Philips Xtreme Vision Vs Sylvania Ultra Headlight

Philips Xtreme Vision Vs Sylvania Ultra

Modern-day requirements leave no room for compromise. Instead, it gives you plenty of options to explore. The same rule applies when it comes to choosing the suitable headlight bulbs for your car and not just the car but any two or four-wheeled vehicle. The purpose is simply to provide you with a visible view for a safe ride and to make yourself visible enough to grant others the way to pass by.

But the situation gets out of hand when some additional factors must be taken care of. Road and weather conditions are not always amiable. The vibration causing the bulbs to expire before time, dust, heat expansion, fog, and rain are matters to consider and take note of sincerely.

Philips Vs Sylvania Headlight Bulbs Table

There are two contenders worth fighting over the rank. These are as you might have already guessed the title Philips Xtreme Vision and Sylvania ultra. Consumers who previously used these two states that there isn’t much difference to look forward to. Let’s take a thorough look at all the qualities individually with preciseness.

Bulb type Xenon.

Bulb type LED.

Voltage 12 volts, Wattage 55 watts.

Voltage 120 volts, Wattage 24 Watts.

Available in a pack of 2.

Available in a pack of 2.

Gives you 130% of more light.

Offers white light with more clarity.

Gives you more light with brighter out put without compromising the life time.

Compared with its rival the light performance can be increased with more brightness.

High quality UV-Quarz glass with high precision coating sheild.

Has a life expectancy of 1-3 years in average.

Up to 147 feet longer light beam than standard one which increases reaction time up to 2 seconds.

The light beam performance is average with the traditional bulb types. Nothing out of the ordinary or impressive.

Main features of Philips Xtreme Vision

For optimized usage, Philips presents you with the advantage of maximum output. The light is brighter and goes up to several feet ahead to make a path. It buys you enough time to change lanes or pull the break. With the 100-130% increased brightness, the light quickly penetrates through any sort of atmosphere.

DOT Compliant

These bulbs are legal for on-road use and abide by all the rules and regulations of DOT (Department of Transportation). The lights might be too bright yet not bright enough to hurt human eyes. These bulbs have been significantly improved and modified to burn bright with the filament filtered not to pierce human eyes.

Replacement Option

These bulbs are available as a set of two. So it can be replaced and covered for better coverage. The handy replacement procedure doesn’t require any special skills. So without an expert or much hustle, the bulbs can be installed and replaced at once without buying each individually.


This is just the correct bulb you need for drivers looking forward to a further distant view. Many and consistently increasing numbers of adventure seekers love the rush and the thrill of driving into the unknown. These bulbs will be a loyal and efficient company for those who ought to set off for thrilling excursions.

Comfort & Safety

As you might have guessed from the name, Philips Xtreme vision gives you both safety and comfort. With the time it buys, the brightness it delivers, and the durability it provides, a complete package for a wholesome ride.

Limitations of Philips Xtreme Vision

Due to the high-quality performance of these particular headlights, their service life will be less than lower-performing bulbs. It is delicate and fragile and continuously exposed to easy damage.

Main features of Sylvania Ultra

Due to it being a LED halogen bulb gives you white light and is brighter than the previous models of this series. Compared with its standard models, the classic ones, these bulbs are 27% brighter than the usual ones.

Not much of a difference, yet it is the updated version of its kind. Nothing out of the ordinary, just the same old Sylvania classic with its tried and accurate performance.

Limitations of Sylvania Ultra

One of the main drawbacks of these headlights bulbs is that their lifespan is only 125 hours. On top of the con, it is way more expensive than the rest of the headlights that last much longer.

Our Observation

After going through all the individual aspects and qualities, it is hard to find a significant difference between these two. They both have their pros and cons, and it mainly depends on what the consumer is looking for.

If you want a longer-lasting bulb with a cheaper price tag, then Sylvania Ultra is the way to go. However, if you don’t mind spending a bit more for a brighter light, then Philips Xtreme Vision is the better choice. In the end, it all boils down to personal preference.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Sylvania Ultra headlights are designed to last up to five times longer than standard headlights. This means that you can expect them to last for around 2,500 hours of use. This is a significant improvement over standard headlights, which typically only last for 500 hours.

Are Philips Xtreme Vision headlights good?
Yes, Philips Xtreme Vision headlights are good! They offer up to 100% more light on the road than standard halogen headlights, making them a great choice for drivers who want to improve their visibility. Plus, they’re designed to last longer than standard headlights, so you can enjoy their benefits for years to come. So if you’re looking for a quality set of headlights that will improve your safety on the road, look no further than Philips Xtreme Vision!

Xtreme Vision bulbs last up to 50% longer than standard halogen headlights, making them a great choice for drivers who want to upgrade their headlight performance without having to frequently replace their bulbs. With a lifespan of up to 1,500 hours, Xtreme Vision bulbs provide reliable light output and long-lasting durability. So if you’re looking for a headlight bulb that will give you superior light output and lasting performance, Xtreme Vision is the way to go.

Most Sylvania Ultra light bulbs have a lumen output of around 1600. This makes them some of the brightest bulbs on the market, perfect for use in well-lit areas. With such a high-lumen output, these bulbs are sure to provide plenty of light for any room in your home.



So, if you are looking forward to buying a complete all-rounder that will match your overall demands, meet the budget and provide 100% increased light with brightness, go for Philips Xtreme. These headlights cross a fair distance to alert you from up ahead and buy you seconds that are precious enough to save your life.

Philips Xtreme Vision

Philips Sylvania Ultra

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