Microgard Vs Wix Oil Filter

Microgard Vs Wix Oil Filter
Microgard Vs Wix Oil Filter

If you’re like most drivers, you change your car’s oil every 3,000 miles or so. And when it comes time to replace your oil filter, you have a choice to make: Microgard or Wix? Both of these brands are popular and well-known, but which one is the best for your car?

In this article, we’ll compare Microgard and Wix oil filters and help you decide which one is right for you. To reduce the risk of wear and tear, you must focus on keeping the combustion chamber clean. A workable filter is the most crucial component to do so. It strains the oil and removes all the particles.

MicroGard vs Wix Filter

Microgard and Wix are two of the most popular brands on the market, but which one is better? In this table, we will compare the two brands and help you decide which is best for your car.

Designed for Severe Driving Condition

Designed for Normal Driving Condition

Oil Change Interval 3750-10000 Miles

Oil Change Interval 3000- 5000 Miles

Excellent Filtering Ability

Excellent Filtering Ability

Filter Media is Synthetic

Filter Media is Cellulose

Anti Drain Back Valve Synthetic

Anti Drain Back Valve Nitrile

Filter Paper is Thick

Filter Paper is Thin

Recommended Oil Type Conventional, Synthetic, or Synthetic Blended

Recommended Oil Type Conventional or Synthetic Oils

This filter Efficiency 95% at 23 microns

This filter Efficiency 95% at 29 microns

WIX Oil Filters Recommended by The OE Vehicle Manufacturer

Meet or Exceed Vehicle Manufacturer’s Specifications

This Filter Traps up to 50% More Dirt and Contaminants

Provide Excellent Engine Protection Against Harmful Contaminants

MicroGard Oil Filter Reviews

MicroGard manufactures decent-quality oil filters at a very competitive price range. That is why these are considered the best basic oil strainers for conventional oil. You can use it with synthetic oil as well. As for the efficacy, it is suitable for your day-to-day use. The mileage is pretty good considering the traditional oil. The drain hole ID is 0.245 and the inside media is made of paper. There is an anti-drain black valve that is made of nitrile.

There are metal-made end caps. All the pleats are glued appropriately to ensure proper oil straining. The thickness of the can is 0.015. Talking about the filtering media, it has a height of 1.736 inches and the length is 54.

You can use it as a basic filter for regular driving conditions. A regular city road or highway driver will have no issues with this filter. The filter changing interval is usually 3,000 to 5000 miles. This is probably not that good compared to other filters. But for an entry-level filter like this, it is a decent mileage, we must say.

Usually, the micron rating is 15. MicroGard claims to have 95% efficiency at 29 microns. As for engine protection, it works reasonably well to keep away the contaminants. These filters are tailored to exceed the expected performance by the manufacturing company of a vehicle to give your extra engine protection.

Wix Oil Filter Review

Wix, one of the leading filter producers for a long time, has a wide range of oil filters to suit your engine. Coming with the thickest filtering media, they are much more durable than their competitor brands.

Be it engine oil or hydraulic, lubricating, or transmission oil, Wix filters are designed to keep them contaminant-free significantly. They are mainly designed for severe drivers and for those who use rough terrain.

The notable dirt straining capability leads to proper and sufficient lubrication to your engine keeping the combustion chamber safe. Consequently, engine performance is highly maintained even in an unwanted driving situation.

The full synthetic filtration media also lessen the oil flow restriction. You will love the heavy-duty base for the standard oil flow rate. Wix will give you 50% contaminants holding service which is rare in this kind of filtering media.

The valves are manufactured to meet individual requirements. So, you can customize it based on your necessity. The silicone-made anti-drain back valves prevent cold and dry start. They work just fine in the extreme cold weather as well. To learn more about further specifications, you can read our Wix VS Wix XP Oil Filter review.

Which One Is Better?

In this Comparison battle, we think the Wix filters meet the consumers’ demands better. They are designed for severe conditions and compatible with conventional, synthetic, or blended motor oil. So, the range of vehicles is wider than the MicroGard ones.

Moreover, the full synthetic filtering media is a big bonus to compete MicroGard performance. But the MicroGard is not that back. At an almost 50% cheaper rate, the construction is almost similar. The pleat count of both the filters is also closely tantamount. Although the ADBV is nitrile-made, it works okay as well.

If you look forward to a cheap filter for your car with nearly identical performance to a heavy-duty filter, MicroGard is the best possible option. But if you want to spend more for more robust and rigorous performance in extreme conditions, Wix will suit you better.

Our Observation

The main difference between Microgard and Wix oil filters are Microgard oil filter is made of Synthetic, whereas Wix Oil Filter is made of Cellulose. Also, they have different Oil change intervals.

Microgard Oil Filter provides you with a filter change interval of 3000-5000 miles whereas Wix oil filter changing interval is around typically 3,750 to 10,000 miles, both are decent intervals. So if you want to look at the budget-friendly options then Microgard oil filters will be your best bet.

Closing Notes 

Picking the right oil filter for your favorite vehicle is a tedious task, no doubt. But if you get to know the head-to-head comparison, it will be much easier to decide the winner.

However, in this discussion of this comparison, we have tried our best to enlighten you with all the necessary details about both the standard quality oil filters. Now it’s your turn to come to a conclusion about which one you will go for. But regardless of your choice, you will not be dissatisfied with the performance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is MicroGard the same as Wix?
MicroGard is not the same as Wix, though they are both web development platforms. MicroGard is a newer platform that has been designed specifically for microsites, while Wix is a more general platform that can be used for all types of website development. MicroGard offers some unique features that make it ideal for developing microsites, such as its easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface and its built-in SEO tools. However, Wix also has its own advantages, such as a large selection of templates and a more robust set of features. Ultimately, which platform you choose will depend on your specific needs and preferences.

How many miles does a MicroGard oil filter last?
The answer may surprise you – a MicroGard oil filter can last up to 10,000 miles before it needs to be replaced! That means that you can have peace of mind knowing your car is running smoothly for longer.

Yes, Wix is a good oil filter. They have been in business for over 70 years and are a trusted brand. Their filters are high quality and will keep your engine running smoothly.



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