285 65R18 vs 275 70R18 Tire Guide

285 65R18 vs 275 70R18 Tire Guide
285 65R18 vs 275 70R18 Tire Guide

A tire is the only part your vehicle that meets the road. The power that your ride generates is transferred into your tires.  All that horsepower is just meaningless without a good set of tires. Let me give you the solution to an age-old question.

285 65R18 vs 275 70R18

Has a section width of 10.83 in

Has a section width of 11.22 in

The rim diameter is 18.00 in

The rim diameter is 18.00 in

Rim width ranges from 7 to 8.5 inch

Rim width ranges from 7 to 8.5 inch

The overall diameter is 33.16 inch

The overall diameter is 33.16 inch

Sidewall height is 7.58 in

Sidewall height is 7.29 in

Tire radius is 16.58 in

Tire radius is 16.29 in

Does 627.31 revs per mile

Does 638.30 revs per mile

Is balanced and suitable for everyday use

Is performance oriented. Expect race tract performance

Good acceleration and braking ability

Excellent acceleration and braking ability

load capacity 3638 Pounds

load capacity 3640 Pounds

Why Compare

While 285/65r18 and 275/70r18 are very common in the tire community, there are still some confusions about their differences. They both have minor differences which sets them apart. In the tire world, even a change in millimeter can alter the performance by a huge margin. The suspensions may be damaged and even the speedometer can give incorrect readings.

Considering all these, we have narrowed down the major points of these tires which will help you make a decision in short time. Our other in-depth comparison like 255 75r17 vs 265 70r17 Tire will help you pick the right one for your ride.

Does tire size matter?

Yes, my friend, it sure does in this case. A good tire delivers better power on the tract. And with increased width comes better grip and thus better handling. Also opting for the wrong tire can set you back thousands in replacement and damage repair. 285/65r18 and 275/70r18 are two of the most durable and high performance tire sets that you might be interested in.

Main features of 275/70r18

275 mm width
The distance between the two sidewall is 275 mm. This display the tire width.

Good stability
These tires provide good stability on the road. You can expect a comfortable ride even on rough tracks.

Quick Corners
With increased width comes better grip. Thus you will feel more stable while taking quick corners.

Affordable Price
275 mm tires are more affordable compare to 285 mm tires. This will save your wallet in case you need to replace the tires.

Easy Availability
These set of tires are well sought after for vehicles of different classes. Thus they are easy to get and can be purchased even from your local dealer.

The aspect ratio is 70. Thus you can expect the tires to last long. They can easily endure your daily bumps and pot holes.

Balance performance cost and comfort
With increased width the overall performance improves. On the other hand, the tires begin to get expensive. The 275/70r18 is a sweet spot where you can expect good performance in an affordable price.

Main features of 285/65r18

285 mm width
The distance between the two sidewall is 285 mm. This is more than its competitors.

Superior Stability and Control
These tires have been designed to produce top notch performance. You can expect to take sharp corners in a breeze. The tires provide optimum grip and handling.

Instant Braking
The wide 285 mm tires come to an instant halt when the brakes are pressed. This will give you more confidence in driving at high speed.

Instant Acceleration
All that horsepower needs a good set of tire to be delivered on to the tract. With the 285/65r18 installed, you will have experience acceleration like never before.

Sporty look
If you are looking for a buff look for you ride, opt for these because they surely attract views.

Tire Size Explained

We know it’s not easy to understand this complex numerical names. Don’t worry, we will help you out. Let us take a sample name 285/65r18. Here 285 is the distance between the tire side walls. It indicates the width of the tire. 65 is the aspect ratio of the tire height and width. It means the height of the tire is 65% of width if measured. Here R stands for Radial, which is the construction method of the tire. And finally 18 is the diameter of the wheel in inch for which the tire is made.

Our Verdict

Both these tires will provide you the balance and performance you are looking for. It’s about finding the sweet spot according to your necessity. If you are looking for a balanced set of tires for everyday use, the 275/70r18 set of tires will serve you just fine. They are comparatively more affordable and durable. But don’t expect race level performance.

On the other hand, the 285/65r18 line is for pure performance. You will be amazed with the handling and acceleration. Beside this will give your ride a beasty look.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are 33 inch tires the same as 285?
Answer: The question here is incomplete. In this case 285 is the distance between the side walls in mm. In a simpler sense, it tells about the width of the tire. Here 33 means the diameter of the wheel the tire is made for.

Do bigger tires hurt transmission?
Answer: Yes, they do. Bigger tires require more power to gain momentum. Thus they rotate slower with the same power delivered. At the same time, they do cover the same ground. This can mess up your gear ratio.

Do bigger tires use more gas?
Answer: Anything that increases the weight of your ride will decrease its mileage. Bigger tires usually have more weight. Thus more fuel need to be burned to keep them moving. Thus they use up more gas in general.


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