225 vs 245 Tires: Winter Tires Comparison

225 vs 245 Tires: Winter Tires Comparison
225 vs 245 Tires: Winter Tires Comparison

We hardly think of traction, balance, and grip but these aspects are the determiners of safe and comfortable driving. While driving we often go for sharp brakes and edgy cornering, all these solid demand grips, and traction. Have you wondered what gives you stability both in on-road and off-road driving? Well, it is the tire of your vehicle.

The tire size determines how comfortable your driving experience would be. Choosing the appropriate tire size for your car can be the biggest challenge for you. Picking up the right size depends on some essential factors like the weather you are to drive in, your car model, road condition and your vehicle’s weight.

245 vs 225 Tire Comparison 

Rim Width Range 7.00 in - 8.50 in

Rim Width Range 7.50 in - 9.00 in

Designed for light carloads

Designed for medium carloads

Tire Circumference 81.59 (mm)

Tire Circumference 83.82 (mm)

Less rolling resistance thus more gas mileage

More rolling resistance thus less gas mileage

Sidewall Height 3.99 in

Sidewall Height 4.34 in

Revs per Mile 800.85 /ml

Revs per Mile 779.85 /ml

Revolutions per mile (km) 776.52 (482.51)

Revolutions per mile (km) 755.9 (469.69)

225 and 245 are the two most prominent tire sizes that are ruling the market these days. Most of manufacturer recommends these two tire sizes for their vehicles. If you are researching on the internet about tire sizes, you must have seen the 225 VS 245 tire size debate. Though the size dimension between these two tire sizes does not make a vast difference, there are some differences

Short Review on the 225 Tire Size

If you have a moderate car and want to cut down your fuel cost, a 225 tire is just perfect for your pick. Due to less rolling resistance, it does not demand more fuel to roll.


  • These tires are mostly budget-friendly.
  • Ensures quiet operation.
  • Extreme durable.
  • Very much applicable for snowy roads.

Short Review on the 245 Tire Size

For your tracking and off-road adventurous driving aspirations, you cannot avoid wide and super stable tires. No matter how the weather is or how the road conditions are, 245 size tires hold your back.


  • Comfortable driving.
  • Enhanced braking and responsive steering.
  • Applicable for extreme weather conditions.
  • Vibration-free driving.

What does 245/45r18 mean?

These numbers represent the tire profile. We can see them written on the tire body. Starting from 245, it denotes the section width of a tire in millimeters. Then the 45 is the sidewall height provided by the product. It is shown in the percentage of the width. The R we can see between the numbers is the construction, it denotes Radial, the most widely used method to produce a tire. And lastly, 18 is the diameter of the wheel.

What does 225/45r18 mean?

No matter how confusing the tire specification may look, it is relatively easy to understand once illustrated. Going by the order, first, we see the tire width which in this case is 225 then the aspect ratio of width to sidewall height; we can see a 45% height in respect of the width. The R is a common nominator who is short for Radial. Most of the tires we see today are Radial. And to finish the profile we see the rim size in which the tire is designed to fit.

Can you put 245 tires on 225 rims?

Yes, you could. As long as both of tires have the same diameter, you can use them. In this case, the diameter is 18 for both. The only noticeable difference here is the width. The 245 kinds are about 0.8’’ wider in respect to the 225 which is not an issue.

Can I put 225 tires on 245 rims?

It is wiser not to use 225 on 245 rims. As the specs suggest the 245 has rims of 9’’ and the 225 is not 9’’. Some inches that are missing will result in the rash as there will be no safety ensured from curbs. So the idea of using the 225 on 245 is better canceled.

Which tire is wider? 245 or 255?

Of the two sizes, we can quickly point out that the 255 is the wider one here. As per their names suggest, both of them have a width of 245 and 255 millimeters respectively. So they have a difference of 10 millimeters. Also, the extra millimeter may not be much but will result in additional thread depth.

To be particular, the first and foremost thing is your vehicle’s grip. Generally the wider the tire will be, the more grip you will experience during driving. But here lies some other facts such as you cannot go for a giant tire size for your family vehicle and you cannot opt for a thin tire on a risky off-road drive.


The main difference between 225 and 245 tires is that the width of 225 tires is 225mm. On the other hand, 245 tires have a width of 245mm.  Tires are measured in millimeters. So, the overall idea is to look for your needs and match them with the tire size. If you are looking for a good grip on the road, it is better to go for extra-wide tires. If you are not much of a risk-taker off the road, you can opt for something more stable. But make sure not to ignore your vehicle’s specs before choosing the right tire size.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is 245 A wide tire?
Yes, 245 is a wide tire. This width is often used on performance and luxury vehicles. It provides good grip and handling and can give the vehicle a more aggressive look.

A 245 tire can fit on a wheel that is between 14 and 16 inches in diameter. The width of the wheel should be between 6 and 8 inches.
Wider tires may help you get up to speed quicker, but they also add weight and rolling resistance that can offset any gains in acceleration. Ultimately, it’s going to come down to personal preference and driving style. If you’re looking for a little extra grip and stability, wider tires may be worth the investment. But if you’re simply looking for the quickest way to get from point A to point B, they might not make as much of a difference as you’d expect.
Yes, 225 tires are wide. They are typically used on SUVs and other large vehicles. If you’re looking for a wider tire, you may want to consider a 235 or even a 245.


225 Winter Tires

245 Winter Tires

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