Pro Comp es9000 Vs Bilstein 4600 Shocks

Pro Comp es9000 Vs Bilstein 4600 Shocks
Pro Comp es9000 Vs Bilstein 4600 Shocks

Can you place a coffee cup in your ride without spilling coffee inside? Maybe you can with the right shocks installed. Shocks are a great way of absorbing the bumps you face in your daily commute. They are both affordable and effective in maintaining comfort and safety on smooth and rough tracks. 

Now that you are looking for new shocks, it’s obvious that you have stumbled upon the age-old rivalry of Pro Comp es9000 Vs Bilstein. They are both fan-favorites offering extreme value for the money. With a glimpse of the major gains and drawbacks of each of these ballers, you will be able to pick the right one for you. So grab a cup of coffee and get right into it.

Pro Comp es9000 Vs Bilstein Table

Pro Comp ES9000 and Bilstein shocks are two of the most popular choices for drivers looking to upgrade their suspension. It can be difficult to make a decision without knowing all the benefits and differences between each shock absorber. The following blog post will compare these two products, explaining how they work and what makes them different from one another.

Comes charged with nitrogen gas for ultimate shock absorption capacity.

Features a monotube design along with upside-down technology offering enhanced performance.

Ideal for both smooth road surfaces and exciting off-road tours. 

Features a monotube design along with upside-down technology offering enhanced performance.

Packs tried and tested twin-tube design and highly sensitive 10 stage velocity valving for seamless performance.

Designed with Digressive valving to adjust to all sorts of road conditions.

Is capable of handling heavy loads and tackling extreme driving conditions. 

Features high gas pressure and consistent performance even when used to pull trailers.

The double welded shock mounts make sure the performance is consistent for years to come. 

Packs vulcanized neoprene rubber bushings for optimum durability.

Features a full displacement piston head which is a 1 3/8” nylon banded for max strength to face challenges ahead. 

Each unit goes through rigorous testing and is released after fine-tuning for reliable performance. 

Comes with a stylish exterior to match the aesthetics of the vehicle. 

Offers superior carrying capacity, better control, and increased traction for light trucks and SUVs.

Why Compare

The right shocks can set your mood right. Thus when it comes to getting one, it’s worth investing a little time getting to know the pros and cons of each shock. This in-depth comparison will help you install the shocks rightly engineered for your vehicle and enjoy superior control and performance.

Main features of Pro Comp es9000

Superior Shock Absorption

The Pro Comp es9000 comes with top-of-the-line engineering to offer you superior shock absorption capacity. Its nitrogen-filled gas shock absorption design is capable of tackling both smooth and offroad bumps with ease. Thus you won’t be feeling any bumps next time you pass through the pothole on your way to the office. 

Seamless Performance

Consistency is what sets this gem of a shock absorber apart from the rest of the competition. It features a twin-tube design that has been proven to go the distance. With seamless performance in terms of comfort, handling, heavy loads, and more, you won’t be looking for a replacement any time soon.

Versatile Usage

This masterpiece comes with sophisticated engineering to face various conditions and road situations. It packs a 10-stage velocity-sensitive valving to offer you the desired performance at all tracks. Thus you will have a comfortable commute to your office throughout the week and have fun off roads at the weekends.

Durable And Stylish

With double welded shock mounts and a 5/8″ chrome hardened piston rod, the ES9000 stays in pristine condition for years. The durable construction backs up the top tech features the brand offers. The stylish finish offers instant satisfaction right out of the box and makes you feel good about the purchase. 

Main features of Bilstein 4600

Enhanced Stability And Grip 

The Bilstein 4600 has won over its user’s heart offering reliable performance at an affordable price. The shocks have been proved to ensure optimum grip and superior lane stability in all conditions. This ensures improved control and comfort both for daily driving and weekend thrills. 

Impressive Engineering

With Digressive valving, the shocks instantly adapt to any surface and road conditions. This eases off your worries and lets you ride with confidence. Bilstein keeps on impressing with its high end engineering and this was no exception. 

Consistent Performance

Designed for light trucks and SUVs, the shocks do a tremendous job of improving the suspension’s carrying capacity. Thus you get more room to work with heavy loads and put your ride to the ultimate test. All that with the consistent steering, handling, and traction performance makes these shocks one of a kind. 

Fine Tuned And Easy Installation

The shocks come fine-tuned through the Bilstein road test to offer you tailored performance. It comes with a monotube design that boasts superior upside-down technology. With no spring change required, you will be set and running in no time. 

Our Verdict

Shocks make your ride comfier and safer. While there are lots of options in the market, it’s wiser to spend a bit more on the ones that have good reviews and offer better technology. In the end, it is down to those little variations in overall quality that make all the difference. 

Both these brands have been offering top-notch performance for the bucks. Bilsteins have a reasonable advantage with their monotube design that affects the overall performance. Pro comp es9000 still remains a good budget option for day to day usage. 

How many miles do shocks last?

Answer: This usually depends on the type of usage. Generally, it is better to replace shocks after every 50,000 to 100,000 miles. 

Do Bilstein shocks wear out?

Answer: Yes, shocks wear out and Bilstein is not an exception here. The advantage you will get with Bilstein is the low rate of wearing out.  

Can worn shocks affect steering?

Answer: Yes, worn shocks affect steering. As shocks wear out, they may cause increased steering input and negative turns. This will certainly affect your overall steering performance. 


With both Pro comp es9000 and Bilstein offering all-around performance, it comes down to the user experience that sets them apart. If budget is not the restriction, Bilsteins do offer better technology and thus a better experience in terms of ride quality.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are Bilstein 4600 shocks good? We think so! These shocks offer great performance at a reasonable price, and we’ve had good experiences with them on our own vehicles. If you’re looking for a quality upgrade from your stock shocks, the Bilstein 4600 may be a great option for you.


Are Pro Comp ES9000 Shocks any good?
If you’re looking for a great set of shocks to improve your vehicle’s ride quality, the Pro Comp ES9000 Shocks are a great option to consider. These shocks are designed to provide a smoother ride, and they’re also built to last. So, if you’re looking for a quality set of shocks that will provide a better ride and last for many miles, the Pro Comp ES9000 Shocks are worth checking out.


Pro Comp ES9000

Bilstein 4600

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