STP vs Fram Air Filter

STP vs Fram Air Filter
STP vs Fram Air Filter

Air filters are widespread among vehicle users. It resides in the air-intake process. The main job is to purify the air coming in by excluding the dirt and other harmful particles that can damage your engine. The essential element used in making this product is paper, but you can also find ones made of cotton and other similar materials.

Though a cheap instrument compared to other parts, this one is a mighty tech and has to be checked regularly. After heavy use, the dirt can stop the air flowing into the engine, and you may end up with possible damage to your engine and heating system. Modern-day cars come with a cabin air filter. That too needs a regular check-up. Car specialists say that it is better to change your air filter every two years or 30,000 miles.

STP vs Fram Air Filter

Products in today’s article are about the most commonly known company in the air filter criteria. These two go on a long way with their competitiveness in the market. To decide to opt for one is hard to make as they both offer premium quality products. Still, for the users we sort the key difference out. We start with a table.

Model SA7440

Model CA10171

Total Weight 16 ounce

Total Weight 7 ounce

The holding capacity of dirt is very well and efficient

Provides 2X the engine protection

Dimensions 1.57 inch in height

Dimensions 1.20 inch in height

Washable & Cover Include

Washable & Cover Include

ISO 5011 Certified

ISO 5011 Certified

10,000 mile change intervals

12,000 mile change intervals

Made In Maxico

Made In Japan, US

STP overview

With a consumer-driven pricing and superior built quality, this is one of the best aftermarket air filters in the market available. Manufactured by the champion’s laboratory, this product shines their name of success. If you been in a business you know that it is not easy to earn fame just by the name, well this product did the impossible.

Motivated to be the industry leader, they use Micro-pore technology, which is the most advanced in today’s market—with the help of excellent built quality and modern scientific wonder, keeping the particles or dirt away from the engine easier than it is.

Some of the features of STP to look at

  • The holding capacity of dirt is very well and efficient
  • Micro-pore tech is a massive upgrade compared to the fellow competitors
  • ISO tested and world-famous so rest assure when buying
  • Goof protection provided results in revamped performance and develop fuel efficiency

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FRAM air filters review

Eighty-five years of legacy continued by this company with the utmost respect from the customer’s answers all your questions about its quality. A concentrated look at filters that made them achieve greater success many long for. The company’s air filters come with reliability, efficiency, performance, and that too with the right price.

A hard-working R & D team and Continuous testing have ensured that the air filters are now able to protect the engine two times better than its rivals. There is hardly any need for maintenance before 12,000 miles which benefits when you see that there is no significant acceleration loose to it.

Some core features

  • An illustrated manual is provided to help you change it by your own
  • Acceleration and horsepower surpasses the usual
  • Double protection to your engine
  • Advanced media filter has been engineered into the tech

As it is impossible to ignore the importance of the air filter to a car, it is similarly impossible to ignore the air filters from the brands. They shaped the industry and adored by their consumers. So a purchase of any is a decision worth your money.

Who makes STP oil filters?

Champion Labs makes this oil filters. Champion labs are US-based labs that produce the various product and this oil filter is one of their top products. This filter is reckoned to be an economical solution to the problem. The filters however are very much alike like the ones Wal-Mart sells under the name of SuperTech. Making the filter is quite good compared to the price range, and the manufacturer did an excellent job with it. A worrying sign is that the box containing the filters doesn’t mention anything about the standards met in the testing. Stating such a fact is quite apparent and I think the producer should consider that. 

Are STP oil filters good?

Yes, they are good but up to a certain price point. The oil filters are created at one of the finest automotive facilities in US. The filters are not the high ends type but a respected member of their own price range. The filter is an advanced technology and powerful enough to catch all the dirt making its way into the engine. AS bypass valve and a protect promise worth 10,000 miles for synthetic is oil is just too good sometimes.

The filters are powerful enough to catch particles as small as 20 microns. The silicon ring that is implemented stays unaffected whether the temperature is high or low. The producer claim the product is capable of running 5,000 miles. Consumers who used the product haven’t had much of a chance to complain and even if there was some it was dealt with a good 30-day replacement warranty. Overall it is fair to say that the filters are good considering the price they come in. 

STP Air Filter

Fram Air Filter

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