Which is better? Nitto Invo VS Pirelli P Zero

While the Italian-manufactured Pirelli P Zero claims one of the ‘best high-performance tires’ title, its Japanese contender Nitto Invo suited up to prove that it is also worthy of the crown – although its popularity is not as grand as the Pirelli’s golden throne.

Nitto Invo vs. Pirelli P Zero: Best High-Performance Summer Tires

If you own a car and is not really familiar with a Nitto, the situation is quite acceptable. But if you drive, enjoy high-speeds, but do not know a Pirelli? That’s quite a different story.

Reaching its way to the top in the tire manufacturing industry globally, Pirelli has built its strong reputation backed up by its century-strong expertise. However, there’s also a list of emerging brands aiming to attest that tech and performance wise? The young one does it better.

Part of the list is Nitto.

Origin: Japan

Origin: Italy

Tire Size Available: 17" to 24"

Tire Size Available: 17" to 22"


* Great dry traction
* Excellent wet handling
* Purely aesthetic
* Decent cornering grip
* Quiet, best in its class
* Guaranteed comfort in driving
* More economical


* Great grip in both dry and wet pavements
* Higher driving performance
* Original equipment of luxury car brands
* Precise handling
* Faster steering response
* Strong reputation


* Unpopular

* Standard tread life


* Noisier

* Higher Price Tag

Nitto Invo: Your Knight and Stunning Armor

nitto invo
Nitto Invo

The Asian bloodline of Nitto tires has begun making a mark in the automotive industry. It may not be as popular as a Pirelli, but it is actually a  division of Japan’s Toyo Tire & Rubber Company.

Nitto has been providing significant tyres for a lengthy moment, and the Invo is one of their finest. In fact, it delivers owners of sports coupes and sedans a blend of comfort and performance to make driving as pleasurable as possible.


At first, second, and up to the last glance, the Nitto Invo is unmistakably attractive. This Japanese tire outperforms its sharp aesthetics which makes it a perfect choice for enthusiasts who also prioritize its car’s fashion statement.

The Nitto Invo’s design, particularly supplemented with the wider tread blocks from the outside shoulder, is intended to improve the tire’s surface area and execute constant grip and traction, especially on dry roads. V-shaped 3D-multi wave sipes with an interconnecting rippling pattern get to accent the inner shoulder.

On the other hand, Invo’s three-channel deep broad rib includes an inner rib with encircling grooves on the Invo. This not only enriches the style but also leads to the tire’s superior wet endurance.

The Nitto Invo gives an additional contact patch when the sipes latch up, which optimizes stability and speed. For additional convenience, Nitto also implemented several modifications in the location and size of the tread to limit external sound and vibration – which makes it one of the leading tires that have successfully applied a noise-cancelling system.


The Nitto Invo is a fantastic tire for the fast and furious.  When driving rapidly in a horizontal path, the Invo ensures certainty in its grip, well-timed deceleration, and stability.

When you really push the Invo, the tires will struggle for traction, but it takes a lot of urging and frantic turning adjustments to disturb the tires’ poise.

Always keep in mind that touring tires are all about comfort and durability. Nitto didn’t skimp on performance because this tyre is as silent as any in its league. They’re quite quiet, which makes the drive even more pleasurable.

Despite the sporting considerations, the Invo turns out to be packed with a huge percentage of touring DNA. The tread life is lower than comparable tyres yet the Invo performs throughout the life cycle. Fair enough.

Pirelli P Zero: A Reigning Racecar Royalty

pirelli p-zero
Pirelli P Zero

Pirelli’s response to the ultra-high performance tyre market is the P Zero, which is geared for the most distinguished of luxury automobiles.


Boosting the tire’s innovative tech are nanocomposites in the tread formulations, which are touted to offer thermoplastic consistency for a smoother feel without sacrificing the P Zero’s high-scoring performance.

The outside shoulder region of the P Zero has a variable pitch sequence that is unique. This pitch sequence cuts down on highway noise when the tyres are rotating. It emits a distinct sound frequency that cancels out the waves generated during the journey before they reach the cabin, diminishing passenger comfort.

Furthermore, three wide longitudinal grooves for faster water removal are fortified by the Pirelli P Zero’s massive, stiff shoulder blocks which cater to better cornering performance in this tread pattern.


Apart from the weather conditions, except for the icy days, the Pirelli Zero majorly exceeds expectations when driven on course.

Tapped as the official tire supplier of Formula 1, Pirelli tires are considered to be a tire for the tracks – so you’re fine running at high speeds without compromising your driving comfort.

It has an exceptional grip in the heat, as well as maximum performance and manoeuvrability. For wet conditions, the Pirelli P Zero is a beast – as its traction feels much connected to the ground.

It also assures fuel economy, impressive levels of driving pleasure, and extended tread life to make the most out of its function.


The Pirelli P Zero performs exceptionally especially on tracks. It is a Pirelli, a brand with rich history and expertise, which is also the same reason why its price is relatively higher than its competitors.

However, you get more than what you have spent with the Nitto Invo. It may not be the most popular tire available in its category, but for the buck, you get all the efficiency, comfort, quietness, wet and dry traction, and excellent durability in this model.

Just give it more time, and Nitto will successfully clinch a title too.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

No, Nitto Invo tires are not run flat. Run flat tires are designed to continue functioning after a puncture or loss of air pressure, but Nitto Invo tires are not designed for this. If you experience a puncture or loss of air pressure while driving on Nitto Invo tires, you will need to stop and replace or repair the tire.
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