Atlas Car Lift Vs Bendpak Car Lift

Atlas Car Lift Vs Bendpak  Car Lift
Atlas Car Lift Vs Bendpak Car Lift

It becomes difficult often to choose perfect car lifts for our vivid concept about lifts. This article will focus on two popular car lifts- Atlas and BendPak. The difference between these two car lifts will be represented in this article.

Why Compare?

The car lift is gaining worldwide acceptance for its multi-lateral uses. In almost every developed and financially established city, car lifts are being used to mitigate the car accommodation problem. Garages have to use car lifts for car repairing purpose.

There are many car lifts of different brands available in the market. Atlas and BendPak are two very common car lift brands. Comparison between these two car lifts will help to choose the appropriate one for a definite purpose. Moreover, distinguishing car lifts will also make people understand the importance of using car lifts.

Bendpak Vs Atlas Chart

Some basic differences between Atlas and BendPak car lifts are shown in the table below-

Lifting weight capacity around 9000 lbs

Lifting weight capacity around 10000 lbs

Overall height: 142 inches

Overall height: 145 inches

Overall width: 141 inches

Overall width: 137 inches

Hydraulic power unit available

Hydraulic power unit available

Voltage: 220 volts

Voltage: 208-230 volts

Power: 2 HP (Depends on the model)

Power: 3 HP (Depends on the model)

ALI Certified Automotive Equipment

ANSI/ALI certified Automotive Equipment

Just after the table, some main features will be discussed broadly that will be helpful for the reader to choose the appropriate one for them. The reason for using hydraulic oil will make people aware of this. By going through this article, one will be able to understand what they need.


Cost is considered more or less by all before purchasing anything. It becomes more important while buying any machinery equipment. Price varies with models and manufacturing company. But Atlas and BendPak show no significant difference in pricing.

Atlas 9KOH car lift cost almost 2000 dollars. On the other hand, BendPak car lifts price ranges from 2000 to 3000 dollars.

Lifting Weight Capacity:

The most stunning feature of a car lift is its lifting weight capacity. It indicates how much weight a car lift can raise. Steel strength and stress tolerating capacity are considered in measuring lifting weight capacity. As automated car lifts are used for accessing below the car or parking, it is important to understand this feature.

Atlas and BendPak car lifts show a significant difference in lifting eight capacity. It can lift 10000 lbs weight easily, whereas Atlas can tolerate 9000 lbs. Though this weight capacity varies with the car lift model, BendPak has an advantage with its more weight lifting capacity.

Oil Requirement:

Automotive car lifts generally require hydraulic oil or fluid. It helps to aid in the power and strength of car lift. Moreover, hydraulic oil tends to have high viscosity that protects car lifts from being eroded and damaged.

Atlas and BendPak require a different type of hydraulic oil for high functionality. For Atlas, AW-32 oil is best in a colder region. But in the temperate or hotter zone, both AW-32 and AW-46 can be used in Atlas car lifts.

On the other hand, BendPak car lifts require hydraulic oil with non-detergent and non-foaming properties. Dexron-III ATF fluid can also be used in these lifts.

Hydraulic Power Unit:

Car lifts are used to raise cars above the ground. This task requires sufficient energy and incentive to be accomplished. The hydraulic power unit is the main contributor in supplying energy to drive any motors, machines or car lifts. The hydraulic power unit has main three parts- Motor, Fluid reservoir and pump.

Atlas hydraulic power unit has a motor of 220 volts with 2 HP energy that helps to lift 8000 to 10000 lbs weight. It has a hydraulic oil reservoir of 2.64 gallons.

BendPaks hydraulic power unit is more powerful with 3 HP motor that functions in 208-230 voltage. Its hydraulic oil reservoir is bigger than that of Atlas which can reserve 3.6 gallons of oil. Thus, it can lift heavier weight than Atlas car lifts.

Why Is Hydraulic Oil Used In Car Lifts?

We all know that a car lift is a lifting machine. So, it requires a considerable amount of energy. Hydraulic oil mainly contributes to inflowing energy from one part of the equipment to the other. Thus, hydraulic oil keeps car lifts long-lasting and smooth.

AW-32 and AW-46 are the most two common types of hydraulic oil used in car lifts. There two types of oil are different in weight. AW-32 is ten weight oil whereas AW-46 is 15 weight oil approximately.

Where Are These Two Car Lifts Manufactured?

Atlas and BendPak car lifts are manufactured in the same region of the world. Atlas is manufactured and distributed all over the world through Canada and the USA. On the other hand, BendpPak is manufactured in the USA mainly.

Which one to Choose?

Some important features should be considered while purchasing a car lift for a home or garage. These include- Lifting weight capacity, strength, cost and many others.

But Atlas and BendPak show a very small difference. As mentioned above, Atlas can lift 9000 lbs, which is slightly lower than that of BendPak car lifts. On the contrary, Atlas is cheaper than BendPak for obvious reason. People always think about their affordability first.

Another important thing that should be considered is strength, which is denoted by a hydraulic power unit. BendPak is much advanced in the case of a power unit. The voltage, Horsepower and hydraulic oil reservoir of BendPak are greater than that of Atlas car lifts. Atlas and BendPak show no significant variation in features and function. Both have pros and cons to compare. So ultimately appropriate between these two depends on one’s choice and understanding.

The main object of this article is to represent the sharp differences between Atlas and BendPak car lifts. Just go through this article and compare which car lift is best for you- Atlas or BendPak.

Atlas Car Lift

BendPak Car Lift

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