Hushmat vs Dynamat Sound Deadner

Hushmat vs Dynamat Sound Deadner

Are you a music lover or do enjoy a quiet ride? In both the cases a sound deadener that comes with adhesive on itself might be everything you need once and for all to enjoy your ride. When it comes to thermal resistance and sound deadening Hushmat is very similar to Dynamat. Now the question is which one should be the pick judging on the category of insulation, heat-resistance and most importantly cost wise.

Hushmat vs Dynamat

Hushmat and Dynamat are both reputed sound deadening brands. Both are known for reducing unnecessary cabin noise.  Here is the whole picture discussing pros and cons in consideration of these two contenders as the better sound deadener.

Hushmat is a great heat resistant since its butyl-based. It’s completely harmless for your car.

Dynamat is an excellent heat resistant too. This aluminium coated deadener will prevent the entire buzz and cut noise in half, surely.

Hushmat comes in various kits. So one can choose between bulk, door or floor package with a various range of other option.

Similarly to its rival,  Dynamat comes in various dimensions, hence, you will be able to fit it everywhere you want, including PC for the flexibility it provides.

Hushmat is a lot thinner so cutting and installing is a lot easier.

Even though its highly effective for its thickness the same reason stands for its installation being so tricky and a bit harder to cut into.

When it comes to price range of Hushmat , we can simply enlist it into an affordable price point category.

The installation that needs the help of the experts leads to a higher price range with a big budget.

Impressive durability and odorless yet simple to remove if you wish to replace it.

The extra kit in order to instal and the hard surface makes it hard when it comes to replacing it.

Installation Guide:

When you  are looking forward to buying deadeners for the first time it can be really confusing. Namely most of them can be really hard to install. They don’t come up with the right kit for the installation purposes, so logically, it’s harder for a beginner to start with. Luckily enough Hushmat comes with a knife, roller, control decal and mats, of course.

Therefore, you wont need some unnecessary expense for the kit. On the other hand Dynamat being thick and sturdy might be an obstacle for its placement and replacement as it requires expert help following an expensive investment.


Now to analyze in a nutshell Dynamat , like H ushmat, has a self adhesive backing which should make things really easy. However, while it’s not the most complicated job in the world, It’s much harder than installing Hushmat. The main reason is the material being thicker. As mentioned before Dynamat has a thick aluminium coat, given that fact it’s automatically a better sound blocker and heat resistant.

The product is really good at insulating heat, and works up to 400 degree Fahrenheit which is pretty impressive since a long drive can really lead to a rise in heat level. You can buy various ranges of Dynamat for your car including ceiling, floor, hood and body. Combining these all it will massively improve the sound level. On the other hand Hushmat claims that their product can reduce cabin noise up to 50%, and thermal insulation by up to 70%. Hushmut is made from butyl rubber, which makes it a top notch heat insulator and a sound deadener.

Price Range:

Hushmat being so thin gives excellent service and the installation being easy makes it budget friendly. When we do the math, we get around $2 per square foot. As you can see, It’s quite cheaper than Dynamat but keep in mind that this stands only for audio and automotive applications. When it comes to door and floor kits, it will grow up to $4 per square foot.

Similarly Dynamite is a great solution for covering smaller spaces but with a higher price point of $5 per square foot. And if you do the math you definitely need to invest more to cover the whole car which will be worth it but with a tight budget ,it can be problematic. Check out the other comparison similar to this Boom Mat Vs Dynamat.

Overall, it seems like Dynamite is the winner because it’s effective and while it might not be the easiest to use, is a good all rounder. However, as I mentioned above, Hushman is a good choice if you are on a fixed budget because it does almost the same job but at a lower price point. Not only is Hushmat effective but also one of the most affordable sound deadening products. It lacks plastic fillers and asphalt resins. As a result it maintains efficiency and is odorless even in high temperature. To top it all off the installation process being a piece of cake makes it the most widely used sound deadener.



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