Atlas Car Lift Vs Rotary Car Lift

Atlas Car Lift Vs Rotary Car Lift
Atlas Car Lift Vs Rotary Car Lift

Car lifts are of great use nowadays. Specially, in meta-city and megacity car lifts can solve many problems regarding space management and car parking. This article will differentiate between Atlas and Rotary car lift, two very common and popular car lifts.

Why to Compare?

Comparison not only shows differentiation between two things but also helps to choose the appropriate one for a particular purpose. This is the main reason this article is going to represent different features of Atlas and Rotary car lifts.

After going through this article, the reader will be able to choose which one to buy, if he really wants to. Many of us are not aware of multi-dimensional use of car lifts. So, this article will also prove knowledgeable for general reader.

Atlas Vs Rotary Lift Table

Comparison table will show the features that should have a look. The main specifications of both of these car lifts will be discussed just after the table. Eye-catchy fact is that both Atlas and Rotary have almost similar hydraulic power unit. It makes the comparison more difficult to conduct. Containing the basic procedure of car lift maintenance makes this article special.

Model: PVL-9BP

Model: SPOA10

Lifting Weight Capacity: 9000 lbs

Lifting Weight Capacity: 10000 lbs

Overall Height: 1/8" (9' 3 1/8")

Overall Height: 11′ 8 1/2″

Drive Through:  5/8" (8' 1 5/8")

Drive Through: 95 1/4″

Hydraulic Power Unit Available

Hydraulic Power Unit Available

Voltage: 220 Volt

Voltage: 208-230 Volts

Ali Certified (Two-Post Lift)

Ali Certified (Two-Post Lift)

Both AW-32 & AW-46 can be used in Atlas car lifts

Rotary car lifts require Dextron-III Automatic Transmission fluid


Cost is considered more or less by all before purchasing anything. It becomes more important while buying any machinery equipment. Price varies with models and manufactured company. But Atlas and Rotary show no significant difference in pricing.

Atlas 9KOH car lift cost almost 2000 dollars. On the other hand, Rotary car lifts price ranges from 1000 to 1500 dollars. The price largely varies with models.

Lifting Weight Capacity:

The most stunning feature of a car lift is its lifting weight capacity. It indicates how much weight a car lift can raise. Steel strength and stress tolerating capacity is considered in measuring lifting weight capacity. As automated car lifts are used for accessing below the car or parking, it is important to understand this feature.

Atlas and Rotary car lifts show significant difference in lifting eight capacity. Rotary can lift 10000 lbs weight easily whereas Atlas can tolerate 9000 lbs. Though this weight capacity varies with car lift model, Rotary has an advantage with its more weight lifting capacity.

Oil Requirement:

Automotive car lifts generally require hydraulic oil or fluid. It helps to aid in power and strength of car lift. Moreover, hydraulic oil tends to have high viscosity that protects car lifts from being eroded and damaged.

Atlas and Rotary require different type of hydraulic oil for high functionality. For Atlas, AW-32 oil is best in colder region. But in temperate or hotter zone, both AW-32 and AW-46 can be used in Atlas car lifts.

On the other hand, Rotary car lifts require Dextron-III Automatic Transmission fluid. A standard rotary lift with two post needs 17.98 liters fluid for installation.

Hydraulic Power Unit:

Car lifts are used to raise cars above the ground. This task requires sufficient energy and incentive to be accomplished. Hydraulic power unit is the main contributor in supplying energy to drive any motors, machines or car lifts. Hydraulic power unit has main three parts- Motor, Fluid reservoir and Pump.

Atlas hydraulic power unit has a motor of 220 volts with 2 HP energy that helps to lift 8000 to 10000 lbs weight. It has a hydraulic oil reservoir of 2.64 gallons.

Rotary hydraulic power unit functions in 208-230 voltage. All other features in rotary hydraulic power unit are similar to Atlas except voltage like- Horsepower and oil reservoir.

How to Maintain Car Lift Properly?

Car lifts last longer with proper maintenance. Maintenance procedure actually depends on the car lift’s model. But there are some general steps to maintain car lifts properly. These steps can be daily, weekly or monthly basis. These maintenance steps are mentioned below-

Daily Maintenance-

  • All moving parts of car lift should be inspected visually.
  • Hydraulic connections and safety lock should be checked daily.
  • Cable’s bends and cracks should be checked.
  • Up and down movement controls should be tested.
  • Emergency stop should be carefully checked.

Weekly Maintenance:

  • Lifts should be wiped and cleaned.
  • Hydraulic oil level should be checked.
  • Nuts and screws should be tightened.
  • Cylinder should be checked for free movement.
  • Full ranges (full stop, up and down) should be checked once in a week for good performance.

Monthly Maintenance-

  • Columns and cable should be lubricated at least once a month for smooth performance.
  • Dirt should be cleaned removing covers and other protections of the car lift.
  • The torque of Bolts and pivot pins should be verified monthly.
  • Floor anchor bolts should be tightened monthly.

Which one to Choose?

Some important features should be considered while purchasing a car lift for a home or garage. These include- Lifting weight capacity, strength, cost, and many others.

But Atlas and Rotary show very small differences. As mentioned above, Atlas can lift 9000 lbs which is a bit lower than that of Rotary car lifts. On the contrary, Atlas is cheaper than Rotary for obvious reasons. People always think about their affordability first.

The hydraulic power unit of booth Atlas and Rotary car lifts show no significant differences at all. In fact, both have the same Horsepower and oil reserving capacity.
Due to having a non-considerable difference, any of these can be said as better than the other. So, the choice totally depends on one’s preference.

The main object of this article is not to recognize any of the car lifts as the best. All it tried to represent basic ideas about Atlas and Rotary car lifts that will help readers to choose the appropriate one.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are Atlas lifts made in the USA?
Yes, Atlas lifts are made in the USA! We’re proud to manufacture our products in America and support the local economy.

The term “rotary lift” comes from the way the lift mechanism works. The platform of the lift rotates as it moves up and down, allowing it to be used in a variety of ways.
When it comes to concrete, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. The thickness of your concrete will depend on a number of factors, including the weight of your car lift, the soil type in your area, and whether or not you plan to install anchoring bolts. In general, however, most experts recommend using at least 4 inches of concrete for a 2-post lift. This will ensure that your lift is properly supported and anchored and that the concrete can withstand the weight of your car. If you are unsure about the thickness of concrete you need, it is always best to consult with a professional before beginning your project.


Atlas Car Lift

Rotary Car Lift

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