Dorman Vs AC Delco Control Arm

Dorman Vs AC Delco Control Arm
Dorman Vs AC Delco Control Arm

Many people claim that the vibration and shaking of their vehicles are increasing day by day. It is lightweight and common to replace the vehicle struts and especially the shock absorbers if one faces such issues about car shaking. Some of them also change the vehicle tires, but the result is still zero. Then they start to lose their reliability from the brands of those parts.

But, the point which most of them forget about is the control arms. Mainly the control arms are reasonable for all the mentioned issues. But, as the control arms are connected with the chassis of a vehicle and hold the wheel in its position, any malfunction can create severe problems, including vehicle shaking, excess vibration in the steering wheel, low-speed rating, and more. A damaged control arm can be the cause of terrible road accidents and more other issues. So, it is necessary to check them on a monthly or weekly basis. If they are damaged, then it is obvious to change them quickly.

Here we have got two world-renowned lower control arms for your vehicle. As the front wheels of a vehicle are linked with the precise steering of a car, the control arms of the front wheels need to be durable and efficient.

Dorman vs AC Delco Table

Both are durable and will last a long time with regular maintenance, but there are some differences between the two that may help you decide which one to choose.

Front Lower Control Arm

Front Lower Control Arm

Rust & Corrosion Resistance

Coated To Help With Corrosion Resistance

Ensure A Smooth, Stable & Safe Ride

Greaseable Design To Help With Its Life

Can Directly Replaces The Original Assembly

Premium Aftermarket Replacement

Steel Construction Ensures Durability

Provides Better Durability And Efficiency

Ensures You A Smooth Ride Both On-road And Off-road

Ensures Comfortable Riding With Maximum Output

Compatible with Chevrolet, Oldsmobile, Pontiac Models, Black, Toyota, Nissan

Compatible with Grand Prix, Montana, Relay, Lacrosse, Monte Carlo, Terraza,

Silhouette, Venture, Intrigue, Uplander, Regal, Trans Sport, Century

Ensures Replacement Cycle Of 30000 Miles Up To 100000 Miles

Ensures Replacement Cycle Of 40000 Miles Up To 90000 Miles

Why Compare

Dorman and AC Delco are the two top-notch quality product suppliers in the automotive industry. Apart from the control arms, the struts, shock absorbers, oil filters, and other parts from these two brands are tough competitors to each other since their debut.

Both of them, being Chinese brands provide quality parts to the customers. But these two are preferable for different vehicles and their features are also different. So choosing the perfect one from these two will be a tough task without comparing them.

Features of Dorman 

Secure performance: The consistent performance of the lower control arms of Dorman greatly enhances your vehicle to provide a secure performance off-road. 

Agile handling: Vehicle handling on rough surfaces is a tough task to do. Because accurate handling is quite impossible there. Here the lower control arms are significantly helpful for getting agile handling.

Trouble-free installation: Usually, installation takes a long time which is monotonous for us all. If you want zero trouble in installing the new control arms for your vehicle, the lower control arms of the Dorman will be a wise choice for you.

Durability: The control arms of Dorman will give you travel protection up to 30000 miles before further replacement.


  • Ensures you a smooth ride both on-road and off-road.
  • Designed for providing passenger safety.
  • Provides better stability of your vehicle during driving.
  • Ensures replacement cycle of 30000 miles up to 100000 miles.


  • Not preferable for some vehicles of the older model.

Features of ACDelco

Lightweight: As a premium product, the control arms of ACDelco are much lighter than other standard control arms.

Precise Steering: In the off-road, precise steering is a must to avoid accidents and excess vehicle shaking. The control arms of ACDelco will significantly reduce all these possibilities.

Premium Quality Product: The control arms of ACDelco are not easily affordable being a premium one. As a result, it is a rare control arm with exceptional features.


  • Provides your vehicle with better durability and efficiency.
  • Ensures comfortable riding with maximum output.
  • Meets expectations for fit, form, and function of your vehicle.
  • Ensures replacement cycle of 40000 miles up to 90000 miles.


  • Price may not be affordable as this product is a premium one.

Is Dorman’s control arm preferable for my Pontiac Grant AM GT 1999?

Yes, if you read the comparison table with proper consciousness, you will be able to see that the control arms of Dorman are preferable to the vehicles of Pontiac models.

I have an old model of Grand Prix i.e. 2002 Grand Prix. Which one between Dorman and ACDelco will be compatible with my vehicle for replacing the lower control arms?

For the vehicles of Grand Prix, ACDelco is the best choice for replacing the lower control arms of that vehicle. So, you can easily afford the control arms of ACDelco for your 2002 Grand Prix.

Final Verdict  

For a lower budget, the control arms of Dorman will be better for your vehicle between Dorman and ACDelco. Because the price of the control arms of ACDelco is much more than Dorman. But at first, you should match the vehicle specifications of both control arms. ACDelco is a premium quality product. But, on the other hand, Dorman is an affordable product with exclusive features. So, make your decision in a cool mind. Thank you for reading this article.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Overall, Dorman’s replacement parts are an excellent choice for anyone looking for quality aftermarket parts for their vehicle. They offer a great selection of products, competitive pricing, and top-notch customer service. If you’re in need of a replacement part, Dorman should be your first choice.
If you’re looking for quality car parts, you can’t go wrong with AC Delco. For over 100 years, AC Delco has been manufacturing quality auto parts that are trusted by mechanics and drivers alike. Whether you need a new battery, spark plugs, or any other car part, AC Delco is a brand that you can trust.


Dorman Control Arm

ACdelco Control Arm

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