Shock Absorber and Struts

How to Measure Your Shocks

How to Measure Your Shocks

How to Measure Your Shocks Shock absorbers are a vital safety feature on your vehicle. The shock absorber prevents the springs from being able to bounce back and forth too much, which could cause them to break or wear out prematurely. Shock absorbers also control how quickly your car rebounds after going over bumps in …

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Shock Absorber top brands

Top Brands of Shock Absorbers

Compare Top Brands of Shock Absorbers Shock absorbers absorb the shock of bumpy roads and allow for a smoother ride. Shock absorber brands come in all shapes and sizes, so it can be hard to know which one is best for your car. In this blog post, we will review top brands of shock absorbers …

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What Does A Shock Absorber Do?

What Does A Shock Absorber Do

What Does A Shock Absorber Do? Shock absorbers are an important part of any car suspension system. They provide a buffer between the springs and the frame, which improves handling by absorbing road vibrations that would otherwise be transmitted to the vehicle’s body. Shock absorbers also keep your tires in contact with the ground so …

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Shock vs Strut: What's the Difference?

shock absorber vs strut

Shock vs Strut: What’s the Difference? Shock absorbers and struts are both suspension components for cars. They work to keep the car level when driving over bumps in the road, which makes them a necessary part of any vehicle. Shock absorbers dampen the impact that occurs from going over bumps by converting kinetic energy into …

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Shock Absorber Repair: How to

Shock Absorber Repair

Shock Absorber Repair: How to If you have a car, then it is likely that at some point in time you will need to replace your shock absorbers. Shock absorbers help control the motion and speed of a vehicle by dampening the effect of bumps and potholes on the chassis. They are an important part …

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Parts Of Shock Absorber

Parts of shock absorber

Parts Of Shock Absorber A shock absorber is a mechanical transducer that converts vehicle movement into hydraulic fluid energy in form of compression or extension forces depending on its orientation to road surface. A shock absorber cushion the vibration and the jerking motion associated with irregular roads surfaces which helps keep driver alert & comfortable. …

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Shock Absorber Diagnosis Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Shock Absorber Diagnosis

Common Question About Shock Absorber: How to Diagnose Shock Absorbers Shock absorbers are crucial components for vehicles. They keep the vehicle stable, and protect it from damage caused by things like potholes and rough terrain. Shock absorber diagnosis is a necessary process that should be done periodically to ensure your car continues to drive safely …

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Oredy Struts Vs Monroe Struts

Oredy Struts Vs Monroe Struts

Oredy Struts Vs Monroe Struts It’s not every day that your struts need replacement. So why not invest some time before bringing home some quality struts. Investing in a good pair of struts will make sure your vehicle rides in pristine condition for years to come. They offer superior control, correct height adjustment, and overall …

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