yet capable enough to deliver a long time service with an overall crystal view.

Can someone use 9006 instead of 9005?

One can not use 9006 bulbs instead of 9005s. The socket compartment being different. You can not fit it into a 9005, no matter how hard you try. The updated 9006 has a different build to say the least, or bigger to make it simpler. So, you can put a 9005 and 9006 but not the other way around.

Is 9005 high or low?

 It is natural to think the latest model will have the brightest of output but not in the case of 9005s. 9005 is an excessive amount of bright, bright enough to cause panic over dangerous turning when one must be calm and composed.

So experts designed the later version 9006 to be a bit mild over the eyes yet with the same capability. So, the answer is 9005 is undoubtedly a huge beam compared with 9006 without any second-guessing.


Both the bulbs are legal but 9005 has been harsh not for the driver driving with it but for the random others. It is important to look after others’ safety on the road. An accident on the road can give birth to several others like a chain reaction. 

So, with the almost identical price point and not much difference over the service, choosing 9006 will be the smart choice. Again if you want over the top brightness were driving through a less populated area ,hiking or camping you can choose 9005.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

9005 is considered to be a high beam bulb. This means that it emits a strong, focused light that is ideal for use in high-beam headlights. The 9005 bulbs are often used in conjunction with the 9006 low beam bulb to provide drivers with a powerful and effective lighting system. When used together, these bulbs can provide excellent visibility on even the darkest of roads.

The bulb known as 9006 is actually the same as a few other bulbs. In fact, it is often used interchangeably with HB4, 9011, and 9040. So, if you’re ever in need of one of those bulbs, don’t worry – 9006 will do just fine!

The 9005 bulb is the same as an HB3 bulb. They are both used for low-beam headlights. The 9005 bulb is slightly brighter than the HB3 bulb, but they are both still within the same range of light output. If you are looking to upgrade your headlights, then upgrading to a 9005 bulb may be a good option for you.

The 9005 bulb is a common size for many vehicles. It is often used for headlights, but can also be used for other applications like fog lights. If you’re not sure what size your vehicle uses, it’s always best to consult your owner’s manual or look up the information online. However, the 9005 bulbs should fit most vehicles that use this size.


9005 Bulb

9006 Bulb

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