Dexos 1 vs Mobil 1 Synthetic Oil

Dexos1 vs Mobil 1 Synthetic Oil
Dexos 1 vs Mobil 1 Synthetic Oil

Synthetic oil is an excellent addition to improve the lifespan of the engine. It comes with additives for more protection. Dexos 1 and Mobil 1 are widespread names in the industry of synthetic oil. Here in this article, we will try to simplify the confusion between these oils. So let’s get started.

Dexos1 vs Mobil 1 Chart

Product: Red Line (15305)

Product: Mobil 1 FS

It is suitable for gasoline engines only

It is designed for high-performance turbocharged modern engines

Improved fuel economy by less motor oil evaporation 

It maintain excellent viscosity up to 10,000 miles between oil changes

It elongates the life of the engine and its components

This oil has improved frictional properties, resulting in cleaner engine efficiency and lower fuel consumption.

Modern road cars and light trucks, as specified model car

Mobil 1 synthetic oil is also well-known in the racing community; NASCAR, Porsche GT3 Cup cars using Mobil 1

ILSAC GF-5/API SN specifications have been certified

Meets or exceeds the requirements of API,SJ, API, SL, API, SM, API, SN

The engine will flow even in extremely cold weather if Dexos 1 is being used regularly

It prevent damaging deposits and sludge buildup 

Designed to provide the highest protection, efficiency, cleanliness.

Provides outstanding engine wear protection & performance 

Why Compare

Both Dexos 1 and Mobil 1 are well-known synthetic oil. That is why there are so many differences between themFirstly, Dexos 1 is specially made to improve engines’ life and its critical components. But it can be used on gasoline engines and older machines only. On the other hand, Mobil 1 is a versatile oil used in most vehicles, including Toyota, Ford, Mitsubishi, etc. And, that is why many car owners using Mobil 1 oil for so many years and never complained about it once.

Mobil 1 creates a lubrication oil to reduce friction. Also, 4 quarts of this oil are packaged in a 3litr gallon, so it is not heavy to carry. It is suitable for maximum automobile because it can reduce dirt and deposit. 

However, Dexos 1 has low viscosity, multi-graded, and protects to reduce internal engine friction. Also, the corrosion protection of this oil ensures compatibility with gasoline fuel.

What Is Dexos 1?

Dexos oils are pure synthetic blends and are added with specific additives to fulfil the requirements of particular engines. These blends will increase your engine’s mileage and give you maximum protection.

Having said that, Dexos 1 is one of the suitable options if you want to optimize your engine and its components. Dexos 1 is designed in a way that can increase the life of your engine. When it comes into contact with an engine’s moving parts, it forms a protective layer that protects the engine from deposits that cause it to lose performance. Under high-temperature pressures, it has excellent regulation of piston and ring deposits.

It has a pure synthetic formula and does work well for every kind of vehicle on-road and off-road. The oil is designed to clean the interior of the engine. Daily use of these cleans the engine, eliminates and stops dirty stuck-up, and avoids clogging. This oil blend is ideal for your engine’s cleanliness and fuel economy, whether you use your car for domestic or technical purposes.

Product Features

  • It is only suitable for gasoline engine
  • Dexos 1 oil can bear the highest of temperature cause it is made in a such way
  • The engine will flow even in extremely cold weather if Dexos 1 is being used regularly
  • Dexos 1 oil is made to fight and prevent engine problems, including filthiness, low speeding, and other fule issues
  • ILSAC GF-5/API SN specifications have been certified as exceeded.

What is Mobil 1?

Mobil 1 is another renowned synthetic oil. Most people who have used this oil for many years have never seen any problems because of its reliability and highest quality. It has a mechanism that allows the car to work at its best. Also, it has superior additives in the silicone oil help to reduce wear and tear.

This oil is designed in a way that it can lubricate the engine’s part even after driving for so long. And it won’t change its color, viscosity, or effectiveness after many hours. That is why it worth every penny of yours.

If you use this oil regularly, it will ensure that the engine parts are well preserved and prevent your car valves from creating any build-up sludge. Mobil 1 oil works as a cleaning agent and prevents the machine from deposit such as debris and dust.

This oil creates a layer of lubrication between the moving parts to not come into contact with each other. And in this way, Mobil 1 reduces friction and enhances the lifespan of the engine.

If you are using Mobil 1 in an engine, it will never break down due to overheating. This is because the oil absorbs all of the heat produced when the engine is turned on for long periods.

High temperatures also prevent the oil from breaking down and leaking. Not just that, but there’s more. When the weather gets cool, the oil stays light and thin. As a result, you won’t have any problems starting the engine.

The oil is elementary to use. Changing the oil in your car would not require the assistance of an expert. This oil also saves you money on needless expenses. To get the best results, pair it with a high-quality oil filter.


  • Reduces friction better, unlike other conventional oils
  • Resists breakdown and protect critical engine parts from wear
  • Easy too use

Pros of Mobil 1

  • Flows fast
  • Resistant to freezing
  • Washstands high temperatures
  • It causes no harm to the environment
  • It keeps your engine clean

Cons of Mobil 1

  • It can not be used in both gasoline and diesel engine
  • Not suitable for aviation engines

Pros of Dexos 1

Cons of Dexos 1

  • The packaging of Dexos 1 is quite questionable
  • It can not be used in aviation engines


Both these oils ensure the improvement of the engine. So depending on the vehicle and engine’s model, you can choose any of these oils to see good results.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes, Mobil One synthetic oil is Dexos approved. This means that it meets the strict quality and performance standards set forth by GM for use in their vehicles. Mobil One synthetic oil provides superior protection against wear and tear helps keep engines clean and promotes optimal fuel economy. So if you own a GM vehicle, you can rest assured that Mobil One synthetic oil will keep your engine running like new.
Can I use synthetic oil instead of Dexos?
You can absolutely use synthetic oil instead of Dexos! In fact, many people find that synthetic oil provides better protection for their engines than traditional oils. Synthetic oil also tends to last longer before needing to be changed, so you may not need to change your oil as often if you switch to using synthetic oil.
There are a few different oils that are equivalent to Dexos1. One of them is Castrol Edge with Fluid Titanium, and another is Mobil 1 ESP Formula. There are also a few other oils that have similar specifications to Dexos1, so you may want to check with your car’s manufacturer to see if they recommend any specific brands.

Dexos is a specification for motor oil developed by General Motors. It is designed to help improve fuel economy and protect engines from wear. Dexos-licensed oils are available from many brands, including Mobil 1.
Mobil 1’s dexos-licensed motor oils are designed to meet or exceed GM’s performance requirements. They can help improve fuel economy and protect your engine from wear.


Dexos 1 Engine Oil

Mobil 1 Engine Oil

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