How to Replace Shock Absorber?

How to Replace Shock Absorber
How to Replace Shock Absorber?

When it comes to replacing the shock absorber, there is always a mechanic. But many people opt to avoid the mechanic to save the high fee. It’s a relatively straightforward process to follow.

Tools Needed:

  • Screwdriver or wrench, depending on type of shock absorber (for removing the old unit)
  • Replacement Shock Absorber

New hardware for attaching the new replacement shock absorber; usually nuts, bolts, washers etc. Make sure it’s compatible with your vehicle! The kit will come with a list of what you need so make sure that you have them before beginning installation process. Trust us – You want to be prepared because we know how frustrating it can be when installing shocks if parts are missing OR not mounted correctly!!! And finally…LUBRICANT!!!! It is very important that any time you have suspension that is exposed to the elements, you use a good lubricant. We recommend Max-Lube because it has an incredible penetrating ability and will dry on contact with moisture.

  • When your vehicle needs a change of damper, first buy a new damper. There are a lot of new shocks in the market today. Buy one that suits the car most.
  • Now first, find a level floor. Then we have to remove the Lugnuts from both sides. To make sure that the car is at rest, jack the vehicle with jack stands or use ramps.
  • Now, as the car is lifted, get rid of the wheels and locate the shocks.
  • Removing the shocks is the hardest part of the job as they can be slimy. Ensure that the shocks are entirely separated from the tower and the suspension.
  • In the next step, we have to remove the bolts from both ends of the shocks. One particular problem one can face that the nuts keep on turning as it keeps on losing. Using a hex might solve the problem. 
  • When the shocks are removed, now it’s time to set new shocks that are bought. Install it on the suspension section.
  • reattach all the screws
  • Torque has specific requirements. Do a double check on the torque just in case. Tighten all the bolts and put the wheels back on and harden the lug nuts. For those who are not confident about doing this yourself, get professional help! shocks usually get worn out all at once. So if you are planning on changing, then you might as well do the whole.

When to Replace Shock Absorber?

The Ideal time to change the shocks may vary to different vehicles as they are subject to multiple reasons. To assign a definite number of miles to replace shocks can’t be determined due to the causes. Here are some of the apparent signs that the vehicle needs a change in its Shocks.

  • The vehicle will demonstrate unusual vibration. Higher speed can lead to the decrement of control.
  • Observing tires and realizing different marks tells that the wheels are not synchronizing with the road. It is an effect of worn-out dampers
  • When the vehicle does not meet the ideal stopping, we may check the shocks. Most of the time, it is the primary cause. An obsolete shock may lead up to 20% increased stopping distance
  • When the car is not taking the bump well or the earthly roads are subject to shocks. It takes away the pleasantness the vehicles had in offers.
  • The car dips under braking mean that the shocks are not up to the mark to deal with the braking.
  • Car sliding is never a good sign. Without proper dampers, this effect is possible. If there is a slight veering, the car owner should think of a replacement.

Shock Absorbers Cost to Replace

The parts cost $50-$200. It depends on the types of shock absorbers. To replace the shocks, we need to calculate a cost of $200-$400. The labor cost is one of the reasons people want to do it by their selves. Having minimum knowledge and reading the instruction can help you do it all by yourself.


After reading this article, you should now be able to replace your shock absorber in less than an hour with the right tools and replacement part. Make sure that you follow each step carefully OR ask for assistance if you are not familiar with how to do it yourself!! Thanks for reading and please feel free to leave comments or questions below!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The average cost to change the shock absorbers on a car is between $200 and $400. This includes the cost of labor and parts. The exact cost will vary depending on the make and model of your car, as well as the location of the service provider.

If your car has a shock absorber that needs to be replaced, you may be wondering if you can just replace that one part. The answer is yes, in most cases you can replace just the shock absorber. However, there are a few things to keep in mind before you do so.

First, check your car’s warranty. If the shock absorber is still under warranty, you will likely have to go through the dealership to get it replaced. However, if the shock absorber is no longer under warranty, you can replace it yourself or take it to a mechanic.

Second, consider the age of your car. If your car is newer, it may have electronic shocks that need to be calibrated by a professional. However, if your car is older, it likely has standard shocks that can be replaced without issue.

Third, think about the cost of replacement parts. In some cases, it may be more cost-effective to replace the entire shock absorber assembly rather than just the individual part. This is something you will need to weigh before making a decision.

It is definitely worth changing your shock absorbers! Not only will it improve the quality of your ride, but it will also prolong the life of your tires and suspension.
On average, it will cost you between $200 and $400 to replace all four shocks on your car. This includes labor costs,


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