NGK Iridium IX vs NGK Laser Iridium Spark Plug

NGK Iridium IX vs NGK Laser Iridium Spark Plug
NGK Iridium IX vs NGK Laser Iridium Spark Plug

As both belong to the same series under the same manufacturing company, these two plugs are similar to each other. Both these spark plugs can deliver something sort of service due to their focused fine-wire tip design. But the only difference that made them fall into different categories is because of their service interval.

The laser series that is inclined to NGK are designed to last from 80 to 100 thousand miles. On the other hand, the Iridium IX spark plug can only pull off a mileage up to 40 to 50 thousand. In short, the typical Iridium IX can deliver only half of what the Laser series can offer.

Laser Iridium Vs Iridium Ix

The comparison between Iridium IX and the Laser series of NGK will favor the Laser Iridium series. Laser Iridium spark plugs are proven to provide superior ignitability and longer-lasting service life. The flexes don’t end there; the Iridium tip that belongs to the Laser series has the smallest tip diameter that ensures slow wear rate, anti-fouling, low emission and enhanced fuel economy.

Core Material: Copper Core

Core Material: Copper Core

Gap Size: 0.044 in

Gap Size: 0.024 in

Fine Wire Iridium Center Electrode Ensures High Durability

Iridium Tip Is Six (6) Times Harder Than Platinum

It Offers Extreme Ignitability and Improved Throttle Response

It Improves Ignitability and Reduces Quenching

High Durability in the Extreme Heat and Provide High-Performance

Increases Heat Dissipation and Prevents Overheating

Longer Insulator Nose Prevents Fouling & Corrugated Ribs

High Grade Alumina Silicate Ceramic Insulator for Superior Strength

Triple Gasket Seal Eliminates Combustion Gas Leakage

Best Combination of Performance and Longevity

Lifespan 60,000 Kms Service Life

Lifespan 100,000 Kms Service Life

Fit type: Vehicle Specific (Check the manual)

Fit type: Vehicle Specific (Check the manual)

Main Features

High Durability

The NGK Iridium spark plugs belonging to the Laser series have a Laser welded Iridium centre electrode tip that ensures high durability. Unlike the classic Copper ones available in the market these are not fragile and isn’t vulnerable to outer damage.

Unlike the Laser series, the NGK Iridium IX is much more plainer inbuilt. They are made out of copper for improved throttle response. Moreover, the 0.6 mm tip assures high consistency of spark flow.

Greater Spark

One of the biggest flexes of NGK Iridium Laser spark plugs is that they have an extra concentrated Laser welded tip. The smallest diameter tip ensures a high spark that is very unlikely to go off track and mis-fire.

On the other hand, not the smallest diameter but the tip of 0.6 mm in the Iridium IX is designed to produce extreme ignitability. The quantity of the stable spark and the tapered ground electrode reduces the chances of the electrical quenching effect.

Prevents Fouling

NGK Laser Iridium spark plugs come with corrugated ribs on the insulator that prevents flashover. Moreover, the extra length on the insulator nose prevents the spark plugs from fouling.

Like the Laser Iridium, the Iridium IX series of NGK spark plugs have a longer insulator nose that prevents them from misfiring. The corrugated ribs prevent it from flashing over.

Prevents Gas Leakage

The Laser series from NGK has a gasket seal of triple-layer that reduces any possibilities of combustion gas leakage. Similarly, due to the triple gasket seal in the Iridium IX eliminates the possibility of gas leakage.

Quick in Command

One of the biggest catch worth mentioning about the Laser series is that spark plugs from these series are quick to start. They are very responsive and prone to command. Without the sudden jerk or shock, these spark plugs will start fast in order to move fast, change direction or reverse.

For today’s high performing engines, NGK Iridium IX spark plugs have been made with an extremely high melting point due to the Iridium alloy. Thus, they provide a quick start, high durability against heat, electrical wear and vice versa.

Quicker Acceleration

As mentioned above both the NGK Laser Iridium and Iridium IX are very prone when it comes to starting fast, gaining speed or in case of acceleration. With the Laser spark plug the worry gets lesser with the reliability of an easy, effortless ride without the vehicles in complete control.

Anti-seizing And Anti-corrosion

The trivalent metal plating regarding the Nickel plating in the sides prevents the spark plugs from corrosion and wear-offs. On the contrary, the trivalent metal plating is found in the Iridium IX, providing maximum anti-corrosion and superior anti-seizing properties.

Better Fuel Economy

All the quality and features in Laser Iridium spark plugs and Iridium IX combine to combust the very least of the fuel. Thus, once filled and it goes a long way ensuring low emission.


First things first. The raw materials that these spark plugs require to function are themselves expensive. Iridium/ Copper/ Platinum/ Nickel are such metal that is strong, rare and to top it off, very much in demand. Thus, a spark plug being the combination of such elite materials, make it so expensive than most of the typical ones easily available in the market.

Which One Is Better?

The only difference worth mentioning about these spark plugs is that they have major dissimilarity in their service life to narrow down our search. The NGK Iridium IX provides only 40 to 50 thousand miles, and the NGK Laser Iridium provides twice of it. The laser series are inclined to an impressive duration of 80 to 100 thousand miles! Apart from the durability, both these spark plugs are very much similar to each other.


The extended life of the Laser series made it win the approval of most of the users. Consumers worldwide recommend NGK Laser Iridium spark plug, marking it with a rating of 5 out of 5 stars! Where the Iridium IX has an average rating varying from 4-4.5 out of 5 stars.


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