Weathertech Vs Husky Mud Flaps

Weathertech Vs Husky Mud Flaps
Weathertech Vs Husky Mud Flaps

To invest in embellishing your vehicle is the new age trend for more excellent safety. Your car can be your most expensive buy; thus, your primary concern should be the durability and safety of your vehicle during rough drives on not so friendly roads. Mud flaps are such ornamentation of your vehicle that can save your winter tires from dirt, muds, and debris.

Husky Mud Flaps Vs Weathertech

Thermoplastic durable material

Thermoplastic durable material

No drilling Instalation

Minor drilling instalation

Customized application available

Customized application available

Quick Turn technology for a contoured fit

Basic contour fit technology

Appearance more Bottom and edges are square

Appearance more More like rounded and molded

Comes in double pairs

Comes in single pair

Works great to protect the paint.

Works even against flying debris.

Lifetime warranty

Lifetime warranty

When you are up for investing in mud flaps your research will compare the two most gigantic brands; Husky and WeatherTech. Both the brands manufacture a line of extraordinary flaps to treat your vehicle like a queen. Comparison between these two is crucial as both the brands excel at the excellency level in every aspect. They are dominating the market with top fair reasons behind it.

To prolong the comparison, there can be only a few facts that can lead you to choose one. Many drivers, many choices, this is probably the theory that can make you pick between them. Both Husky and WeatherTech come with some of the same features. As in the material, custom fit, durability, efficiency and all-weather protection, these features are present in both the brands.

But WeatherTech somehow leads the winning flag high with some infused technologies. The no-drill and Quick Turn technology of this brand steals the show. With this brand, you don’t have to drill your vehicle at all but with Husky, you may need minor drilling. That is where the difference occurs; owners or drivers who don’t intend to drill their car must go for the WeatherTech. And if you are good with drilling, bingo to the Husky flaps.

Weathertech Mud Flaps Review

This model is the ideal safeguard for your paintwork within a budget-friendly price range. It is more like stickers; this installation is effortless and time-saving. Customized and contoured fit with no thick side appearance enhances the outlook of your vehicle.


  • Made of extremely durable thermoplastic resin, therefore capable of ensuring the best safety.
  • No drill installation.
  • Digital fit technology.
  • It can be fitted to vehicles with fender flares.

Husky Mud Flaps Review

This brand produces the most rugged and sturdy mud flaps that are well fit for your vehicle and ensure the utmost safety in every weather from any debris. You may need to spend some extra bucks for this but your money will be worth your vehicle’s safety.


  • Applicable for cars without fender flares.
  • Matte black finish enhances the look.
  • Tailored fit thus provides complete surface safety.
  • May need minor or no drilling.

Are those no drill mud flaps?

Both of the Them which  we compare are no drill mud flaps. To install it you don’t need any drilling in your pickup truck or cars.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes, WeatherTech does make mud flaps! In fact, they are one of the leading manufacturers of mud flaps and other related products. Their mud flaps are made from high-quality materials and designed to provide optimum protection for your vehicle. So if you’re looking for mud flaps that can keep your car or truck clean and protected, WeatherTech is a great option.
They have been in business for over 50 years and are one of the leading manufacturers of Mud Flaps in the country. If you are looking for a quality product that is made in America, then Husky is a great option.


Mud flaps may not seem like they would have much of an effect on gas mileage, but they can actually help to improve it. By keeping mud and debris from being flung up onto the vehicle, mud flaps help to reduce drag. This results in better gas mileage, as the engine doesn’t have to work as hard to move the vehicle forward. In addition, mud flaps can also help to protect your vehicle’s paint job from being chipped or scratched by flying debris. So, if you’re looking for a way to improve your gas mileage and keep your car looking good, consider adding mud flaps!


Mud flaps and mud guards serve different purposes. Mud flaps are designed to protect your vehicle from flying debris, while mudguards help keep your vehicle clean by deflecting mud and other contaminants away from the body. While both products are effective at protecting your vehicle, you may want to use one or both depending on your specific needs.


Husky Mud Flap

Weathertech Flap

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