Cooper Discoverer St Maxx Vs Falken Wildpeak AT3W Tire

Cooper Discoverer St Maxx Vs Falken Wildpeak AT3W Tire
Cooper Discoverer St Maxx Vs Falken Wildpeak AT3W Tire

Cooper St Maxx or Falken Wildpeak AT3W Tire is a difficult decision for any driver. Both Cooper and Falken make excellent tires, but the best tire for your needs will depend on what you drive and how often you drive it. In this article, we’ll compare both brands of tires to help you decide which one is right for your car.

Choosing the right tires for your vehicle is essential for optimal performance and safety. In this Cooper ST Maxx vs Falken Wildpeak AT3W tire comparison, we’ll pit these two popular options against each other to see how they stack up.

Cooper’s ST Maxx tires are designed for durability and off-road performance. They feature a tough tread compound that resists punctures and abrasions, making them ideal for rough terrain. The Cooper ST Maxx also has a wide tread pattern that provides excellent traction in mud and snow.

Falken’s Wildpeak AT3W tires are also built for off-road adventures. They have a similar tread compound to the Cooper ST Maxx, which gives them excellent durability. The Wildpeak AT3W also has a wide tread pattern and aggressive sidewalls that provide great traction in all conditions.

So, which tire is the better choice?

Compare Table

The best way to determine which of these two tires you prefer is by reading this table comparison. But don’t just read any reviews, make sure you only read those who have driven both of these tires.

All Season Tire

All Terrain Tire

Come In 39 Tire Sizes From 15 Inches To 20 Inches Except For 19 Inches

Come In 66 Tire Sizes From 15 Inches To 22 Inches Except For 19 & 21 Inches

Discoverer S/t Maxx Is Not Protected By A Treadwear Protection Warranty

Comes With 55,000 Miles Treadwear Protection Warranty

Maximum Tire Pressure Is 40 Psi To 80 Psi (Depending on Which Tire Size You Are Using)

Maximum Tire Pressure Is 35 Psi To 80 PSI (Depending on Which Tire Size You Using)

Deep Tread Depth Between 15/32 To 18.5/32 Inches (Depending on Your Tire Size )

Falken Wildpeak AT3W Has A Tread Depth On Average 16/32 Inches

Cooper ST Maxx Is Manufactured For Pickup Trucks, Suvs And Vans

Falken Wildpeak AT3W Tire Perfect for Suitable For Light Trucks And SUVs

Cooper ST Maxx Tire Maximum Load Capacity Between 1984 To 3858 Lbs

Falken Wildpeak AT3W Tire Maximum Load Capacity Between 1984 To 3858 Lbs

Commercial Grade Traction For Capability And Durability

Heat Diffuser Technology To Protect The Internal Tire Components

Tread Design Helps To Prevent Stone Retention

Full Depth Sipes And Grooves Maintain Consistent Performance

Armor Tek3 Construction For Added Tire Durability

Silica Tread Compound Delivers Superior Wear Life And Wet Performance

Why Compare

Both Cooper St Maxx and Falken Wildpeak AT are made to handle various driving conditions. They’re both excellent for off-roading, but their strengths differ in other areas. The Cooper St Maxx is designed as an on-road tire with superior handling and braking capabilities. It also has a low rolling resistance, which means it doesn’t use much fuel. The Cooper’s tread pattern is also designed to handle well in wet conditions and offer a quiet ride.

The Falken Wildpeak AT has deeper grooves than the St Maxx that help channel water away from your tire for better traction on wet roads. It also has an aggressive open tread pattern that gives you better traction off-road. Both tire also offers a warranty against wear and tear.

Tire Type

Cooper Discoverer St Maxx is an all-season tire, which means it’s a good choice for all-year-round driving. The Falken Wildpeak AT3W is an All-Terrain tire, which means it’s designed primarily to handle off-road conditions. However, Falken Wildpeak AT3W is engineered for adventure, any time and in any weather condition.

Tire Size

Cooper Discoverer S/T Maxx tires come in 47 tire sizes ranging from 15 inches to 20 inches except for 19-inch wheel size. While Falken Wildpeak A/T3W tires come in 66 tire sizes ranging from 15 inches to 22 inches except for 19 & 21 inches. To find the perfect match you need to check your car manual or check your existing tire sidewall.

Warranty Mileage

The Discoverer S/T MAXX has a Standard Limited Warranty. It is not protected by a treadwear protection warranty, but you can still test out the tire for 45 days. The WILDPEAK A/T3W comes with a limited tread life warranty on all sizes. This warranty is for up to 55,000 miles. Free replacement for up to two years or for the first 3/32nds of tread life.

Tread Depth

The Cooper St Maxx has a tread depth of 18.5/32nds, while the Falken Wildpeak AT has a tread depth average of 18/32nds. The deeper tread on the tire allows it to handle rougher terrain better and gives you more miles per tire.

Speed Rating

The Cooper St Maxx has a speed rating of Q, which enables it to reach speeds up to 100 mph. The Falken Wildpeak AT also has an R, T & S (Varies depending on the tire size you are using) speed rating but can go as high as 118 mph.

But the real question is, do you need this much speed? Vehicles that are designed for top performance have tires with higher speed ratings, but most drivers don’t need that kind of speed. If you’re not sure whether or not you need a higher speed rating, consult your car’s manufacturer.

Tire Pressure

Falken Wildpeak A/T3W tires come in 66 tire sizes, maximum tire inflation could be to 35 psi or 80 psi. Cooper Discoverer S/T Maxx tires come in 47 tire sizes, maximum tire inflation could be to 35 psi or 80 psi.

Suitable For

The Cooper St Maxx is an excellent choice for people who are looking for tires with superior on-road capabilities. It would be suitable for SUVs, minivans, and little trucks. The WILDPEAK A/T is primarily designed for off-roading but can still perform on the road as well with its all-season design. It would be suitable for Light Trucks and SUVs.

Load Capacity

Maximum Load Capacity for the Cooper St Maxx between 1984 to 3968 lbs while the Falken Wildpeak AT3W has a maximum weight capacity between 1984 to 3858 lbs. Try not to overload your tires or you could risk losing control and crashing into other cars.


In short, if you’re looking for a tire that performs well on pavement but can also handle some light off-roading, the Cooper St Maxx is a good choice. If you’re looking for a tire that runs better on wet roads, is more durable and performs well off-road, then Falken Wildpeak AT might be the best choice for you.

After reading this article, now you should know which tire best fits your car and how it performs in different road conditions. If still confused, read more reviews or visit the nearest tire shop to test these tires in person before making a decision.


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