Lomax Vs Bakflip Tonneau Cover

Lomax Vs Bakflip Tonneau Cover
Lomax Vs Bakflip Tonneau Cover

No one can deny the utter significance of tonneau covers to ensure protection to the cargo. We all know Mother Nature is highly unpredictable; thus, fragile cargo needs protection from the harsh weather, and nothing can do this better than tonneau covers. Due to its high demand among the cargo drivers, the internet has been going crazy with Lomax B0040029 and Bak Bakflip Fibermax debate. Follow the segments below to get a proper insight regarding this debate.

Lomax Vs Bakflip Table

The Lomax B0040029 Vs Bakflip Fibermax debate can be summarized as follows: Lomax offers superior performance and durability, whereas Bakflip’s features are not up to date when compared to Lomax. Which one will you pick? Read further below for more information!

Lomax B0040029

Bak Bakflip Fibermax

Dimension (72 x 36 x 8 inches)

Dimension (8 x 68 x 23 inches)

Bed Size 5.50 foot

 Bed Size 6' 7"

Material is Aluminum Alloy

Material Is Frp & Powder-coated Aluminum

Diamond Plate Silver Finish

Textured finish

Weight Capacity 400 lbs.

Weight Capacity 300 lbs.

Lock Mechanism Tailgate lock 

Lock Mechanism Slam Latches

Eight Tight Bite Clamps, No Drill For Installation

Wrench And Socket Required To Installation

Three Years Warranty

Three Years Warranty

Why Compare?

The mother company of the model Lomax is Access, and BAKflip belongs to the BAK industries. Both the brands are the most prominent brands of the present market. BAK Industries is well known for its line of unique and high-quality tonneau covers. At the same time, Access (manufacturer of Lomax) has designed a wide range of tonneau cover models to suffice multiple needs ensuring the best quality.

However, both these models stand on the same page when it comes to quality, yet there are some basic differences in their features, built, and design. Buyers need to know every detail regarding the individual feature to make a justified purchase decision.


Lomax keeps it basic and uses high-quality aluminum alloy for the construction material. Aluminum alloy is extremely robust yet lightweight. The construction material is also durable; thus, be prepared. You are not getting to replace this tonneau cover anytime soon (it goes really long). The matte black finish looks classy and gives a layer of protection to the main construction. The overall frame can hold almost 400 lbs. weight without any damage.

The FiberMax wins the point when it comes to material; it features FRP, which is the ultimate strong material for any tonneau cover. The exterior is FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer), and the interior is the solid aluminum core which refers to protection outside and strength inside. This solid combination prevents any breakage and ensures ultimate cargo protection. Moreover, the FRP material is resistant to dents, scratch, and tear, or wear. The powered coated aluminum bottom is rustproof and is highly durable as well. The whole construction can hold 300 lbs. of cargo weight.


The LOMAX is well known for its exclusive appearance and low-profile design. The matte black finish brings out a sleek outlook. Unlike any other tonneau cover, this one has a diamond plate finish which creates a rugged, aggressive look. The overall appearance seems to be robust and rustic. It sits 1/2 an inch above the bed which is probably the lowest fit among the competitors.

Though FiberMax does not focus on the design much yet, it fills all the basic categories regarding designing. The overall exterior looks quite appealing in a textured design. It does not seem like an extra accessory; rather, it looks like a part of the truck and compliments the truck’s look. Also, it allows full bed access for convenience.

Weather Protection

Lomax amazes its users with cargo sealing and weather protection. It has introduced some of the path-breaking features knocking off the traditional basic water drainage options. Unlike its contemporaries, it has vinyl-lined hinges and a full-length seal. This overlapping design excludes the need for drain hose and gutters. It prevents the water and dust from entering into the truck bed first; thus, there is no need for a drainage system. Again, the slight arc design also sheds water eliminating the necessity of drain tubes.

The BAKFlip FiberMax prevents water leakage with its revolutionary hinge system. The hinges are rounded in style and work great against both water, snow, and debris. This bed cover is padded for ultimate safety to fragile items. Moreover, there are EPDM tight seals available for drainage in case any water intrusion happens. Usually, the rails collect the water and guide it to the front side of the bed, and from there, the drainage tubes eliminate the water. The overall build of the tonneau cover is so stable and sturdy that it can protect the cargo even from hard winds and the highest temperature.

Ease of Use

Lomax is the one-stop solution for anyone who wants to add extra accessories or toolboxes to the truck bed. The industrial design gives full access to the stake pockets and facilitates and matches additional accessories and toolboxes for the contractor or professional cargo vehicles. Rolling this tonneau cover is more accessible than most other models as it comes with a string latch system. The string latch system can be accessed from each side of the truck bed. Also, there is a built-in handle that helps return the cover to the closed position.

BAKFlip FiberMax also has a string latch system and can be accessed through either side of the bed; thus, it demands the least manual effort. Again, when you need full access to the truck bed to carry oversized cargo, the cover can simply be rolled over to the buckle head, and struts are capable of holding the cover in place. Though it covers the rear window, the third brake light is visible for watching the cars behind.

Lock Mechanism

The Lomax has the basic security option, but it would be sufficient for protecting the cargo anyways. It locks at 10 points to the side rails for extended security. It opens at the tailgate; thus, to ensure safety from any potential theft, install tailgate locks if you don’t have any.

BAKFlip FiberMax also does not have anything extravagant when it comes to lock and security. The traditional slam latches are used for locking the bed cover to the truck bed. Though the system is conventional and basic yet it is effective and protects fragile cargo to the best.


This Lomax vs BAKFlip comparison highlights the critical differences in the features of these models. Before investing, go through the comparison and invest accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Lomax covers are easy to install and come with all the necessary hardware. They are also backed by a lifetime warranty, so you can be sure that your investment is protected. If you are looking for a high-quality tonneau cover, Lomax is a great option.
Where are Lomax tonneau covers made?
Lomax tonneau covers are made in the United States. The company is headquartered in Missouri, and all of its products are made in America. Lomax is proud to be an American-made company, and it shows in the quality of its products. All Lomax tonneau covers are made from high-quality materials and construction, ensuring that they will last for years to come. If you’re looking for a top-quality tonneau cover, you can’t go wrong with Lomax.
Most importantly, BAKFlip covers provide excellent protection from the weather, keeping your belongings dry and safe no matter what Mother Nature throws at them. So if you’re looking for a high-quality, weather-resistant tonneau cover, BAKFlip is a great option.


Lomax Tonneau

Bakflip Tonneau

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