4114 vs 3157 Headlight Bulb

4114 vs 3157 Headlight Bulb
4114 vs 3157 Headlight Bulb

Bulbs in vehicles play a significant role when it comes to providing safety. They are supposed to ensure  that you get a clear front view of the way you are headed towards. But bulbs do go through several extreme factors that we have to consider while buying them. Since, it’s not always a cake walk for the bulbs to enlighten your path.

Weather and road conditions are major factors that bulbs have to cope up with constantly. Not just in good weather, vehicles are made for us to travel in the utmost conditions. Thus, storm, rain, heavy snowfall, dense fog can be an obstacle for the bulbs to penetrate through. This applies both for the front and back view.

4114 Vs 3157 Bulb

4114 and 3157, both the bulbs produce the same amount of light yet their biggest difference lies in their life span. Where 3157 has only the major filament and is rated at 12.8v, the 4114 bulbs have both filaments, major and minor. Not just that, 4114 is rated at 14v and also has a much extended life expectancy compared with the 3157s.

Made with high quality material & lasting durability then traditional.

2X long lasting than conventional Bulbs

Easy to installation as replacement bulb

Designed for ultimate Durability

Comes with 12 months manufacturer warranty

Comes with 12 months manufacturer warranty

Comes with 10 bulb package.

Comes with 2 buld package

Produced by a trusted OEM

100% tested & meet the SAE standards

Lights dim over time, replace it for optimal performance

Lights dim over time, replace it for optimal performance

Can be use as automotive exterior headlight bulbs or automotive exterior turn signal light bulbs

Can you used as automotive exterior headlight bulbs

Main Features List

Withstands Road Shocks

4114 bulbs come along with a stylish exterior that adds safety to your ride. These lights can be used while pulling in the break, changing lanes, making a turn, while parking, for reverse motion and for signaling. Easy to see LED exterior flashes immediate bright light to make others aware of you even through constant road vibration.

Similarly, the 3157 bulbs are known for its consistency. It doesn’t flicker, doesn’t have blind spot, emits no UV lights nor IR radiation. Provides a 360 degree visibility with 300% more bright light than regular stock lamps.

Thermal Management

4114 bulbs have an excellent life span of 8 years. In hazardous times each second counts, where clear visibility can make the difference between life and death. The more improved lights you use the more safe you will ride. With the thermal management, 4114 is quick to respond to your command.

3157 bulbs have specific vehicle types for the perfect fit. Yet, it is super bright and only emits white light for better interior view. The texture is white to yellow which is soothing to eyes and can commonly be used in every part via manual instruction.

Doesn’t Dim

One of the biggest catches of 4114 bulbs is, it shines constantly with the same amount of light it’s supposed to give off. While turning on or off, the light doesn’t lose its usual performance. It’s quick to shine bright with the same consistency.

3157 interior bulbs are widely recognized for its compatible performance. It maintains the exact same quality throughout its shelf life until expiration.

Easy Fit

Philips 4114 LED bulbs are direct replacement for your old ones. They are easy to install. Without much hustle or special mechanical help the “one-handed operator” can easily install these light bulbs for outer and inner applications. Moreover, they come in a huge range of variety where the buyer won’t be limited within a few alternatives.

3157 has a life expectancy of 50,000 hours and can serve up to 8 hours long drive in a row. It’s commonly used for backup reverse light and interior enlightenment and users face no such difficulties while installing these by themselves.

Flashes Amber/white Light

4114 is known for its red; amber like light for stopping and backward reverse. It’s stylish enough to complement the outer appearance of your vehicle. Nevertheless, the flashy white lights of 4114 bulbs are eye-catching as well for excellent front view.

On the contrary, the 3157 light bulbs provide only white light. Since red light has less visibility, the color is not used for interior purposes. From a subtle yellowish output to white flash, 3157 is excellent as it mimics day time sunlight effect for better visibility inside your car.


One of the biggest downright fault of LED bulbs are that these bulbs comes along with high charge when it comes to better visibility. 4114 costs much higher as it is widely used for both flashy front and back view.

The durability of 3157 bulbs are rather less. It is a pain for the customers to keep buying the same product again and again. With the repeated cycle of 3157’s purchase with every 50,000 miles it is surely a con among many pros.

Which One To Choose?

Both the bulbs 4114 and 3157 are top notch LED bulbs. These lights provide the same amount of light when compared side by side. So, there is no bargain regarding their output. But, the big difference in their life span is surely a matter of concern. Where 4114 bulbs come along with 8 years of assurance, 3157 is limited within 50,000 miles.

On the other hand, 4114 can be used for both interior and exterior usage as it comes along with several range of options of emitting white, yellowish and red light. However, 3157 only emits white light for inner use for your car.


Both these bulbs have an average rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars. 4114 and 3157 have differences right off the bat that differs by a huge margin. Choose up to your requirement as they both are top-notch bulbs in their own different fields.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes, a 3157 bulb will fit into a 4114 socket. The two bulbs are of compatible sizes and shapes, so you can easily swap one for the other. There may be some slight differences in the way they function, but overall they should work just fine in either socket.

A 4114 bulb is typically used for general lighting purposes, such as in a table lamp. However, because of its small size, it can also be used in more unique applications, such as in a string of holiday lights. And because it gives off a relatively warm light, it can also be used to create a cozy atmosphere in a room. So whether you’re looking for a standard light bulb or something a little bit different, a 4114 bulb may be just what you need.


There are a few different types of bulbs that can be used instead of a 3157. These include the 3156, 3157A, and 3157NA. Each of these options has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it is important to choose the right one for your needs.



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