The Bosch vs Fram Oil Filter

The Bosch vs Fram Oil Filter
The Bosch vs Fram Oil Filter

There are a lot of things to consider when you need an oil filter for your car. With so many options out there, it can be difficult to figure out which one is the right one for you and your vehicle. One of the most popular brands is Bosch. Fram also makes filters that have been around since 1923. But what are the differences between these two? Which should you buy? This blog post will compare Bosch vs Fram oil filters to help make your decision easier!

Bosch vs Fram Oil Filter Table

Our purpose is not to determine which is the best oil filter in the market by comparing Bosch and Fram, two popular brands. Rather find out which is the most suitable safety for your car’s engine. Both have their own unique features, which are suitable for different engines. Let’s look up some differences-

20k Mile Change Interval Oil Filter

 10,000 Mile Oil Change Intervals

99% Dirt Removal Greater Than 20 Microns

Capacity To Hold Up To 14 Grams Of Dirt

Durable Metal Screen

Strong Steel Base Plates & Housings Prevent Leaks

Silicone Anti-drain Back Valve Allows For Safe Engine

Strong Steel Base Plates & Housings Prevent Leaks

SureGrip filter allow easier installation and removal

Bosch Filters Meet All OEM Requirements

Anti-drainback Valve Ensures Start-up Protection

Silicone Anti-drainback Valve Ensures Clean Oil

Cellulose And Glass Blended Media

Has Filtech Media Technology

You Can Use Any Type Of Motor Oil

Recommended To Use On Castrol Motor Oil

Bosch oil filter is highly recommended due to it being one of the best products of this leading parts manufacturing company. It is designed to meet all Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) requirements. To ensure superior oil filtration and increased engine protection, it features a highly effective blend of natural and synthetic materials in the media. It has 99.9% filtration efficiency, can catch smaller particles even 20 microns, and hold up to 14 grams of dirt and particles.

The Fram, on the other hand, is one of the most popular oil filter brands due to its performance and price. The company offers different filters to use conventional and synthetic oil. A match with proper synthetic oil delivers performance up to 20,000 miles. These refiners have remarkable dirt-trapping efficiency and dirt-holding capacity as well.

Outstanding Product Quality

It is designed to meet all Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) requirements and effectively works by keeping out harmful particles and dirt. High-quality materials, neat and accurate processing introduce it as one of the trusted brands in the market.

Thicker And Effective Media

To ensure superior oil filtration and increased engine protection it features a highly effective blend of natural and synthetic materials in the media. The filtering area is up to 42 percent larger and 30 percent thicker. So compared to conventional filters it can screen out more harmful contaminants.

Silicone Made Back Valve

It contains a silicone anti-drain back valve that is more durable than a conventional rubber valve that protects the engine against dry starts. Also, there is a relief valve that prevents oil restriction to ensure proper oil flow.

Impressively Efficient

It has 99.9% filtration efficiency and can catch smaller particles, only at 20 microns. Holds up to 14 grams of dirt and particles and ensures engine protection.

High-lubricity Gasket

Gaskets are made from high-quality materials. Due to the high-lubricity gasket design, it provides a tight seal, but easy to remove.

Prime Features of Bosch Filter


Use the best cellulose and synthetic glass microfiber filter media that allows for fewer pleats for the same or better capacity and efficiency, promoting good oil flow. The dirt trapping and holding capacity of this filter are remarkable. It protects the engine by holding dirt until the next oil change.

Extended Protection

This filter is specially designed for synthetic oil. By matching with proper synthetic oil it delivers truly extended performance up to 20,000 miles.


In some cases, the installation process is quite troublesome. Sure-Grip coating gives the filter a non-slip finish to aid easy installation and removal.


This filter offers 99%+ filtration accuracy at 20 microns, which is really good. Separating even the tiniest particles gives the engine long-term protection. Media types produced in the latest technology made this filter much more acceptable, popular, and trustworthy.

Valve And Gasket

It contains silicone anti-drain back valves instead of rubber valves. Silicone is more durable than rubber and provides better efficacy. Moreover, an internally lubricated selling gasket that is an advanced high-tempered nitrile gasket ensures extended durability.

Which to choose

As we always say, it all depends on your personal requirements. If you opt for more accurate filtration and better mileage, probably Fram will be a greater deal. As it runs up to 20,000 miles. On the other hand, Bosch is also a winning deal in terms of efficiency. It catches tiny particles and refines oil efficiently. Though it has a shorter oil changing interval than Fram.
Considering all the pros and cons, we would suggest that Fram will be better if you use synthetic oil. Otherwise, you can go for Bosch.


Although the two filters seem to be similar, a closer look reveals some differences between them. ‍Bosch vs. Fram oil filter comparison will hopefully help you choose the most suitable filter for your car engine. Since cars are an important part of our daily lives, we also need to be aware of their proper care.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you’re looking for a quality oil filter, Bosch is a great option. Bosch filters are designed to work well with all types of motor oil, and they’re tough enough to stand up to extreme temperatures and driving conditions. They also have a low price point, making them a great value for your money. So if you’re wondering “Are Bosch oil filters good?”, the answer is a resounding yes!
How many miles does a Bosch oil filter last?
Bosch oil filters are designed to last for up to 5,000 miles. This means that you can usually get by with changing your oil filter every other oil change. However, if you drive in particularly dusty or dirty conditions, you may need to change your filter more frequently. Check your owner’s manual for more specific recommendations.
A FRAM synthetic oil filter can last up to 20,000 miles before it needs to be replaced. This makes them a great choice for those who want to extend the life of their oil filter and save money in the long run.

Bosch Oil Filter

Fram Oil Filter

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