Delvac Vs Rotella Engine Oil

Delvac Vs Rotella Engine Oil
Delvac Vs Rotella Engine Oil

If you’re looking for the best engine oil for your car, you have a lot of choices. There are many different brands and types of oil available on the market these days. So, which one should you choose? In this blog post, we will compare Delvac and Rotella engine oils to help you make the best decision for your vehicle.

Delvac Vs Rotella Table

Shell Rotella T6

Mobil Delvac

Provides 1. 5% Improved Fuel Economy Performance

Outstanding Performance at Sub-Zero Temperatures

Protects Against the Effects of Soot, Dirt and Other Contaminants

Protects Against Thermal Breakdown at High Temperatures

Engineered With Shear Stability

Exceptional Shear Stability

Suitable for Diesel-Powered Vehicles 

Compatible With Mineral ATF Fluids

Protect Against Wear & Deposits Build Up

Outstanding Anti-Wear Properties.

It Increased Fuel Economy Performance

Improve Smooth Shifting Performance and Fuel Economy.

For Best Performance, Follow the Manufacturer’s Recommendations

For Best Performance, Follow the Manufacturer’s Recommendations

Why Compare?

Engine oil plays a vital role in the performance of the engine. Cause the primary purpose of engine oil is to reduce the friction between the engine parts, which are in constant friction. Reducing friction will help the engine to increase the wear and tear of engine parts.

Among so many engine oils, Delvac and Rotella engine oil is a trendy name. However, these oils are very different from each other. Delvac is a unique lubricant solution for the latest engines. For long and reliable engine life, Delvac keeps vital and hot engine parts clean simultaneously, even when biodiesel fuel components are used.

Considering the Shell Rotella synthetic motor oil’s characteristics, benefits, and drawbacks, it is one of the best engine oil. It is legal to use with most car brands’ diesel and gasoline engines and heavy-duty vehicles.

Mobil Delvac Review

Delvac engine oil is an advanced complete synthetic engine oil. It works in various parts of the engine to reduce friction and increase the effectiveness of the engine. Using Delvac will ensure you have a smoother and better performance of the engine. The oil helps to reduce sludge and deposit from the engine as it has state-of-the-art technology and provides anti-wear and anti-scuff engine control.

it gives low-temperature performance to increased oil flow to critical engine surfaces at startup. The Delvac engine oil helps to reduce the number of oil changes. And also, it delivers protection against oil thickening and degradation.

High-temperature Performance

At high temperatures, the silicone lubricants of oil are incredibly stable. It means they’re more resistant to thermal corrosion, which can result in sludge and deposits, as well as improvements in viscosity that reduce engine performance. Using synthetic Mobil Delvac lubricants can also help you save time and resources by extending oil drain periods.

Low-temperature Effectiveness

Mobil Delvac silicone lubricants can minimize internal friction and maintain consistency while preserving low-temperature fluidity. Maintaining lubrication of engine components – particularly after a cold start, which is one of the critical causes of engine wear – can also help extend engine life.

Excellent Engine Safety

Mobil Delvac lubricants are designed to shield materials from the harmful effects of soot and other contaminants, extending the life of engines in all types of commercial vehicles and heavy-duty machinery from recent low-emission prototypes to older ‘workhorses.’

Benefits of Delvac

  1. Deposit prevention and smooth engine running
  2. Engine wear is reduced, resulting in longer engine life.
  3. With biofuel parts, the engine is kept clean and protected.
  4. Fuel intake is reduced.
  5. There are fewer oil shifts and fewer oil disposals.
  6. Longevity and efficiency of emission control systems

What is Rotella?

Rotella oil is a very well-known engine oil around the world, and most manufacturers used this oil to better the engine. But there are two types of Rotella oil available; one is collected from petroleum products, and the other is human-made, or you can say fully synthetic oil.

This oil is so beneficial that it takes care of three critical areas of the engine, including acid, deposit and wear control under any driving condition. There is a high chance of producing acid during combustion, but Rotella protects your engine from doing that.

It is well-known for its Triple Safety Plus technology, which consists of additives that guard against deposits, oil breakdown, and deposits. It also aids in decreasing temperature flow while improving fuel economy.

Viscosity And Density

Rotella is a low-viscosity oil that allows your car to start quickly and easily even though it’s cold outside. It will start engines up to 30 degrees Fahrenheit, which is unheard of in other related oils. And, when the oil adapts to every environmental situation, it stays liquid even though it’s cold outside. It also keeps a constant supply of high temperatures without causing the engine to stall.

Oil Transition Intervals

Since this is low-maintenance gasoline, there is no need to change it on a daily basis as long as the engine is clean and free of dirt. You or your mechanic should inspect your engine’s oil filter to see how clean it is and if there is any residue that necessitates an oil change.

Low Ash Additives

Rotella reduces engine maintenance and offers a smoother experience that is why it has a deficient level of ash, sulfur and phosphorus. It would have less of an effect on the internet because of its lowest carbon content.

Full Synthetic Oil

The oil is a low-ash synthetic oil that is not produced from high-carbon petroleum products. By the engine’s mileage, it tends to boost its economic competitiveness and productivity.

For Diesel And Gasoline Engine

Rotella oil is designed for vehicles that are powered by diesel fuel, including an old pick-up truck, minivan, tractors and trailers and other heavy-duty equipment.

This oil can be used in gasoline engines too. The best applications for gasoline engines meet API SM standards, such as those used in some US, Asian, and European automobiles.

Benefits of Rotella

  1. By keeping your engine clean and efficient all of the time, you can save resources and money on repairs.
  2. Ensuring that oil distribution and flow are unaffected by temperature changes, the engine is protected from high and low temperatures.
  3. It’s also compatible with some motorcycle styles.
  4. It has low amounts of carbon, arsenic, and sulfur
  5. It prevents the oil from breaking down.
  6. Low deposits are produced.

Our Observation

Mobil Delvac engine oil is suitable for diesel vehicles and equipment used in on and off-highway applications. On the other hand, Shell Rotella T6 motor oil is suitable for virtually all modern low-emission heavy-duty engines and older hard-working diesel engines. If you are not sure then check your owner’s manual for heavy-duty engine oil recommendations.


Both these oils are working in their own ways. They have a huge difference between them and some similarities as well, but it totally depends on the customer what oil they want to use in their machines. So choose the oil according to your engine’s requirement and enjoy its benefits!

Delvac Oil

Rotella Oil

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