How to Clean a Tonneau Cover

How to Clean a Tonneau Cover
How to Clean a Tonneau Cover

Cleaning a tonneau cover can be a time-consuming and challenging task. It takes a lot of effort, and it is not easy to do by yourself. But there are some things you can do to make the process easier. We will go over how to clean your tonneau cover by yourself with these tips!

How To Clean Your Tonneau Cover

Cleaning Supplies

The first thing you need when cleaning your tonneau cover is the supplies necessary for doing so. You should have everything that you would normally need at home, but if not then any hardware store or auto center should carry them as well. This includes soap, water, towels, sponges (or rags), brushes (preferably an old toothbrush), scrubber pads (for tough stains), and a bucket.

Preparations Before Cleaning

It is important to prepare everything before you start cleaning. This will make the process much easier and more efficient. Everything that needs preparation should be done as far in advance as possible; otherwise, it can become a huge hassle and take up so much time! Here are some things you need to do:

  • Try to do it under anything that will shade the area. That will eliminate the risk of any effects from sun rays.
  • Remove the bolts and clamps. They could get damaged while you clean your house. Keep them safe someplace else.
  • Before you start to clean, make sure the surface of the cover is not hot. If it is because it has been in the sun, then wait for it to cool down.

Step By Step Guide

First and foremost, wash the cover with soap and water. Soap is a must for cleaning anything dirty or oily! Make sure to scrub it down thoroughly using your hands, brushes of any kind (like an old toothbrush), sponges/rags, or scrubber pads. You can also use a garden hose if you need some help with the process.

After you have scrubbed it down, you will need to let some of the soap sit on there for a while before rinsing it off thoroughly. Make sure you rinse all of the soap off and allow it to dry! If needed, get another bucket of water and use your garden hose again in order to do this.

Then, you can use the sun to help with drying it. It is also best if you dry it by hand using some towels or rags that are clean and absorbent! After thoroughly cleaning it off, this will ensure maximum absorption of any water left on your tonneau cover surface. If everything has gone well so far, all that is left to do now is put your tonneau cover back together and use it again!

How to Maintain It Well

In order to maintain your tonneau cover well, you should do routine cleaning. You can clean it once a month if needed, but every two months is the minimum required in most cases. This will help with preventing dirt buildup and any stains caused by mud or other elements that could end up on your cover! If you have an especially dirty one, you can clean it every three months or so.

If your tonneau cover is not dirty, then you should still do routine maintenance by dusting it off and cleaning out any debris that has built up in the nooks and crannies of its surface. This will help with keeping everything looking nice for a long time! If done often enough, your tonneau cover will stay looking good for a very long time!

Clean your tonneau cover yourself by following these tips and it should look great again in no time. Make sure to be thorough with the process as well; otherwise, you might end up damaging parts of the surface or even leaving some dirt behind that could start causing problems later on!


By cleaning it yourself, you will do a much better job than any other method. It is also very easy and should only take about an hour of your time! Cleaning the cover yourself will save you money that could have gone towards hiring someone else or buying new tonneau covers. Instead, all that needs done now is following the steps above in order to get your tonneau cover cleaned up again!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

There are a few things you can do to make a hard tonneau cover look new. First, you can clean it with a mild soap and water solution. You can also use a vinyl protectant to help keep it looking new. Finally, you can cover it with a tarp or other protective cover when it’s not in use. By following these simple tips, you can keep your hard tonneau cover looking new for years to come!

In general, it’s a good idea to periodically check the tracks and cover for any damage or wear and tear. This way you can catch any problems early and prevent them from getting worse.

Yes, you can take your tonneau covers through a carwash! Just make sure to remove any debris or objects that could get caught in the panels before putting them through the wash.

If you’ve noticed some mildew on your tonneau cover, don’t worry – it’s fairly easy to remove. The first thing you’ll want to do is clean the area with mild soap and water. Once the area is clean, you’ll need to apply a fungicide to kill the mildew. You can find these at most hardware stores. Once you’ve applied the fungicide, be sure to rinse the area well with water. You may need to repeat this process a few times to completely remove the mildew. With a little elbow grease, your tonneau cover will be looking good as new in no time!




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