Common Question About Shock Absorber: How to Diagnose Shock Absorbers

How to Diagnose Shock Absorbers
How to Diagnose Shock Absorbers

Shock absorbers are crucial components for vehicles. They keep the vehicle stable, and protect it from damage caused by things like potholes and rough terrain. Shock absorber diagnosis is a necessary process that should be done periodically to ensure your car continues to drive safely and smoothly. In this blog post, we will answer six questions about shock absorber diagnosis that you may have had in the past!

Can I Drive Without Shock Absorber

Yes, you can drive your car without a shock absorber. A shock is a mechanical device that has many moving parts (which make them vulnerable to wear and tear). These moving parts allow for a smoother ride on the road, while the shock absorbs the impact caused due to uneven surfaces. Hence, a vehicle without shock absorbers will have a rough ride and may also cause damage to other components within your car.

So, why do we have shocks? If the vehicles were equipped with leaf springs like in older cars then there would be no shock absorbers on the road today. A leaf spring suspension works great for most cars as long as you don’t want to go faster than 80 mph or so.

How Long Can Shocks Last

It is difficult to pinpoint an exact time period when it comes to the life of a shock absorber. This is because they are subjected to different conditions all the time and hence, they wear out at a varied rate. Shock Absorbers last between 30,000 – 100,000 miles (56,000 – 160,000 km), depending on your driving habits and road conditions. So if you want to extend the life of your shock absorber, it is best to drive smoothly and slowly on bad roads.

Do Shock Absorbers Come In Pairs?

If you are want to buy a shock absorber from online or your local retails shop if it’s don’t have any offer then its comes with single piece. don’t comes with a pair.

Do Shock Absorbers Come Under Warranty?

Shock absorbers help your car to limit the dampening effects of bumps on your ride. If they’re broken, you may know it by a bouncy ride or soft and sagging-to-the-ground steering wheel.

Under Warranty The American Auto Association reports that some manufacturers offer 12 months or Limited Warranty with shock absorber. Shock absorbers, however, do not always come under warranty. Check you product label before buy so that you can understand which shock absorber giving how long the warranty period.

Does Shock Absorber Affect Height?

shock absorbers are usually located at the front or rear wheels, depending on how the car is designed. but if you drive an older car, there’s a chance that your shock absorber was attached to the leaf springs above your axle, making it part of the suspension system. newer cars have bypass shocks , which use hydraulic fluid instead of air pressure.

No, new shocks can’t make your ride height higher. Shocks are not strong enough to hold the weight of the car. The weight of the car is supported by the springs. Longer springs, stiffer springs, or spacers on the frame can increase how high your car will go.

Driving With Broken Shock Absorber

Shock Absorbers are designed to cushion the impact of weight from moving vehicle onto the suspension and at the same time help reduce vibration caused by bumps. They do a very important job but unfortunately they could be broken. It’s better not to drive your car if you think any shock absorbers are broken because it can cause accident!

1) If one side has failed (usually called “blown”) then that side of tire will have no resistance and you’ll have too much grip on that tire causing steering wheel to shake violently in your hand , also most likely that tire will develop flat spot. It may happen that this tire completely ruined and blow out while driving.

2) If one side has failed and other side is intact, the shock absorber will try to maintain balance (these are hydraulic so it gets power from engine). In this case it’s going to cause strong vibration in car on that side. It will feel like you have flat tire but actually there is not flat tire at all.

3) If both front shocks (left and right) have been broken you’ll be driving with no resistance and soon your steering could block because of big pressure without support which could lead to accident or if nothing bad happens eventually tires would get ruined anyway(again most likely blow out while driving ).

4)  Also it can make a mess with suspension safety height because now you can’t measure them and most likely it’s going to be too low and driver have to drive like that.

So let say you’ve driving with broken shock absorber, do you need a replacement or not? It really depends on situation. If your suspension has driven many miles without shocks then I think if they’re not broken now, they never will be broken later because the moving weight is used all possible holes in hydraulic system. So probably just ignore them and enjoy smooth ride even if there are some bumps on the road. But if you think any shocks are broken at moment, it’s recommended to replace them as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If your car is exhibiting any of the following symptoms, it may be time for new shocks:

-Rough ride: If your car feels bouncy or unstable over bumps, it could be due to worn-out shocks.

-Nose dive: If your car seems to dip down excessively when braking, bad shocks could be the culprit.

-Body roll: Do you feel like your car is leaning too much when taking turns? This could also indicate that the shocks are in need of replacement.

If you’re unsure whether or not your shocks are bad, a mechanic can take a look and give you an expert opinion. In the meantime, drive safely!

How can I tell if my shock absorbers need replacing?
One way to tell if your shock absorbers need replacing is to check for oil leaks. Another way is to see if the shocks are sagging or leaking fluid. If either of these things is happening, then it’s time to replace your shock absorbers.

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