2 Post Lift Vs 4 Post Lift

2 Post Lift Vs 4 Post Lift
2 Post Lift Vs 4 Post Lift

People who are car owners have to be always concerned about their cars. They need to maintain the inner parts and types of machinery of their car. Besides, if they face any problem with their car, they need to check on the inner buildings of their cars.

To check on the inner buildings of a car, that car must be pulled up from the ground because the important inner parts remain beneath a car. Pulling up a car from the ground is not easy as a car is too big and heavy to be pulled up. So a lift is needed to have the job done and the lift needed for this task is called post lift.

4 Post Car Lift Vs 2 Post

Model SPOA10

Model SM14

Load Capacity: 10,000 lbs

Load Capacity: 14,000 lbs

Come with true asymmetrical rotated column design

it can be configured with standard features plus no welded required

ALI Gold Certified

ALI Gold Certified

A two post lift must be anchored to the ground, not portable at all.

A 4 post lift can be portable and may also be permanently anchored.

Plat form lifting height: 1883mm to 1983mm

Plat form lifting height: 1873mm to 2000mm

It has no runway. It pulls up a car by its 3 stage arms evenly.

It is easier to load and position the vehicle on a 4 post lift because of its runways.

What Is A Post Lift?

A post lift is a lifter for the vehicle to pull them up from the grounds for easy access to wheel assemblies and the vehicle’s underside. There are three types of post lifts- 2 post lifts, four post lifts, scissor car lifts.

2 post and 4 post lifts are mostly famous as car lifters. If you plan on buying post lifts but are confused between 2 post and 4 post lifts, you will know about the key differences between them.

2 Post Lift: 

This is the post lift, which is widely used everywhere. Two upright columns, four interchangeable arms linked to the carriage assembly, and two hydraulic cylinders are included.

It is normally installed, at least 4 inches high, on an existing concrete frame. An electric/hydraulic power unit powers most.

The power unit delivers pressurized hydraulic fluid to the cylinders. A set of equalization cables is installed between the carriages to ensure that all four arms move together. It also has automatic safety arm locks, which are installed to secure the lift arms.


  • Floor plate design, suitable for workshop or garage without high storage.
  • Contain double cylinders.
  • With the wire rope balancing system, the chain is 4*4 higher and heavier.
  • Lifting capacity up to 4000 kg.
  • Manual locks release from two sides.
  • Rubber pad door-opening protection.
  • Rubber support to adjust the height.
  • Limited switch.
  • The arm adopts two stages: design, large range adjustment, and suitable for different classic vehicles.

4 Post lift:

4 post car lifts are mainly used for residential use. Without the expense of a big upgrade or costly off-site storage, 4 post-lifts maximize the parking room in your garage. You can easily take advantage of the unused space in your garage by adding a 4 post lift to your garage. But before buying a 4 post lift for your garage, there are 3 things that you need to take into your consideration-

  • Floor space
  • Ceiling height
  • Garage door placement

This type of lift allows the vehicle to be driven onto two runways and lifted by its tires. The main advantage of this lift is that it allows full access to the underside of the vehicle.


  • Ability to the electric release, manual and pneumatic release.
  • Electrical unlock and eight-point locking mechanism. Also, easy to operate.
  • Lifting capacity is up to 4000kg.
  • Hydraulic power unit configuration throttling device can always adjust the rate of decline.
  • Can be locked in the desired height of operation, safety and reliability.
  • Hydraulic cylinder drive and rope drive.
  • Quick and smooth lifting.
  • Adjustable runway spacing for different sizes of wheelbase vehicles.
  • Wire control security lock, wire rope fracture protection, operation safety.
  • With the second lift pulley.

Who Is The Winner?

Actually, after evaluating the differences we can conclude that there is no winner between them. They both have amazing features in their way.

But a 4 post lift is more expensive than a 2 post lift. Moreover, a 4 post lift needs much more space than a 2 post lift. On the other hand, 2 post-life takes less room in your garage also can lift a vehicle higher than a 4 post lift. But 2 post lift does not come in use to maximize the space of your garage. So it is up to you what facilities you want out of a car lifter. So it is clear to us that either of them is not superior to the other.

Are Car Lifts Safe To Use?

Using post lifts while fixing any machine or parts of a vehicle is quite a risky task. The vehicle can fall from a lift and result in severe bodily injury, property damage and damages to the vehicle itself. So maintaining safety measures is a must while using a car lift. Also, the employees or the car people who are maintaining a car need to be trained and supplied with safety uniforms and headgears. Also, it would help if you read and properly follow the instruction brochure that comes with a lift. It would help if you were also careful about loading weight on the lift so that it does not overload the lift’s weight capacity.

Overall, if you follow the instructions and maintain safety measures, you can avoid any occurrence. You will be able to make safe use out of a post lift.

Factors To Consider Before Buying

Buying a car lift for personal use is a big decision because it is big, heavy, expensive and tricky to use. Using a car lift also a risky task. So it would be best if you thought about some factors before buying a car lift.

  1. Home parking and parking size
  2. Convenience and ease of use a car lift
  3. Safety considerations
  4. Garage space occupied by the car lift
  5. Ease of installation
  6. Extra car lift functionality
  7. Cost

Are Car Lifts Too Much Expensive?

Yes. Car lifts are much expensive to buy. They are very big, heavy and built with complex mechanism. So it is expected that the cost of buying car lifts is a lot high. So you need to give your thoughts and have proper planning and research before buying one. 4 post lifts are more expensive than 2 post lifts. Hence, you can buy 2 post lifts if you are on a budget. But the lifts are great to maintain a vehicle for easy access to the inner parts. So it is worth the money to buy a car lift.

Are Car Lifts Easy To Install?

No, car lifts are not easy to install because of their size and weight. A lot of manpower and time is needed to install a car lift. It is an expensive task also. So, it would be best if you kept the thought of the installation process and the expense before buying a car lift.


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