1157 VS 2057 Led Bulb

1157 vs 2057 LED Bulb
1157 vs 2057 LED Bulb

So the headlights are a must for car safety but as we all know a coin has two sides and brake lights are equally important for a vehicle. The purpose is not to emit as much power as the headlights to make the front visible but to alert the driver behind you to hit the break or make a turn. Since it doesn’t have to cut through much distance just enough to be visible, it causes candle light power.

The tail and brake light 1157 and 2057 have been both equally proven efficient for the work. Even though both the filaments inside them are pretty much identical, 2057 seems brighter than 1157. Both these bulbs will fit in the same socket. The only difference between these two is the brightness.

1157 vs 2057 Table

The only difference worth mentioning is 1157 has three candlepower on the dim filament. On the other hand, 2057 has only two candle power. Both these tail bulbs have the same filament of 32 CP. Now there isn’t much room for us to discuss either option to explore when choosing a tail light. Yet let’s take a look at their core features for a crystal clear idea.

Super bright OSRAM SMD LEDs with high lumen output

Super bright OSRAM SMD LEDs with high lumen output

It comes with a limited lifetime warranty

It comes with a limited lifetime warranty

Amber LED bulb, ideal for park and turn lights

6000K white LED bulb, ideal for daytime running lights (DRL) and back-up/reverse lights

Shock & Vibration proof for Durability

Shock & Vibration proof for Durability

Used in a wide range for two wheels and for wheeled vehicle.

Used in a variety of ranges and almost in all sorts of automobile applications.

Has a two wire setting and easy to install

Can be available in a two or three wire setting.

Light Bulb Type Halogen & Color Clear

Light Bulb Type Halogen & Color Clear

To ensure a correct fit for your vehicle, check the User Guide

To ensure a correct fit for your vehicle, check the User Guide

Main Features of 1157

The two functions include brake lights as well as the front. Headlights don’t always come in action only to throw light and illuminate the front. Sometimes while taking a turn, both the lights in front and back are needed. One thousand one hundred fifty-seven bulbs are both suitable for front and back use to alert the rest to avoid fatal casualties.

Package of two Bulbs

These bulbs are available in the market in a package of two bulbs to have the freedom to buy the amount he needs. Over expensive bulbs that come in a package of many bulbs can be catching rust from all those spare years of not being in use. So 1157 comes with the convenience of buying the right number for the right price.

Life Expectancy

1157 bulbs have a life expectancy of 10 years or more. General consumers worldwide have stated that 1157 bulbs go a long run and pay off in the course of time. The light hardly gets dim within the warranty, and if so, the replacement is quite easy for the two-year construction.

Power Consumption

1157 has an impressive life span of 10 years. It is supposed to give you a certain mileage before it expires for good, but in the meantime, it will be causing you a big percentage of power consumption up to 30% that could have been saved for later use. 30% is a huge number when it comes to power saving. Almost one-third of the whole power is getting wasted over nothing. Saving this amount would have made 1157 bulbs completely flawless, yet the truth has been told.

 Main Features of 2057

These bulbs are not at all too bright for the other drivers on the road to cause temporary blindness. Many countries have several laws to prevent the citizens from road complications. 2057 bulbs abide by all these rules and safety regulations and can be used without much of an interruption from the law giver’s offence.

Replacement Guide

Vast usage applications make it widely favourite and wanted by many drivers. All the features are a must-do and unavoidable when you are driving any vehicle. 2057 will assure you to be an all-rounder and cover all these fields with expertise. One type yet so much potential to manage all that you need on the road while driving.

Power Consumption

One of the most crucial points that make it stand out from the rest of the contenders in the market is that it has the modification to save up to 30% of the entire power wastage which is not found in any other bulbs market. With the saving of the power, the bulbs should last more years than the classic traditional bulbs.


As customers who don’t want backup so here 2057 offers the package system of 10 bulbs in a single box for long time use. You don’t have to worry about the bulbs being run out too soon. There will be plenty in your hands to look forward to for any emergency replacement.


With the box of the whole set of 10 bulbs, it is natural to cost more, yet very few people find this reason legit. One doesn’t possibly need all these amounts of tires in a single purchase except for some extraordinary cases. As mentioned above, it is an unnecessary attempt at selling bulbs and an exaggeration. 

As it costs much in the name of the huge quantity, many common consumers with a limited budget find it impossible to buy it. As a result, they have to compromise on the quality and go with the cheaper one.


1157 and 2057 are both excellent tail and brake lights, yet one is better than the other in many factors. 1157 covers everything all right but is not well reputed for interior fitting unlike 2057s. 2057 comes with artificial intelligence to save up to 30%, a huge plus point for 2057 unlike 1157.

On the other hand, 1157 is affordable by many general consumers who are impossible in 2057 for being too costly. Again the convenience of choosing sets of two bulbs goes in favour of 1157 . 

Are they interchangeable?

Answer: The answer right off the bat is yes. They are exchangeable with a very sharp noticeable difference in the output. You can fit the bulbs in the same socket yet witness a huge amount of change in the service provided.

Which one is Brighter?

Answer- 2057 bulbs are brighter yet you can control the brightness for a range of low to high up to 38 to 503 lumens.


If you feel it’s too much of a hustle to remember all these intricate details, then keep these facts in the back of your mind that 2057 costs way more than 1157 for the extra 4 pairs of bulbs. On the other hand, 1157 doesn’t have 30% power saving advantages. Again 2057 has brighter output than that of 1157. All the details have been laid upon your eyes now the choice remains yours.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How many watts is a 2057 bulb?
A 2057 bulb is a 21-watt light bulb. It is commonly used in automobile tail lights and brake lights.

An 1157 LED bulb typically produces around 400 lumens of light. This makes it a great choice for use in headlights, taillights, and brake lights. When shopping for an 1157 LED bulb, be sure to check the lumen output to ensure you’re getting the amount of light you need.

A 2057 bulb emits around 500 lumens, making it a great option for general lighting purposes. If you’re looking for a brighter light, consider a higher-wattage bulb. However, keep in mind that brightness isn’t the only factor to consider when choosing a light bulb – you’ll also want to think about energy efficiency and lifespan.



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