3156 vs 3157 LED Bulb

3156 vs 3157 LED Bulb
3156 vs 3157 LED Bulb

The light-emitting diode is short for LED holds an immensely big portion of the light bulb markets. The connectivity between conductors and non-conductors has given them the opportunity to grow themselves. Available in all possible sizes and colors, the lights have also won the public’s confidence with their diverse design. The products are designed according to their need or intended use. As per their design, longevity, structure and power also differ.

3156 vs 3157 Comparison Table

In modern days, the vehicle owners are shifting their trust into the LED lights. There are several reasons for it. The audacious freedom to custom lights with even better lights? Who wouldn’t! These two products are your go-to product if you are looking to switch. Prominent members of the light lineup, they have their pros and cons. We are going to compare them to their differences and we start by making a comparison table

Model "3156WLED"

Model "3157WLED"

Weight is .32 ounce

Weight is .32 ounce

Dimensions "2.76 x 4.7 x 1.18 inch"

Dimensions "2.76 x 4.72 x 1.18 inch"

6.27 watts

1.7 watts

Bulb types Halogen

Bulb types LED

Amber, red, white, blue Colors Available

Amber, red, white Colors Available

9-12volt, brightens up to 6000k (white cool light) and 480 lumens radiated

12 volt, brightens up to 6000k, 402 lumens radiated

8 years Warrenty

8 years Warrenty

Brand "Philips"

Brand "Philips"

One huge benefit the LED offers is its efficiency. Over 95% of the energy is converted into light energy, which stands on top of the industry. The way they offer high-quality light, technicality and efficient functional ability automatically makes them economical and thumbs up for the safety measures. 

3156 Bulb Reviews

Ultinon LEDs are revolutionary in their own way. Available for both exterior and interior, this product avails you brighter lights with style to compliment it. The CNC aluminum filled body lowers the chance of your LEDs burning out. An improved heat distribution has allowed the company to offer a warranty of 8 years.

Apart from being durable, they are known for their diffusion quality. This model has a compatible socket that is quite familiar with the cars. The non sensitive lights are very quick to light up and meet the need for different situational demands. 

Lighting fresh up to 6000k and radiates lumen of 480 for each of the lights. The lights have anodized finish matching its promise of being stylish in every glance. So getting one of these bulbs will not just make your car stylish. It will boost your performance too.

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We now point out some significant attributes.

  • The bulbs of this model are very well resistant to vibration and have an optimized heat distribution
  • There are various colors to meet the needs of the interior and exterior. For example, an interior concentrated blue light
  • A big warranty timeline to support this technology
  • Stylish enough to attract glances in any given situation

LED bulbs are a blessing for the car owners in lots of criteria. These two models have added much more glory to the section. Investing in one of them would make you feel worth it by the performance and style.

3156 bulb specification

Talk about low maintenance bulbs, this bulb here leads the line for that. Bulbs of this model shine brightly and give long hassle-free life. Bulbs produce wattage of 26.88 with 12v. With just over 400 lumens, these bulbs can shine up to 2800k. All incandescent lights dim over time as a result of continuous use and all still these bulbs go as far as 1200 hours. That’s just an exhibition of their durability.

The light generated by the bulbs is very clear making sure you have good visibility and safe drive every time. Filament featured and gas fitting chamber with an exterior that is engineered for multiple applications as per need. 

3156 bulb fit what cars

Good lights set the tone for a drive, you probably heard that somewhere. It’s actually true. This model of bulbs is known for their performance and multiple application feasibility. Starting from back up light, brake lights, and corner lights to running lights, turn signal lights, this model fits them all. They fit almost all modern vehicles like Toyota, Acura, Chevrolets, Ford, BMW, Cadillac, Mazda, Nissan, and many more of the big names for having such a wide range of use.

With easy installation system, good lighting, and choosing the brightness that suits you, these bulbs gained vast popularity among the vehicle user and it is go-to light for stock replacement. Lights are an integral part of any car and they must be bought only when the model is included in your manual. With these bulbs in your car installed rest assured for a long time and when the time comes to replace them, it is an easy economic decision.  


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