Bilstein 5100 vs Bilstein 6112 Shock Absorber

Bilstein 5100 vs Bilstein 6112 Shock Absorber
Bilstein 5100 vs Bilstein 6112 Shock Absorber

When you are looking for a set of shocks to replace the factory ones on your truck, you will find that there are many options available. In this blog post, we will break down the differences between Bilstein 5100 and 6112 shock absorbers so that you can make an informed decision about which set is right for you. Find out why they both offer different benefits in terms of performance and cost below!

Bilstein 6112 vs 5100 Table

The two most common shock absorbers on the market are Bilstein 5100s and Bilstein 6112s; both of which come with their own benefits and disadvantages.

46mm Monotube Internal Design

60mm Digressive Piston

Zinc Plated For Longer Life

Body Material is Zinc Plated Steel

Comes With Limited Lifetime Warranty

Comes With Limited Lifetime Warranty

Patented Digressive Valving Available

5 Adjustable Height Settings Available

High Flow Piston Reduces Harshness 

Vehicle Specific Tuning

Monotube Design Ensures Consistent

Linear Springs Enhanced Vehicle Control And Ride Comfort

Capable Of Dampening Extra Weight But Does Not Have Any Specific Feature.

Monotube Design Ensure Fade-free Performance

BIlstein 5100 Series Is Perfect For Lifted Trucks And SUVs.

Bilstein 6112 Suitable For Late Model Trucks And SUVs

Adjustable Spring Perch For Vehicle Lift Up To 2.75 Inches

Adjustable Spring Seat Offers For Vechile 0-2.75in Of Lift

The two models focus basically on different types of drivers and rides. If you are more into discovering your camping territory, the extended body of Bilstein 6112 is something for you to pick. On the contrary, if you are in your Monday mood of driving to your age-old known valley, the Bilstein 5100 will be your pick. To conclude in one sentence, Bilstein 5100 is your go-to buddy and Bilstein 6112 is your adventure with all the complement feathers added to its hat. For a detailed comparison, check the full content.

Bilstein 6112 Review

The most effective and luxury model in the series of Bilstein has some amazing features. This monotone designed shock is excellent for on-road and off-road driving, the 300 PSI Nitrogen Gas Charge design claims a longer life expectancy. Moreover, the extended body size and piston size make the transition the quickest thus your drive becomes sturdiest.


  • Sturdy enough for aggressive territories.
  • Ultimate absorbent for your car’s suspension.
  • Comes with 2 Rear Reservoir Shocks, two springs, and front struts.
  • It can be lifted to .3″ to 2, 5 “.
  • Relatively high on budget.

Bilstein 5100 Review

This is the ultimate solution to your car’s suspension within your budget. Works very good for day-to-day life. This montage design shock absorbed ensures a great fit and extremely moderate for your cars. No extreme indulgence. It is like a healthy daily platter for your vehicle.


  • This shock-absorbent is affordable to all.
  • Enhances the suspension.
  • Provides increased cooling capacity.
  • It has a unique valve setting for aggressive driveways.
  • Promises fade-free lifetime performance.

Bilstein 6112 Settings

A very common car owner thought is that “Where can I find a spring that keeps both on and off-road performance up to the mark. Well, the answer to the prayers is the Bilstein 6112 springs.

Larger pistons, height adjustability, built quality and new coil spring render better performance handling and heat problems. Installation of the springs can be carried by yourself in your garage. But you do have to the patient as it will take longer than usual and demand more effort.

There are some settings that you have to do according to your comfort. We start with the height. It gives you six different options for height from 0 to 2.5″ and the midpoint stands in the 1.6″ region. If the vehicle is not used for weight-bearing, it is okay to lift 1.6″. Unnecessary lifting should be avoided because the additional lift in the front includes the engine, which bears a lot of weight. It will make the spring wear out faster and a slight decrease in handling can be seen.

After determining the height you should concentrate on CV axles. CV axles angles should be kept as small as possible as the different angles will take more life out of the spring. The installation and the correct settings would result in multiple benefits. The vehicle would get about 1″ extended travel that means on a bumpy road. Your tires will be less on the air more on the ground. Also, there would be a noticeable reduction in body rolling and nose-diving forward when braking. It will give you a sense of safety while driving.

The shocks that do well on both off and road are hard to find. This spring is capable of doing both and it is a good value for money. With the help of new springs, the ability to handle a car would likely increase. It’s a lucrative tech to get hands-on.

Bilstein 6112 Spring Rate

Beating its predecessor in terms of performance, this shock turns out to be an absolute all-rounder. It matches all the wants of consumers that they have been searching for.

The revamped coil spring with a humongous 60mm piston and a seat that can be adjusted according to comfort at seven different positions makes the vehicle’s height more accurate. The design is a huge plus point n this spring. It has a wider body and charged with nitrogen gas (300 PSI). It is the secret to its durability and life expectancy. In terms of the hydraulic fluid capacity it’s in a league of its own. The breadth of the shocks lets it enjoy this higher ground over others.

This spring and strut and the rear reservoir set modeled 5160 in Amazon will cost you $1173.02. Having a go at the pros and cons of the spring, you can easily distinguish that it is a good value for your money. It will lift the car minimum to 0.3″ to a maximum 2.5″ with the help of extended pistons. Being the best in its series and coming with lots of complementary features this spring is more than enough sturdy for a drive on bumpy roads. So it’s fair to say that it will absorb the full suspension of the car.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The short answer is yes, Bilstein 6112 shocks are definitely worth the investment! Here’s a more detailed breakdown of what makes these shocks so great:

-They offer increased control and stability, whether you’re on the street or the trail.
-They’re designed to work well with lifted trucks, so if you’ve got a lifted truck, Bilstein 6112 shocks are a great option.
-They’re built to last, meaning you won’t have to replace them as often as some other types of shocks.

All in all, Bilstein 6112 shocks are a great choice for anyone looking for improved performance and durability.

Bilstein 6112 is a great option if you’re looking to add some lift to your vehicle. It offers a significant amount of lift, making it perfect for those who want to add some height to their ride. Additionally, the Bilstein 6112 is also a great choice for those who want to improve the look of their vehicle. With its lifted design, the Bilstein 6112 can give your car or truck an aggressive, stylish look that will turn heads wherever you go. So if you’re looking for a suspension upgrade that can provide both function and style, the Bilstein 6112 is the perfect choice for you.
Will Bilstein 5100 shocks lift my truck?
Yes, the Bilstein 5100 shocks will lift your truck. They are designed to provide a comfortable ride while also lifting your vehicle. If you have any further questions about this product, please feel free to contact us.
Are Bilstein 5100 shocks worth the money?
Overall, they offer a number of benefits that can improve your driving experience. If you’re looking for a smoother ride, better handling, and increased performance, then these shocks are definitely worth considering.


Bilstein 6112

Bilstein 5100

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