Royal Purple Oil Filter Vs K&N Oil Filter

Royal Purple Oil Filter Vs K&N Oil Filter
Royal Purple Oil Filter Vs K&N Oil Filter

Which oil filter should you use, the Royal Purple or the K&N? There are many factors to consider when making this decision. In this blog post, we will talk about what each of these filters is made out of and how they work in order to provide a clearer picture for which one may be best for your vehicle. We will also take a look at some testimonials from people who have used both filters so that you can decide if it’s worth giving one of them a try.

Royal Purple Oil Filter Vs K&N Table

There are a lot of different oil filters to choose from on the market today, and some may not be as good or reliable as others. This blog post will go in depth into two popular oil filter makes: the Royal Purple Filter vs K&N.

100% Synthetic Micro Glass Media

K&n 1-year Limited Warranty

Catches 99% Of Particles 25 Microns

Withstand The Longer Service Intervals 

Has Silicone Anti-drain Back Valve That Prevents Dry Starts

Has Silicone Anti-drain Back Valve That Prevents Dry Starts

Super Premium Extended Life Oil Filter

Heavy Duty Canister For Excellent Durability

Compatible With All Synthetic And Conventional Oils.

Compatible With Synthetic, Petroleum-based, And Blended Oils

Ultra Strength Filter Housing

Exceptionally Efficient Filtration

15,000 Mile Protection When Used With Full Synthetic Oil

Oil Service Intervals Of 7,500-10,000+ Miles

Extra Heavy Duty Rubber Base Gasket Ensures A Leak-free Seal

Synthetic-blend Filtration Media Removes Most Contaminants

Why Compare

Comparison will be created if the factors of the comparison are mostly used or discussed subjects to the people. So, relatively we can make a comparison between the Royal Purple Oil refiner and K&N as these two are becoming irresistible in the automotive industry. People are finding them efficient and durable. The comparison chart among these two is given below.

Main Features Of Royal Purple Oil Filter

Durability Components:

Royal Purple oil refiner can provide maximum support up to 15000 miles. Because of having 100% synthetic micro-glass media, it is very promising in removing hazardous particles from the engine oil. And thus, it can provide more durability to the car engine.


At 20 microns or more, it catches 98.7% of the particles present in the engine oil. At 25 microns and larger, it can catch 99% of the particles. So its efficiency at 20 microns and larger is 98.7% and at 25 microns and larger, efficiency is above 99%. It is mentionable that, at 10 microns and larger, its efficiency is above 80% which is greater than other oil refiners.

Renowned Brand:

Produced by the Royal Purple Automotive industry, it is known as a trusted oil refiner. People have been using this for a few decades and its demand is also increasing. As it is an American brand, you can have your trust in this oil refiner. It has a more accurate refining capability.

Satisfying Oil Flow:

It contains 100% synthetic micro-glass fiber media that provides a continuous flow of engine oil. But its oil flow is comparatively less than the others. But there are no comments about its efficiency and durability. At present, it is providing the highest efficiency in refining all types of engine oil.


The price of the Royal Purple oil refiner may not be affordable so most silicone people can maintain oil to flow more because it was designed to give more efficiency to the car engine. But you can check its price from the nearest automotive supplier if you are eager to buy it.

Main Features Of K&N Oil Refiner


Due to having a Silicone anti-drain back valve, the K&N oil refiner is capable of giving support to the engine up to 15000 miles. In extreme weather, it will give the maximum utility to the car engine. It is more durable than the other oil refiners available in the market.


At 25 microns and larger, the K&N oil refiner can catch 95% of the particles available in the engine oil. At 20 microns or larger, the efficiency is 85%. At 10 microns or larger, the K&N oil refiner is capable of catching 75% of the particles available in the engine oil.

Maximum Oil Flow:

The K&N oil refiner can maintain the maximum oil flow to the car engine. As its efficiency is partially less than the Royal Purple oil refiner, it can maintain oil flow in more vehicles. It doesn’t depend on the weather.

Trusted Brand:

K&N is located in California, a state of the United States of America. On the other side of the automotive industry, it has a reputable position throughout the world. People are having their trust in this refiner for their capability of oil flow and durability.


The price of the K&N oil refiner is affordable to all people. You can easily buy this refiner as its price is within your monetary limit. But it is not as efficient as the Royal Purple oil refiner.

The Verdict

The Royal Purple oil refiner was designed to ensure the maximum efficiency of the car engine. It is recommended for highly advanced vehicles. It may malfunction in vehicles that are not highly advanced. Again its oil flowing capability is less than K&N oil refiner.

The K&N oil refiner is more durable than the Royal Purple oil refiner. It has the maximum capability of maintaining the oil flow to the car engine. It is recommended not to use it in highly advanced vehicles. But if you want to get a more durable and accurate refining oil refiner, then you can try it.

Now it’s your turn to decide which one you will prioritize- better oil flow or long lifetime. Of course, the condition of your vehicle should be thoroughly considered as well.


Royal Purple and K&N oil filters are trusted brands and have various features for different vehicles. If one has the maximum feature on one side then it can be seen that that particular refiner is not very much capable on another side. But in overall point of view, these two are worth promising for oil filtration and giving utility to the car engine. Now the choice is yours between Royal Purple vs K&N.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes, Royal Purple oil filters are good. They are made with quality materials and have a good reputation.

K&N oil filters are designed to flow more freely than traditional filters, which means they can help your engine run more efficiently. In addition, K&N oil filters are designed to trap more contaminants than standard filters, which can help extend the life of your engine.

Royal Purple was founded in 1986 with the mission of providing high-performance lubricants that extend the life of engines and components. Today, the company produces a wide range of oils, greases, and other lubricants for both automotive and industrial applications. Royal Purple oil filters are made with superior quality materials and construction to provide optimal engine protection and performance. All Royal Purple oil filters are backed by a limited warranty.
Yes, a K&N oil filter can add horsepower to your vehicle. These filters are designed to improve airflow and help your engine run more efficiently. In addition, they can also trap more dirt and debris than standard filters, which can further improve performance. While the exact amount of horsepower that you’ll see from using a K&N filter will vary depending on your specific vehicle and setup, there’s no doubt that these filters can help you get an edge on the competition. So if you’re looking to add a little extra power to your ride, be sure to give a K&N oil filter a try.


Royal Purple

K&N Oil Filter

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