Idler Arm VS Pitman Arm

Idler Arm VS Pitman Arm
Idler Arm VS Pitman Arm

A four wheeled vehicle is a sum of various intricate parts that combine together to help us move forth. There are several parts that link the system and assemble the steering process. Idler arms and Pitman arms are two such parts that link the steering to the center core followed by the attachment to the hub.

Idler arm and Pitman are two distinct parts yet they combine together to provide support to the steering linkage. The Pitman is considered to be the main player, it is the actual doer with the help of Idler arm. The Pitman is the one observed to be in motion where the Idler arm works as a pivoting support.

Idler Arm Vs Pitman Arm Chart 

Steering grants us control over our vehicle. It abides by our command to face and turn to the direction we ought to proceed. But when the Pitman arm fails utterly, you will eventually lose all steering and control over your vehicle.

If your vehicle seems to wobble or wander or if you have a stubborn steering system that is slow to respond on your command, you need to replace your Pitman arm immediately. And that’s what calls for the proper acknowledgement of these two individual products.

Model: ACDelco 46C1112A

Model: MOOG K6536 

To ensure quality and durability it undergo impact, wear, and fatigue testing

Famouse moog engineered steel composition results in a stronger component

For corrosion resistance and long life its coated properly.

Comes with grease enables design to reduced friction & stability.

Greaseable design 

Greaseable socket design

its has Precision-machined arm, housing & socket end for better fit

it Restore steering performance & last much longer

To increase durability & service life, Dust boot is installed

this Pitman arm meet or exceed OE specifications

12 months or 12,000 miles warrenty.

1 Year Warranty if defects in material or workmanship

Main Features List


The Pitman arms are designed in an arched way for easy handling according to your hand movement. It is greaseable thus it will pay off in the long run by not catching rust. On the other hand, the Idler arm is proven to meet all the OE standards for high quality performance. Especially the TRW’s Range  of Idler arms are known to stand out in the crowd.

Has a Forged Arm

The Pitman arm has a certain kind of built that was designed with a clever mind to improve the power we put. The pivot point multiples the range of power due to its forged arm. The forged arm is known to create pressure and enhanced strength for a better output and linkage.

Decreases Endplay

The Pitman arm connects the gear of your steering to the steering linkage that is held responsible for conducting the whole system. It abides by the “3F” rule. The Pitman arm was especially designed so that it can “Fit, Form and Function” effortlessly.

Nevertheless, the Idler arm has been tested to withstand extreme conditions on the road through hardcore laboratory tests. However, the bearing structure of the Pitman arm is known to decrease endplay.

Withstand Extreme Impact

Pitman arm has been built in such a precise way that it will be able to sustain extreme shocks while driving. Moreover, the starvation of the engine in rare cases won’t impact much on the Pitman arm. Since, it is proven that Pitman arm can undergo several wear and fatigue tests to ensure its best quality and extend life expectancy.

Similarly, the Idler arm is known to complement the Pitman while conducting the linkage between the steering and the steering core.

Designed To Undergo Close Tolerance

A certain kind of process is followed while making the Pitman arm. In order to avoid fatal failure and ensure close tolerance maintenance, studs use a cold-formed manufacturing system. On the other hand, the Idler meets and exceeds all OE standards and is made out of OE quality materials. Here, OE is supposed to represent the short form of “Original Equipment”.

Safety Measures

Both Pitman and Idler abide by the much praised safety measures. These safety measures include the high class OE Grade Chassis Parts collected from the GLASS (Global Leader of Automotive Safety System).

As a sum of all the qualities mentioned above, Pitman and Idler arm are tried and true to deliver high quality performance to secure the connection and work as a reliable bridge for your car’s interior function system.


An overused or faulty Pitman and Idler arm will cause your vehicle to get pulled to one side. Eventually, the loose grip system will result in an unstable ride where you might have to struggle to keep your vehicle sane and on path. The faulty tires will pull the vehicle to a side and will put more pressure on the sided wheels. Thus, causing the wheel to worn out sooner than expected with the opposite tires still in good shape.

A faulty Pitman arm won’t let you be in control of your steering. The grip and interior connection being faulty will keep on sending wrong signals and you will eventually lose control over your steering. Thus, an unstable Pitman and Idler arm will make your ride unstable, unpleasant rather risky.

Can a Pitman arm break?

Answer – In case if your Pitman arm is fragile and weak then it will more likely break. It will break when your vehicle comes to a sudden halt. Such as, while taking a turn or while pulling in the breaks or while parking.

How much does it cost to replace a Pitman arm?

Answer – The price of the replacement is rather high when combined in total but it’s worth it. The average will cost up to $202-$285. Where individually the parts will cost between $100-$157. While considering the labor cost $101-$128 is supposed to be legit.


Pitman and Idler arm works combined to maintain a proper height. It works as a pivot point in order to support and provide linkage from one end to opposite steering. Where the Idler arm works as a pivot, the Pitman is the main player.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

There is often confusion between idler arms and pitman arms, but they are actually two different parts. An idler arm is a suspension component that helps guide the axle as it moves up and down. A pitman arm is part of the steering linkage and transfers the motion of the steering wheel to the wheels. So while they both have an important role in keeping your vehicle running smoothly, they serve different purposes.
The average cost to replace a pitman arm and idler arm is between $200 and $400. However, the exact cost will depend on the make and model of your vehicle as well as the labor costs of the mechanic or dealership. If you are replacing these parts yourself, you can expect to pay around $100 for the parts.


Idler Arm

Pitman Arm

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