Tonno Pro Vs Tyger Tonneau Cover

Tonno Pro Vs Tyger Tonneau Cover
Tonno Pro Vs Tyger Tonneau Cover

The problem with a lot of truck bed covers is that they are not designed to be used in different seasons. In the summer, when it’s hot and you don’t want any dust or debris on your paint job, these types of tonneau covers can be great. However, in the winter months when you need to keep snow from getting into your truck bed, this type of cover does little to help protect against temperature changes. What if there was a tonneau cover that did both?

Tyger vs Tonno Pro Table

The answer to this question may depend on your needs and wants when it comes to a tonneau cover. To help you figure out which one might be best for you, we have put together a comprehensive comparison so you can make an informed decision!

Patented Design In The USA

Tear & Water Resistant Top

Use A Soft Rollup Covering Technology

Made Of Soft Material And Use Tri Folding Mechanism To Cover

Specially Designed For 5'7" (67 Inches) And 6'4" (76 Inches) Truck Bed.

Offers Several Sizes Which Cover Most Of The Popular Truck Brands

Ensure 100% Of Bed Access

Opens Two Third Of The Whole Bed Access

No Drill, Easy Installation Which Might Take 15-20 Minutes To Install

Can Be Installed Within Maximum 20 Minutes

Weighing 25.8 Lbs. This Might Vary Upon Different Model

Averagely 26 Lbs Of Weight Depends On Model

Velcro Strip Secures With Latch Lock

E-z Clamping System Lock, Which Down The Cover From The Inside

Made Of 24 Oz Heavy Duty Dual Coated Vinyl Foil Along With Aluminum Side Rail And Strong Stainless Clamps 

Equipped With Tear Resistant Double Coated Vinyl Top And Powder Coated Aluminum Frame To Mount The Whole Covering Panel 

Covered By Limited Lifetime Warranty. Some Parts Come With A 5 Years Warranty Backup.

Tonno Pro Fold Truck Bed Cover Is Backed By A Limited Lifetime Warranty

Why Compare

Comparing is always an excellent way to confirm the suitability of a certain product when you want to acquire that. Here are our experts to help you with the necessary facts to consider by comparing these two very equivalent models of the soft truck bed cover. We believe this discussion will favor you for a better understanding of covering system, material, functionality, installation and warranty.

Highlighted Points

There are many types of tonneau covering options available in the market. Soft roll-up covers are quite popular types of those which are relatively cheaper but still can offer a very suitable solution to the truck owners. Usually these types are made of vinyl or PU leather to cover up the entire bed and protect the sphere from the weather and prying eyes.

Covering Technology

T1, from a USA brand named Tyger Auto- is a very identical type of soft truck bed cover which is furnished with a roll-up system to retract the covering foil. The complete covering panel remains sealed by the velcro strips on either side of the rails. You have to open the tailgate and use the horizontal crossbar to roll up with the trap till the root position. It allows you to access the full truck bed or keep it partially open upon your demand.

Our other contestant- TonnoFold tri-Fold tonneau cover from another USA brand TonnoPro, works to fold the covering panel into three parts to open or close. But the downside is, only two-thirds of your total carriage volume is actually usable; as long as the covering panel is attached. If you need to access the whole cubic measure- you have to remove the entire cover, which can be done in just a few minutes.


T1 is made of marine-grade, dual-coated 24 oz of black vinyl sheet. Durable aluminum side rails and stainless steel clamps are used to hold the entire system. The low-profile mounting concept allows up to 13% of gas savings for its aerodynamic design. The premium-looking robust cover weighs only 20 to 30 lbs depending on the model variant.

Meanwhile, TonnoFold uses tear-resistant, tough and durable double-sided vinyl material to cover your truck bed. Along with a powder-coated aluminum rail frame and steel clamps, this complete product of 26 lbs allows your vehicle to look gorgeous on the go.


Both of the models did quite an excellent job of securing the bed from the weather. Tyger Ti uses a velcro seal and versatile tension control system to protect your carriage from unwanted elements. Along with an automatic latch lock, you can stay secure as long as the tailgate is closed. Above all, this easy operating cover allows access to 100% of the bed area just by rolling the crossbar on the top of the cover surface.

On the other hand, TonnoFold ensures good use of water-resistant edging over its leaking perimeter to keep the cargo dry and clean. To provide ultimate protection, it uses an E-Z clamping system lock. It is a bit more tricky to use than the other one. Even though this model can not offer whole bed access, an easy removable panel can help you when you need more space. But considering the T1, TonnoFold is slightly fluttery and does not stay tight on high-speed or off-road driving.

Installation Process

In recent times, most truck cover manufacturers have focused on easy installation. In this case, both of the models become one of the top scorers with their very easy and hassle-free installation system. Even a layman can install both of the covers within half an hour. Without using any power tools or drills, you can save a good amount of money on this.


It is another technicality where both of the models did splendidly with their lifelong limited warranty coverage. Most of the basic parts can be claimed under warranty if they found any material or craftmanship fault. Before considering buying, it is highly recommended to read the brand’s warranty policy carefully.

As you can see, both of the models mentioned here share more similarities than differences. But still, each one has some unique features to win over the other. After reading this, I think it’s your decision to choose your preferred device based on your special needs.


As you can see, both of the models mentioned here share more similarities than differences. But still, each one has some unique features to win over the other. After reading this, I think it’s your decision to choose your preferred device based on your special needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes! Tyger tonneau covers can go through a carwash without any problems. In fact, they can help protect your truck bed from scratches and dirt that can accumulate over time.

So if you’re looking for a way to keep your truck bed clean and protected, a Tyger tonneau cover is a great option. Plus, they’re easy to install and remove, so you can put them on and take them off as needed.

Tonno Pro products are proudly made in the USA! We pride ourselves on using only the highest quality materials and craftsmanship to produce our products. All of our products are backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, so you can be sure you’re getting the best possible product available.

Are tonneau covers waterproof? Yes, most tonneau covers are made from waterproof materials that will keep your belongings dry. However, it’s always a good idea to double-check the manufacturer’s instructions to be sure. You may also want to consider investing in a cover with a water-resistant or even waterproof sealant for added protection.

There are a few different ways to adjust a Tyger tonneau cover, depending on the model. For instance, some models have an adjustable tension rod that can be used to tighten or loosen the cover. Others have an adjustable Velcro strap that can be adjusted in the same way.

If you’re not sure how to adjust your particular model, consult the owner’s manual or contact Tyger customer service for assistance. With a little bit of adjustment, you can ensure that your cover fits snugly and securely over your truck bed – keeping your belongings safe and protected from the elements.


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