Motorcraft Vs Autolite Spark Plugs

Motocraft vs Autolite Spark Plugs
Motocraft vs Autolite Spark Plugs

Choosing the right spark plugs for your vehicle can be an overwhelming process. There are so many brands, models and types. Which ones should you use? In this post we will compare two popular options. Will Motorcraft or Autolite be a better choice for your car? Lets find out!

Motorcraft Vs Autolite Table

We know how tough it is to find the right spark plugs. So you don’t have to do any more research, we’ve compared two well-known brands of spark plugs. Come along for a visit to learn more about spark plugs.

Spark Plugs Type: Single Platinum

Spark Plugs Type: Single Platinum

Gap Size: 0.032 inch

Pre-Gap Size: 0.044 inch

It Resistant to Oxidation and Arc Erosion

Ground Electrode Provides Superior Heat Transfer

Nickel Plated Shell for Improved Appearance

Leak Proof, Heat Fused Resistor for Durability

Multi Rib Insulator Protects Against Misfire

Fire Quicker With Less Voltage for Easier Starts

Comes With 2 Years With Unlimited Mileage Warranty

Comes With 4 Years With Unlimited Mileage Warranty

Provide Service Intervals From 60,000 to 100,000 Miles

Provide Service Intervals From 50,000 to 60,000 Miles

High Quality Spark Plugs Recommended by Ford Motor Company

Platinum Center Wire Firing Tip for Improved Performance

Fit Type: Vehicle Specific (Check the Manual)

Fit Type: Vehicle Specific (Check the Manual)

Why Compare?

If you’re looking for trustworthy and long-lasting spark plugs, Motorcraft and Autolite are two of the most well-known brands. Both of them have a lengthy history in the industry and are always competing against one another. It’s because they have a lot in common and a lot in common with one other. To illustrate, consider the performance of spark plugs, which are both efficient and trustworthy.

Even though each is composed of different materials and has its qualities, they share certain traits. For example, if you’re looking for a spark plug that will last a long time in your automobile, Motorcraft spark plugs are the finest choice. Plugs made by Autolite, on the other hand, are easier to use.


The kind of material utilized in creating spark plugs has a considerable influence on the efficiency of the spark plugs they produce. The Motorcraft spark plugs, on the other hand, are constructed of platinum. Platinum spark plugs outperform iridium spark plugs in terms of performance and fuel efficiency while costing much less money.

Furthermore, due to the platinum composition of platinum spark plugs, they operate at a lower temperature than copper, resulting in improved performance. Furthermore, they have the potential to last up to twice as long as regular copper plugs.

Another kind of spark plug, called Autolite, is constructed of iridium, acceptable for current vehicles. While this material delivers higher performance and efficiency than Motorcraft plugs, it is not as widely used as it might be.

Overall Performance

In addition to connecting the system and keeping the engine working in a functional state of affairs, spark plugs are among the components that keep the engine running. 

They may, on the other hand, provide a smooth ride via the use of an appropriate electrode bridge, allowing you to save a large amount of money as well as a significant quantity of petrol. It follows that an optimized engine is created that is more likely to last for a lengthy time.

While Autolite spark plugs are known for their good conductivity, one of the drawbacks is that they have low combustion quality. They emit very little gasoline results in reduced fuel consumption and less effort from the engine, enabling you to save a large amount of money throughout your driving career. Because of this, you will receive a lot of mileage.

Gaps Size

It is the intent of spark plugs, when used appropriately, to create an electrical spark that will result in a little explosion and to communicate with one another via a brief spike in current.

With Autolite, you won’t have to be concerned about miscommunication since there will be no communication gap between you and the person you’re communicating with. The whole platinum-focused tip ensures that the entire bridge is entirely coated by the platinum. Motorcraft’s more than 1,000 available options are sure to please even the most discerning customer. Furthermore, Motorcraft takes great pride in the fact that the product has a superb anti-corrosion function.

These spark plugs are made of high-quality materials that prevent them from degrading fast throughout their service life. The exterior prevents grime from sticking to the building’s surface and causing it to become dirty. Therefore, Motorcraft has a longer shelf life than other types of products.

Setup & Configuration

If you’re not a novice to the world of spark plugs, you should consider buying spark plugs that have already been “pre-gapped” to save time and money. These may also be extremely handy if you want to save both time and money by not buying a gapping tool to adjust the gap gauge since this will save you both time and money. At this point, the only thing that has to be determined is the magnitude of the difference.

Despite these disadvantages, both the Motorcraft and the Autolite spark plugs are quite straightforward to install in your car. This means that installing the plugs should not be a problem for you at all.


A two-year warranty is provided by Motorcraft on their platinum spark plugs, which are manufactured from premium metal resources. They are confident in their product because they have a strong foundation upon which to construct it and rely on to provide it to their customers.

All Autolite Iridium XP spark plugs come with a lifetime warranty against electrode erosion or manufacturing faults to the original purchaser. Autolite will either replace or refund the purchase price of the faulty spark plugs at its exclusive discretion.

Motorcraft Spark Plugs


  • Uncomplicated and high-quality installation
  • The ability to be helpful for a long time
  • A high melting point will hold up better against erosive forces.


  • It’s a little on the pricey side.

Autolite Spark Plugs


  • Boosts the acceleration by the specified amount.
  • Boosts the rate of gasoline igniting
  • increases performance when started from a chilly temperature
  • Prevents the occurrence of combustion leaks.
  • Improves the vehicle’s fuel economy by using less fuel.


Much less threaded than the original.

How Long Do Motorcraft Platinum Plugs Last?

Unless otherwise noted, new spark plugs should be of the same kind (platinum or iridium) as the originals. Standard spark plugs last 40,000 miles.

Are The Hot Or Cold Spark Plugs Better?

Under typical driving circumstances, you should use the spark plugs suggested by the manufacturer. This is especially true when your spark plugs are blocked. 

When Should I Update My Spark Plugs?

This depends on your car’s spark plugs. Invest in good spark plugs. Change your copper and iridium spark plugs every 30,000 and 50,000 miles. If your engine isn’t in fantastic condition, replace your spark plugs as required.

Is It Worth Buying Iridium Plugs?

Other than longevity, iridium spark plugs exceed double-platinum plugs in terms of gas mileage. This is because iridium is a superb material and uses cutting-edge technology to manufacture it.


If you’ve read this far, you know Motorcraft and Autolite spark plugs. Now you may compare their features and choose one which most suited for your vehicle.


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