Bilstein 5100 vs Spacer lift Shock Absorber

Bilstein 5100 vs. Spacer Lift

When you are about to buy a product, thousands of thoughts might cross your mind. Though it’s self-evident still, there are many ways to find out which is more suitable for you and also for your pickup or SUV!

Choosing the right one is tough. And when you have confusion between two products, it will be more robust. It is because every product has a specific and unique feature that might not be in the other one. So, choosing technically is necessary.

Bilstein 5100 vs Spacer Lift

Product Weight 5.7 pounds

Product Weight 7.43 pounds

Product Dimensions 2.95 x 26.80 x 2.95 inches

Product Dimensions 7 x 5 x 5 inches

Body Material Zinc plated

Body Material Zinc plated

3 height settings

Rugged Ridge 2" Spacer Lift

Though maintains balance, quite resistant & Transition is quicker

Does not require new shocks, steering upgrade, or control arms

Lifetime Warranty

Limited 5 Year Warranty

You might have lots of questions about the quality and other factors of shock observers and spacer lift. You might think if the product can give you a smooth ride or not. There will be a lot more that you think. And to select the preferable one, you need to do some homework to know which one is the best!

Short Review of Bilstein 5100

The amazing part about this Bilstein 5100 is it comes with a whole kit. The leveling kit includes an adjustable front ride height. Along with this, it is very much easy to install.

People out there always complain about the installation of a shock absorber kit. However, this will not be a pain to install this kit at all!

On the other hand, this spacer kit does not require any modification at all! Also, this is a direct bolt-on. So, you never need to worry about this product after purchasing this for your SUV. After getting this, you will never face issues regarding the suspension movement.

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Short Review of Rugged Ridge Spacer Lift

If you are here to get a spacer lift, you must have your hands on this Rugged Ridge. It affords your SUV a 2 inches lift. Along with this, you will be glad to know that this product does not need new shocks. So, if you want to get something like this, try this one.

Also, this spacer lift does not need any new steering upgrade. If you are worried about controlling arms, have faith in these spacer lifts as you will never need control arms!

There is a 2 inches poly spacer for the front coil springs. Also, you get more extended rear shackles. The greasable bolts ensure the high-grade nature of this spacer lifts.

Spacer lift kit

The kit is used just above springs. The purpose of such usage is to lift/raise the vehicle excluding any articulation, whereas; a full kit is equipped with more springs. This kit is not entirely based on performance instead, it directs the view towards the aesthetics. With shocks in position, the lift kit is implanted as an outsider who results in better ground clearance than the original.

The reason why the product is applauded among all vehicle users is that it provides you with the height and look of a lifted vehicle without investing the amount of a full kit. 

The kit comes with a lift you choose in addition to the original. Say for example you want a 3’’ lift than a 3’’ coil spring spacer will be present in the kit. The front coil of the vehicle will require a 0.5’’ lift using spring spacer and a 1.5’’ lift in the rear coil. Both parts are included in the kit. A front bar bracket is included in the kit which foes the heavy lifting part. A kit comes with 2 pairs of extensions pad.

Their purpose of serving as bump stops. The extension pads are placed in front and rear with one above and one in the lower parts of the spacer. You will come across two sway bar links in the kit. Sway bar attaches points with the suspension and bar ends. A popular name for the bars is the stabilizer bar. These are the common parts we see in a spacer kit. No shocks are usually included in the kit. You have to pay an additional amount of money for that. 

Parts of the lift kits each hold their importance and you can’t complete a task if one is missing. However some related products can help with the kit like adjustable track bar, lower control arms. These can help you extract more performance from your kits. 

Wrap Up

When you are confused about what to choose between shock absorber spacer kits, you can try both of these and select one from these. We have gone through direct field experience to know which one is better. According to us, both of these have incredible features along with amazing facilities.

If you want to try one, we would recommend you going for the spacer lift as that id handy and easy to work with. However, if you love to work with shock absorbers, feel free to settle for the Bilstein 5100.

Space Lifter

Bilstein 5100

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