Raptor Liner Vs Herculiner BedLiner

Raptor Liner Vs Herculiner Bedliner
Raptor Liner Vs Herculiner Bedliner

Bedliners provides good texture with quality protection where it is applied. It is no longer a luxury. Spray-on liner is the modern version of it and so far, we adore this product for its versatility. 

Why Compare 

Coatings can be done in various ways. Drop-in, roll-on, spray-on all three techniques are used by people worldwide to protect and dignify their respective vehicles. The coating is not only for the vehicle’s beauty; it performs other major tasks once applied. Spray-on is the latest formula used to coat cars. So, automatically it has technical superiority over the other two types. But some people would still opt for a roll-on or a drop-in.

The reason can be their comfort zone or something else they find useful. So, today we selected two very exciting products that hold a large portion of the liner industry. One of them is Roll on and one of the products is sprayed on. This way, you get a clear picture of their difference, pros and cons. So, without wasting any more of your time, we’re going to jump into the details. 

Herculiner Vs Raptor

Comes with coating, spray gun, hardener

Comes with coating, brush, rollers, roller handle.

Made of 2 component urethane system.

Made of polyurethane and rubber

Spray on


Applicable in trucks, jeeps, cars, tractors.

Applicable on automated vehicle, tubs, docks, ramps. Recommended mostly for truck beds. 

Tensile strength of 2000 PSI

Tensile strength of 1800 PSI

Ready to use within an hour.

Ready to use within 24 hours

Covers 125 sq ft per gallon  

Covers 60 sq ft per gallon

Scratch & stain resistant plus UV protected 

Scratch and stain, skid resistant but Not fully UV protected

Deadened sound, impact and vibration.

Not equipped with sound and vibration absorbing qualities.

If the metal is bare, then primer is needed

Primer not needed before applying.

Highlighted Point


As these liners differ in inapplicability, they have differences in their package. But they do stand out on their own. The company provides a spray gun and hardener for the spray-on, but for the Roll, they provide a brush and roller. Packaging is the initial impression on the consumer and both these products have passed the test with flying colors. 

Built Quality 

The coating has certain responsibilities that need to be met to protect the vehicle. Traditionally, there weren’t many, but you need specific qualities integrated into present circumstances.

Raptor bed liners are designed with 2 component urethane system which helps them resist rust, corrosion, abrasion and even UV damages. The later product is more of a mixture. It contains urethane and rubber. 


The longevity of the liners is not a piece of new information. They tend to last for 10 to 20 years which is almost the vehicle’s life. In the built quality, we read what they are made of, which showcases their power to withstand the adverse environment and deliver intended results. Both these liners are utterly durable. 


The Roll-on wins the battle. With the Roll on you get tons of new colors to try which is lacking so far for the modern tech. Herculiner gives a shiny finish to your vehicle. You are bound to fall in love with the new glossy look.

On the other hand, raptor liner is more of a matte finish. It has a huge fanbase too. The vehicle looks good as new once you have done the coating.  


The first one has ready coating; you have to add a hardener and then pour it into the spray gun and it’s ready. If the base where you are spraying is bare metal, you have to use primer acid beforehand. 

The following one doesn’t involve any mixing. It’s ready to use package. Manufacturers suggest stirring it before using. 

 Suitable Vehicle

You can use liners in any vehicle nowadays as you have so much wide variety of tasks you need to get done. Ideal applications for the spray-on are trucks, jeeps, cars, tractors.

The latter is used in automated vehicles, tubs, docks, and ramps. However, it is recommended mostly for truck beds


Applying Roll-on is rather easy and fun job. You can take care of the whole task in three easy steps. Pour the coating into a plate and apply with the rolling brush. Then wait for it to dry. 

Spray on seems a lot of work until you get the spray gun ready and all the additives mixed. After that, it’s pretty easy from thereon. And it dries almost instantly. So, you don’t need to wait for a long time. 


If the application is carried out as the manufacturer suggested, I don’t think there won’t be much scope for repair. But repairing the liners is the same as recoating. 

The Roll-on lasts relatively less. So, in that case, don’t paint over rather recoat the whole area. 

Customer Feedback

Customer is king, keeping that in mind we’ve added this section to show you the customers’ viewpoint on these products. Customers have reacted positively to the first liner. The latest technology surely made some fans while thriving in the market. UV protection, sound deadening, impact-absorbing are some qualities that were unimaginable a few years back.

The company to have put a lot of effort into satisfying their customer, setting up customer care around the country. So, it is fair to say that the consumers adore this product. The following one is an easier and cheaper option to go with. Many consumers love the fact that they can choose their preferred color. It does have a few cons too. You have to put some effort into keeping the liner clean. But that didn’t stop the consumer from buying it.  


There’s no point arguing which one is the best as you can observe their brilliance in the real world. Purchasing one of these won’t be a regretful decision.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What type of bedliner is best?
No matter what type of bedliner you choose, make sure it’s installed properly. Improper installation can void the warranty and cause problems down the road.

How long will Herculiner bedliner last?
Herculiner has a reputation for being tough and lasting for many years. In fact, many truck owners report that their Herculiner bedliner still looks great after years of use. However, there are a few things that can affect the lifespan of your Herculiner bedliner.

Do you need to primer before Raptor liner?
No, you don’t need to primer before Raptor liner. However, we do recommend using a primer if you’re trying to achieve better adhesion or if your surface is particularly porous. If you’re not sure whether or not you need to primer, just ask one of our experts – we’ll be happy to help you out.


Raptor Liner


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