Sylvania Silverstar Vs Silverstar Ultra

Sylvania Silverstar Vs Silverstar Ultra
Sylvania Silverstar Vs Silverstar Ultra

Sylvania headlight bulb manufacturer has been one of the most well reputed companies in the market. They have introduced us to a whole new range of headlight models that are plenty in features and enriched with the quality to choose from. For many people it may seem like a problem to choose among all the varieties that’s why discussion is needed to avoid all the skepticism.

Sylvania brands are tried and true. So, before buying headlights one doesn’t really have to worry about their efficiency. But you do need to have a clear idea about what you want. These will eliminate unnecessary demands and will spare you some extra in your pocket.

Silverstar VS Siverstar Ultra

To soothe an shield human eyes company have been putting a fair amount of blue hint and coating in the bulbs. But the white more to the side of yellow have been proven to be more convenient. That’s why in the later version you don’t get to see much of the blueish essence since it doesn’t do much for the driver’s vision. Now let’s take a quick look in the features they possess.

Bulb Type Halogen & lumens around 1000

Bulb Type Halogen & lumens around 1000

Costs 40-50% more than the average ones.

Costs less compared with the later produced models.

Last longer up to 30-50% compared with the basic ones.

The life expectancy is average nothing out of the ordinary.

Doesn’t have the blue hint.

Does have the blue hint making it look dull.

Best for all sort of weather condition to penetrate through the dense atmosphere.

Not suitable for all sorts of weather conditions.

Gives more view in the downroad and sideways.

The penetrateable power can be improved. Doesn’t allow much of the side views.

White light makes it more easy to drive at night time making it less stressfull.

Night time driving experience with Sylvania basics are adequate .

Main features of Silverstar Ultra

Since the Silverstar Ultra doesn’t have the blueish touch it has a more crisp effect in the brightness. The light is to the range of white to yellow which is pretty much similar to the mid-day time light effect. These headlight bulbs are especially designed to mimic and copy the sunlight. So, that the person driving the vehicle at night feels stressful.

The life expectancy rate has been extended up to 30-50% which is a great achievement. Since as consumers we all look for durability this is definitely a plus point that helps Silverstar Ultra to stand out more in the crowd.

Limitations of Silverstar Ultra

Compared with the other basic models when Ultra provides you with all the good to go sides there is a decent downright disadvantage which lies in the price point. The price point is up to half the double considered with all the other traditional models of Silverstar basics.

Main features of Silverstar Basic

In many ways headlights manufacturers are trying to mimic sunlight rays. For the exact kind of day time look even in the darkest and densest of night these lights are supposed to provide a crystal clear view up to miles ahead.

his will not only provide the driver with a better view but will also make you visible from a fair distance to avoid any fatal casualties. With the help of this feature it is easier to distinguish things from download, sideways and in the periphery. Easily replaceable quality makes it very handy and able for one handed operation.

The light doesn’t just have a focused core it spreads all over the surface to give a 180 degree coverage. With no causing temporary blindness of the others on road it has been proven to be very efficient.

Limitations of Silverstar Basic

Due to the fact of it having the blueish texture it easily camouflages into the environment thus it becomes hard to cut through thick air with various elements. Objects as minor as dust particles, fog, rain fall, snowfall, dew can be huge problems when the light is dull and weak. The light not being flashy enough gives you less time to react to any sudden ditch, turn or bump on the road surface leaving you more stressed and conscious.


The winner right off the bat is easily Silverstar Ultra. With all the features they both have in common Ultra definitely did better in each and every one of them. Even though the price range is a bit high but it is worth the money with the extended life span. So need overall coverage to go with Silverstar Ultra headlight bulbs.

Sylvania Silverstar

Silverstar Ultra

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